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Collection Short Name Version
15 Minute Stream Flow Data: USGS (FIFE) FIFE_STRM_15M_1 1
30 Minute Rainfall Data (FIFE) FIFE_RAIN_30M_2 1
A Compilation of Global Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Data GLOBAL_MICROBIAL_BIOMASS_C_N_P_1264 1
A Concise Experiment Plan for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment ABoVE_Concise_Experiment_Plan_1617 1
A Global Data Set of Leaf Photosynthetic Rates, Leaf N and P, and Specific Leaf Area LEAF_PHOTOSYNTHESIS_TRAITS_1224 1
A Global Database of Carbon and Nutrient Concentrations of Green and Senesced Leaves LEAF_CARBON_NUTRIENTS_1106 1
A Global Database of Field-observed Leaf Area Index in Woody Plant Species, 1932-2011 LAI_WOODY_PLANTS_1231 1
A Global Database of Gas Fluxes from Soils after Rewetting or Thawing, Version 1.0 GLOBAL_RTSG_FLUX_V1_1078 1
A Global Database of Litterfall Mass and Litter Pool Carbon and Nutrients GLOBAL_LITTER_CARBON_NUTRIENTS_1244 1
A Global Database of Soil Phosphorus Compiled from Studies Using Hedley Fractionation GLOBAL_PHOSPHORUS_HEDLEY_FRACT_1230 1
A Global Database of Soil Respiration Data, Version 4.0 SRDB_V4_1578 4.1
ABoVE: AVHRR-Derived Forest Fire Burned Area-Hot Spots, Alaska and Canada, 1989-2000 AVHRR_Fire_Products_1545 1
ABoVE: Active Layer Soil Characterization of Permafrost Sites, Northern Alaska, 2018 Permafrost_ActiveLayer_NSlope_1759 1
ABoVE: Active Layer Thickness Derived from Airborne L- and P-band SAR, Alaska, 2017 ABoVE_ReSALT_InSAR_PolSAR_1676 1
ABoVE: Active Layer Thickness from Remote Sensing Permafrost Model, Alaska, 2001-2015 Sat_ActiveLayer_Thickness_Maps_1760 1
ABoVE: Active Layer and Soil Moisture Properties from AirMOSS P-band SAR in Alaska ABoVE_PBand_SAR_1657 1
ABoVE: AirSWOT Color-Infrared Imagery Over Alaska and Canada, 2017 ABoVE_Open_Water_Map_1643 1
ABoVE: AirSWOT Ka-band Radar over Surface Waters of Alaska and Canada, 2017 ABoVE_AirSWOT_Radar_Data_1646 1
ABoVE: AirSWOT Radar, Orthomosaic, and Water Masks, Yukon Flats Basin, Alaska, 2015 AirSWOT_Orthomosaic_WaterMask_1655 1
ABoVE: AirSWOT Water Masks from Color-Infrared Imagery over Alaska and Canada, 2017 ABoVE_AirSWOT_Water_Mask_1707 1
ABoVE: Annual Phenology Derived from Landsat across the ABoVE Core Domain, 1984-2014 Annual_Seasonality_Greenness_1698 1
ABoVE: Annual Thaw Slump Expansion on East Fork Chandalar River, Alaska, 2008-2017 Annual_Thaw_Slump_1724 1
ABoVE: Atmospheric Gas Concentrations from Airborne Flasks, Arctic-CAP, 2017 ABoVE_Atmospheric_Flask_Data_1717 1
ABoVE: Atmospheric Profiles of CO, CO2 and CH4 Concentrations from Arctic-CAP, 2017 ABoVE_Arctic_CAP_1658 1
ABoVE: Burn Severity of Soil Organic Matter, Northwest Territories, Canada, 2014-2015 NWT_Burn_Severity_Maps_1694 1
ABoVE: Burn Severity, Fire Progression, Landcover and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 2014 Wildfires_2014_NWT_Canada_1307 1
ABoVE: Burn Severity, Fire Progression, and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 2015-2016 Wildfires_NWT_Canada_1548 1
ABoVE: CO2 and CH4 Fluxes and Meteorology at Flux Tower Sites, Alaska, 2015-2017 AK_North_Slope_NEE_CH4_Flux_1562 1
ABoVE: Characterization of Burned and Unburned Boreal Forest Stands, SK, Canada, 2016 Southern_Boreal_Plot_Attribute_1740 1
ABoVE: Characterization of Burned and Unburned Spruce Forest Sites, Tanana, AK, 2017 Wildfire_Effects_Spruce_Field_1595 1
ABoVE: Characterization of Carbon Dynamics in Burned Forest Plots, NWT, Canada, 2014 ABoVE_Soil_Radiocarbon_NWT_1664 1
ABoVE: Climate Drivers of Pan-Arctic Tundra Vegetation Productivity, 1982-2015 Seasonality_Tundra_Vegetation_1606 1
ABoVE: Corrected MODIS MAIAC Reflectance at Tower Sites, Alaska and Canada, 2000-2016 MODIS_MAIAC_Reflectance_1700 1
ABoVE: Cumulative Annual Burned Area, Circumpolar High Northern Latitudes, 2001-2015 Arctic_Boreal_Burned_Area_1526 1
ABoVE: Dall Sheep Lamb Recruitment and Climate Data, Alaska and NW Canada, 2000-2015 Dall_Sheep_Population_Dynamics_1640 1
ABoVE: Dall Sheep Response to Snow and Landscape Covariates, Alaska, 2005-2008 Dall_Sheep_Snowpack_1602 1
ABoVE: Dall Sheep Track Sinking Depths, Snow Depth, Hardness, and Density, 2017 Snowpack_Dall_Sheep_Track_1583 1
ABoVE: Directory of Field Sites Associated with 2017 ABoVE Airborne Campaign ABoVE_Planning_Field_Sites_1582 1
ABoVE: Distribution Maps of Wildland Fire Fuel Components across Alaskan Tundra, 2015 Frac_FuelComponent_Maps_Tundra_1761 1
ABoVE: Ecosystem Map, Great Slave Lake Area, Northwest Territories, Canada, 1997-2011 Great_Slave_Lake_Ecosystem_Map_1695 1
ABoVE: End of Season Snow Depth at CRREL sites near Fairbanks, Alaska, 2014-2019 End_of_Season_Snow_Depth_1702 1
ABoVE: Environmental Conditions During Fall Moose Hunting Seasons, Alaska, 2000-2016 Effect_Environment_Moose_1739 1
ABoVE: Environmental Conditions and Subsistence Resource Access, Alaska, 2016-2017 Environmental_Disturbances_AK_1705 1
ABoVE: Fractional Open Water Cover for Pan-Arctic and ABoVE-Domain Regions, 2002-2015 ABoVE_Frac_Open_Water_1362 1
ABoVE: Gridded 30-m Aboveground Biomass, Shrub Dominance, North Slope, AK, 2007-2016 Maps_AGB_North_Slope_AK_1565 1
ABoVE: High Resolution Cloud-Free Snow Cover Extent and Snow Depth, Alaska, 2001-2017 Snow_Cover_Extent_and_Depth_1757 1
ABoVE: Hyperspectral Imagery from AVIRIS-NG, Alaskan and Canadian Arctic, 2017-2018 ABoVE_Airborne_AVIRIS_NG_1569 1.1
ABoVE: Ignitions, burned area and emissions of fires in AK, YT, and NWT, 2001-2015 Alaskan_Wildfire_C_Emissions_1341 1
ABoVE: Landsat-derived Annual Dominant Land Cover Across ABoVE Core Domain, 1984-2014 Annual_Landcover_ABoVE_1691 1
ABoVE: Landsat-derived Burn Scar dNBR across Alaska and Canada, 1985-2015 ABoVE_Fire_Severity_dNBR_1564 1
ABoVE: Last Day of Spring Snow, Alaska, USA, and Yukon Territory, Canada, 2000-2016 Last_Day_Spring_Snow_1528 1
ABoVE: MODIS- and CCAN-Derived NDVI and Trends, North Slope of Alaska, 2000-2015 MODIS_CCaN_NDVI_Trends_Alaska_1666 1
ABoVE: MODIS-Derived Daily Mean Blue Sky Albedo for Northern North America, 2000-2017 Albedo_Boreal_North_America_1605 1
ABoVE: MODIS-derived Maximum NDVI, Northern Alaska and Yukon Territory for 2002-2017 Alaska_Yukon_NDVI_1614 1
ABoVE: Methane Flux across Two Thermokarst Lake Ecosystems, Interior Alaska, 2018 CH4_Flux_BigTrail_Goldstream_1778 1
ABoVE: Monthly Hydrological Fluxes for Canada and Alaska, 1979-2018 Monthly_Hydrological_Fluxes_1647 1
ABoVE: Multi-model Uncertainty of Carbon Stocks and Fluxes across ABoVE Domain, 2003 ABoVE_Uncertainty_Maps_1652 1
ABoVE: NDVI Trends across Alaska and Canada from Landsat, 1984-2012 Vegetation_greenness_trend_1576 1
ABoVE: Passive Microwave-derived Annual Snowoff Date Maps, 1988-2016 Passive_Microwave_Snowoff_Data_1711 1
ABoVE: Peak Greenness for Canadian Boreal Forest from Landsat 5 TM Imagery, 1984-2011 Canada_Boreal_Forest_Greenness_1587 1
ABoVE: Permafrost Measurements and Distribution Across the Y-K Delta, Alaska, 2016 Permafrost_Thaw_Depth_YK_1598 1
ABoVE: Post-Fire and Unburned Vegetation Community and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 2018 Wildfires_NWT_Canada_2018_1703 1
ABoVE: Rain-on-Snow Frequency and Distribution during Cold Seasons, Alaska, 2003-2016 Rain-on-Snow_Data_1611 1
ABoVE: Reflectance Spectra of Tundra Plant Communities across Northern Alaska Reflectance_Spectra_Alaska_1685 1
ABoVE: River Ice Breakup and Freeze-up Stages, Yukon River Basin, Alaska, 1972-2016 River_Ice_Breakup_Freezeup_1697 1
ABoVE: Riverbank Erosion and Vegetation Changes, Yukon River Basin, Alaska, 1984-2017 Erosion_Vegetation_Yukon_1616 1
ABoVE: Soil Active Layer Thaw Depths at CRREL sites near Fairbanks, Alaska, 2014-2018 Active_Layer_Thaw_Depths_1701 1
ABoVE: Soil Temperature Profiles at USArray Seismic Stations, Alaska, 2016-2018 USArray_Ground_Temperature_1680 1
ABoVE: Soil Temperature Profiles, USArray Seismic Stations, AK and Canada, 2016-2019 Soil_Temperature_Profiles_AK_1767 1
ABoVE: Study Domain and Standard Reference Grids, Version 2 ABoVE_reference_grid_v2_1527 2
ABoVE: Subsistence Resource Use Areas of Interior Alaskan Communities, 2011-2017 Interior_Alaska_Subsistence_1725 1
ABoVE: Surface Water Extent, Boreal and Tundra Regions, North America, 1991-2011 Decadal_Water_Maps_1324 1.1
ABoVE: Synthesis of Burned and Unburned Forest Site Data, AK and Canada, 1983-2016 ABoVE_Plot_Data_Burned_Sites_1744 1
ABoVE: Thaw Depth at Selected Unburned and Burned Sites Across Alaska, 2016-2017 ABoVE_Thaw_Depth_1579 1
ABoVE: Vegetation Composition across Fire History Gradients on the Y-K Delta, Alaska ABoVE_Izaviknek_Field_Data_1772 1
ABoVE: Wildfire Carbon Emissions and Burned Plot Characteristics, NWT, CA, 2014-2016 Fire_Emissions_NWT_1561 1
ABoVE: Wildfire Date of Burning within Fire Scars across Alaska and Canada, 2001-2015 Wildfires_Date_of_Burning_1559 1
ABoVE: Year-Round Soil CO2 Efflux in Alaskan Ecosystems, Version 2 Arctic_Winter_Respiration_v2_1762 2
ACT-America: Gridded Ensembles of Surface Biogenic Carbon Fluxes, 2003-2018 ACT_CASA_Ensemble_Prior_Fluxes_1675 1
ACT-America: L1 Meteorological and Aircraft Navigational Data ACTAMERICA_Hskping_1574 1.1
ACT-America: L2 In Situ Atmospheric CO2, CO, CH4, and O3 Concentrations, Eastern USA ACTAMERICA_PICARRO_1556 1.1
ACT-America: L2 In Situ Atmospheric Gas Concentrations from Flasks, Eastern USA ACTAMERICA_PFP_1575 1.1
ACT-America: L2 In Situ CO2, CO, and CH4 Concentrations from Towers, Eastern USA ACTAMERICA-PICARRO_Ground_1568 1.1
ACT-America: L2 Remotely Sensed Column-average CO2 by Airborne Lidar, Eastern USA ACTAMERICA_MFFLL_1649 1
ACT-America: L3 Merged In Situ Atmospheric Trace Gases and Flask Data, Eastern USA ACTAMERICA_Merge_1593 1.2
ACT-America: Profile-based Planetary Boundary Layer Heights, Eastern USA Profile_based_PBL_heights_1706 1
AMAZE-08 Aerosol Characterization and Meteorological Data, Central Amazon Basin: 2008 AMAZE-08_1308 1
AMS (Automated Met Station) Data (FIFE) FIFE_AMS_DATA_12 1
ATom: Age of Air, ArN2 Ratio, and Trace Gases in Stratospheric Samples, 2009-2018 ATom_HIPPO_ORCAS_1788 1
ATom: Aircraft Flight Track and Navigational Data ATom_nav_1613 1
ATom: Black Carbon Mass Mixing Ratios from ATom-1 Flights ATom_Carbon_Aerosol_Loadings_1618 1
ATom: Column-Integrated Densities of Hydroxyl and Formaldehyde in Remote Troposphere ATom_Mapping_OH_Troposphere_1669 1
ATom: Global Modeled and CAFS Measured Cloudy and Clear Sky Photolysis Rates, 2016 ATom_Photolysis_Rates_1651 1
ATom: In Situ Tropical Aerosol Properties and Comparable Global Model Outputs ATom_Aerosols_Meteorology_1684 1
ATom: In-Situ Measurements of Airflow and Aerosols from Multiple Airborne Campaigns Airborne_Insitu_Measurements_1784 1
ATom: L2 Halocarbons and Hydrocarbons from the UC-Irvine Whole Air Sampler (WAS) ATom_WAS_Instrument_Data_1751 1
ATom: L2 In Situ Atmospheric Water Vapor from the Diode Laser Hygrometer (DLH) ATom_DLH_Instrument_Data_1710 1
ATom: L2 In Situ Data from Caltech Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (CIT-CIMS) ATom_CIT_Instrument_Data_1713 1
ATom: L2 In Situ Measurements from NOAA Nitrogen Oxides and Ozone (NOyO3) Instrument ATom_NOyO3_Instrument_Data_1734 1
ATom: L2 In Situ Measurements from Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2) ATom_SP2_Instrument_Data_1672 1
ATom: L2 In Situ Measurements from the NCAR Airborne Oxygen Instrument (AO2) ATom_AO2_Instrument_Data_1704 1
ATom: L2 In Situ Measurements of Aerosol Microphysical Properties (AMP) ATom_AMP_Instrument_Data_1671 1
ATom: L2 In Situ Peroxyacetyl Nitrate (PAN) Measurements from Georgia Tech CIMS ATom_GT_CIMS_Instrument_Data_1715 1
ATom: L2 Measurements from Airborne Tropospheric Hydrogen Oxides Sensor (ATHOS) ATom_ATHOS_Instrument_Data_1709 1
ATom: L2 Measurements from CU High-Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (HR-AMS) ATom_HR-AMS_Instrument_Data_1716 1
ATom: L2 Measurements from Medusa Whole Air Sampler (Medusa) ATom_Medusa_Instrument_Data_1729 1
ATom: L2 Measurements from the NOAA ToF Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (CIMS) ATom_NOAA_CIMS_Instrument_Data_1745 1
ATom: L2 Measurements from the Programmable Flask Package (PFP) Whole Air Sampler ATom_PFP_Instrument_Data_1746 1
ATom: L2 Measurements of In Situ Airborne Formaldehyde (ISAF) ATom_ISAF_Instrument_Data_1730 1
ATom: L2 Particulate Iodine from High-Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (HR-AMS) ATom_Particulate_Iodine_1773 1
ATom: L2 Photolysis Frequencies from NCAR CCD Actinic Flux Spectroradiometers (CAFS) ATom_CAFS_Instrument_Data_1714 1
ATom: L2 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the Trace Organic Gas Analyzer (TOGA) ATom_TOGA_Instrument_Data_1749 1
ATom: Measurements from the Quantum Cascade Laser System (QCLS) ATom_QCLS_Instrument_Data_1747 1
ATom: Measurements from the UAS Chromatograph for Atmospheric Trace Species (UCATS) ATom_UCATS_Instrument_Data_1750 1
ATom: Measurements of Soluble Acidic Gases and Aerosols (SAGA) ATom_SAGA_Instrument_Data_1748 1
ATom: Merged Atmospheric Chemistry, Trace Gases, and Aerosols ATom_merge_1581 1.4
ATom: Nucleation Mode Aerosol Size Spectrometer Calibration and Performance Data ATom_NMASS_Data_1607 1
ATom: Observed and GEOS-5 Simulated CO Concentrations with Tagged Tracers for ATom-1 ATom_CO_GEOS_1604 1
ATom: Simulated Data Stream for Modeling ATom-like Measurements ATom_Simulated_Data_1597 1
ATom: Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer Calibration and Performance Data ATom_UHSAS_Data_1619 1
Aboveground Biomass High-Resolution Maps for Selected US Tidal Marshes, 2015 Tidal_Marsh_Biomass_US_1610 1
Aboveground Biomass, Landcover, and Degradation, Kalimantan Forests, Indonesia, 2014 CMS_AGB_Landcover_Indonesia_1645 1
AfriSAR: Aboveground Biomass for Lope, Mabounie, Mondah, and Rabi Sites, Gabon AfriSAR_AGB_Maps_1681 1
AfriSAR: Canopy Cover and Vertical Profile Metrics Derived from LVIS, Gabon, 2016 AfriSAR_LVIS_Footprint_Cover_1591 1
AfriSAR: Canopy Structure Derived from PolInSAR and Coherence TomoSAR NISAR tools Polarimetric_CT_1601 1
AfriSAR: Mondah Forest Tree Species, Biophysical, and Biomass Data, Gabon, 2016 AfriSAR_Mondah_Field_Data_1580 1
AfriSAR: Polarimetric Height Profiles by TomoSAR, Lope and Rabi Forests, Gabon, 2016 Polarimetric_height_profile_1577 1
AfriSAR: Rainforest Canopy Height Derived from PolInSAR and Lidar Data, Gabon PolInSAR_Canopy_Height_1589 1
AirMOSS: In Situ Soil Moisture and Tree Measurements, Harvard Forest, 2012-2013 AirMOSS_Field_Data_Harvard_1677 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, BERMS, Canada, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_BERMS_1406 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, Chamela, Mexico, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_Chamel_1407 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, Duke Forest, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_DukeFr_1408 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, Harvard Forest, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_Harvrd_1409 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, Howland Forest, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_Howlnd_1410 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, La Selva, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_LaSelv_1411 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, MOISST, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_Moisst_1413 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, Metolius, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_Metoli_1412 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, Tonzi Ranch, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_TonziR_1414 1
AirMOSS: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, Walnut Gulch, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L1_Sigma0_Walnut_1415 1
AirMOSS: L2 Airborne Carbon Flux at Selected AirMOSS Sites, 2012-2014 AirMOSS_L2_Carbon_Flux_1420 1
AirMOSS: L2 Hourly In-Ground Soil Moisture at AirMOSS Sites, 2011-2015 AirMOSS_L2_Inground_Soil_Moist_1416 1
AirMOSS: L2 Hourly Precipitation at AirMOSS Sites, 2011-2015 AirMOSS_L2_Precipitation_1417 1
AirMOSS: L2/3 Volumetric Soil Moisture Profiles Derived From Radar, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L2_3_RZ_Soil_Moisture_1418 1.1
AirMOSS: L4 Daily Modeled Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE), AirMOSS sites, 2012-2014 AirMOSS_L4_Daily_NEE_1422 1
AirMOSS: L4 Modeled Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE), Continental USA, 2012-2014 AirMOSS_L4_Regional_NEE_1423 1
AirMOSS: L4 Modeled Volumetric Root Zone Soil Moisture, 2012-2015 AirMOSS_L4_RZ_Soil_Moisture_1421 1
Airborne Data Visualizer Airborne_RShiny_App_1585 1
Aircraft Flux-Detrended: NRCC (FIFE) FIFE_AF_DET_M_3 1
Aircraft Flux-Detrended: U of Wy. (FIFE) FIFE_AF_DET_K_4 1
Aircraft Flux-Detrended: Univ. Col. (FIFE) FIFE_AF_DET_G_5 1
Aircraft Flux-Filtered: NRCC (FIFE) FIFE_AF_FLT_M_6 1
Aircraft Flux-Filtered: U of Wy. (FIFE) FIFE_AF_FLT_K_7 1
Aircraft Flux-Filtered: Univ. Col. (FIFE) FIFE_AF_FLT_G_8 1
Aircraft Flux-Raw: NRCC (FIFE) FIFE_AF_RAW_M_9 1
Aircraft Flux-Raw: U of Wy. (FIFE) FIFE_AF_RAW_K_10 1
Aircraft Flux-Raw: Univ. Col. (FIFE) FIFE_AF_RAW_G_11 1
Amazon River Basin Precipitation, 1972-1992 richriver_228 1
Annual Aboveground Biomass Maps for Forests in the Northwestern USA, 2000-2016 CMS_AGB_NW_USA_1719 1
Annual Burned Area from Landsat, Mawas, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, 1997-2015 Annual_Burned_Area_Maps_1708 1
Annual wildland fire emissions (WFEIS v0.5) for Conterminous US and Alaska, 2001-2013 CMS_WFEIS_CONUS-AK_1306 1
Arctic Alaska Vegetation, Geobotanical, Physiographic Maps, 1993-2005 Alaska_Arctic_Tundra_Veg_Map_1353 1
Arctic Circumpolar Distribution and Soil Carbon of Thermokarst Landscapes, 2015 Thermokarst_Circumpolar_Map_1332 1
Arctic Tundra Flux Study in the Kuparuk River Basin (Alaska), 1994-1996 fluxnet_alaska_629 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots ATLAS Project North Slope and Seward Peninsula, AK, 1998-2000 ATLAS_Veg_Plots_1541 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots Legacy Project Barter Island and Point Barrow, Alaska, 1994 Barter_Barrow_Veg_Plots_1534 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at ARCSS/LAII Flux Sites, North Slope, Alaska, 1995-1996 North_Slope_Veg_Plots_1536 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Arrigetch Peaks, Alaska, 1978-1981 Arrigetch_Peaks_Veg_Plots_1358 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Atqasuk, Alaska, 1975, 2000, and 2010 Atqasuk_Veg_Plots_1371 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Frost Boil Sites, North Slope, Alaska, 2000-2006 Frost_Boils_Veg_Plots_1361 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Happy Valley, Alaska, 1994 Happy_Valley_Veg_Plots_1354 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Imnavait Creek, Alaska, 1984-1985 Imnavait_Creek_Veg_Plots_1356 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Nome, Alaska, 1951 Nome_Veg_Plots_1372 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Oumalik, AK, 1983-1985 Oumalik_Veg_plots_1506 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1973-1980 Prudhoe_Bay_Veg_Plots_1360 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Toolik Lake, Alaska, 1989 Toolik_Lake_Veg_Plots_1333 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots at Umiat, North Slope, Alaska, 1951 Umiat_Veg_Plots_1370 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots for IBP Tundra Biome, Barrow, Alaska, 1972-2010 Barrow_Tundra_Veg_Plots_1535 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots for NGEE-Arctic at Barrow, Alaska, 2012 Barrow_NGEE_Arctic_Veg_Plots_1505 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots from Pingo Communities, North Slope, Alaska, 1984-1986 Pingo_Veg_Plots_1507 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots in Burned and Unburned Tundra, Alaska, 2011-2012 Tundra_Fire_Veg_Plots_1547 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots in Flux Tower Footprints, North Slope, Alaska, 2014 Flux_Tower_Zona_Veg_Plots_1546 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots in NPS Arctic Network Parks, Alaska, 2002-2008 Arctic_Network_Veg_plots_1542 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots in Northern NWT and YT, Canada, 1965-1966 Canadian_West_Arctic_Veg_Plots_1543 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots in Willow Communities, North Slope, Alaska, 1997 Willow_Veg_Plots_1368 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots on Unalaska Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, 2007 Unalaska_Veg_Plots_1375 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots, Poplars, Arctic and Interior AK and YT, Canada, 2003-2005 Poplar_Veg_Plots_1376 1
Arctic Vegetation Plots, Prudhoe Bay ArcSEES Road Study, Lake Colleen, Alaska, 2014 Prudhoe_Bay_ArcSEES_Veg_Plots_1555 1
Aspen Forest Cover by Stratum/Plot (SNF) SNF_ASP_CVR_140 1
Atmos. Profile: Radiosonde - NCDC (FIFE) FIFE_NCDC_SON_13 1
Atmos. Profile: Std. Press. Level (FIFE) FIFE_BRUT_DRV_14 1
Atmospheric Profiles: Brutsaert (FIFE) FIFE_BRUT_SON_15 1
Atmospheric Profiles: TOVS - NOAA (FIFE) FIFE_NOAA_TOV_16 1
BASIN TCP Stable Isotope Composition of CO2 in Terrestrial Ecosystems BASIN_TCP_963 1
BDSNP Module for Improved Soil NO Emission Estimates for CMAQ Model, Conterminous USA BDSNP_CMAQ_Model_1351 1
BIGFOOT Meteorological Data for North and South American Sites, 1991-2004 BIGFOOT_METEOROLOGICAL_1065 1
BOREAS 1994 HYD-09 Belfort Rain Gauge Data BOREAS_H9RGBL94_229 1
BOREAS 1994 HYD-09 Tipping Bucket Rain Data BOREAS_H9RGTB94_230 1
BOREAS 1995 HYD-09 Belfort Rain Gauge Data BOREAS_H9RGBL95_231 1
BOREAS 1995 HYD-09 Tipping Bucket Rain Data BOREAS_H9RGTB95_232 1
BOREAS 1996 HYD-09 Belfort Rain Gauge Data BOREAS_H9RGBL96_233 1
BOREAS 1996 HYD-09 Tipping Bucket Rain Data BOREAS_H9RGTB96_234 1
BOREAS AES Canadian Hourly and Daily Surface Meteorological Data, R1 boreas_aeshrday_235 2
BOREAS AES Five-day Averaged Surface Meteorological and Upper Air Data BOREAS_AES5DAVG_236 1
BOREAS AFM-01 NOAA/ATDD Long-EZ Aircraft Flux Data over the SSA BOREAS_MWLEZFLX_493 1
BOREAS AFM-02 King Air 1994 Aircraft Flux and Moving Window Data BOREAS_FAAMWDAT_237 1
BOREAS AFM-02 Wyoming King Air 1994 Aircraft Sounding Data BOREAS_AFM2AS94_494 1
BOREAS AFM-03 Electra 1994 Aircraft Flux and Moving Window Data BOREAS_AFM3MW94_495 1
BOREAS AFM-03 NCAR Electra 1994 Aircraft Sounding Data BOREAS_AFM3AS94_496 1
BOREAS AFM-04 Twin Otter Aircraft Flux Data BOREAS_AFM4TOFX_497 1
BOREAS AFM-04 Twin Otter Aircraft Sounding Data BOREAS_AFM4TOAS_498 1
BOREAS AFM-05 Level-1 Upper Air Network Data, R1 BOREAS_AES_UPL1_238 1
BOREAS AFM-05 Level-2 Upper Air Network Standard Pressure Level Data BOREAS_AES_UPL2_239 1
BOREAS AFM-06 Boundary Layer Height Data BOREAS_AFM06IHD_240 1
BOREAS AFM-06 Mean Temperature Profile Data BOREAS_AFM06PTD_241 1
BOREAS AFM-06 Mean Wind Profile Data BOREAS_AFM06PWD_242 1
BOREAS AFM-06 NOAA/ETL 35 GHz Cloud/Turbulence Radar GIF Images BOREAS_AFM6GIFS_433 1
BOREAS AFM-06 Surface Meteorological Data BOREAS_AFM06SMD_243 1
BOREAS AFM-08 ECMWF Hourly Surface and Upper Air Data for the SSA and NSA BOREAS_ECMWF2_523 1
BOREAS AFM-11 Aircraft Flux Analysis Reports afm11afr_244 1
BOREAS AFM-12 1-km AVHRR Seasonal Land Cover Classification BOREAS_AVHRRLC1_434 1
BOREAS AFM-13 Aircraft Flux Analyses BOREAS_AFM13AFR_245 1
BOREAS Agriculture Canada Central Saskatchewan Vector Soils Data, R1 Saskatchewan_Soils_125m_SSA_1346 2
BOREAS Calibration Gas Standards calibgas_500 1
BOREAS CanSIS Regional Soils Data in Vector Format, V2 CanSIS_Regional_Soils_1347 2
BOREAS DEM Data over the NSA-MSA and SSA-MSA in AEAC Projection BOREAS_N_S_DEM_248 1
BOREAS Daedalus TMS Level-0 Imagery: Digital Counts in BIL Format BOREAS_DTMS0BIL_247 1
BOREAS Derived Surface Meteorological Data BOREAS_SRFMETMD_249 1
BOREAS ER2 Aircraft Flight Logs er2flog_501 1
BOREAS Elevation Contours over the NSA and SSA ARC/Info Generate Format BOREAS_ELEV_ARC_250 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-01 Landsat TM Land Cover Mosaic of the BOREAS Transect dsp01_tm_588 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-01 NBIOME Level-4 AVHRR Land Cover, Canada, Ver. 1.1, 1995 dsp01_ccrs_589 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-04 1994 ERS-1 Level-4 Landscape Freeze/Thaw Maps, Ver. 1.0 dsp04_ers1maps_590 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-05 Process-Modeled Net Primary Productivity dsp05_npp_591 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-06 CASI LAI and Canopy Closure of Conifer Flux Tower Sites dsp06_casilai_592 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-08 POLDER Atmospherically Corrected Surface Parameters, SSA DSP08_SURFPAR_594 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-09 Moss Cover Classification at Three Area Scales dsp09_mosscover_595 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-09 Saskatchewan Raster Forest Fire Chronology, 1945-1996 dsp09_sask_raster_596 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-10 Reclassified Regridded TM Mosaic Land Cover Maps, 1994 dsp10_reclass_597 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-10 Regridded FPAR and LAI Maps for 1994 DSP10_FPAR_LAI_585 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-10 Regridded Land Cover Maps for 1994 dsp10_landcover_598 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-10 Regridded Moss Cover Maps for 1994 dsp10_moss_cover_599 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-10 Regridded NDVI Maps for 1994 dsp10_ndvi_600 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-10 Regridded Peatland Maps dsp10_peatlands_601 1
BOREAS Follow-On DSP-10 Regridded TM Mosaic Land Cover Maps for 1994 dsp10_tm_mosaic_602 1
BOREAS Follow-On FLX-01 NSA-OBS Derived Data - NEE, GEE, and Respiration flx01_derived_603 1
BOREAS Follow-On FLX-01 NSA-OBS Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temp. Data flx01_tfx_604 1
BOREAS Follow-On FLX-03 Area-Averaged Flux Data for the NSA and SSA FLX3_AREA_AVG_586 1
BOREAS Follow-On FLX-04 Tower Flux and Meteorological Data from NSA Burn Site FLX4_NSA_BURN_587 1
BOREAS Follow-On HMet-01 Level-2 GOES-8 1996 Shortwave and Longwave Radiation hmet01_g8_l2_605 1
BOREAS Follow-On HMet-01 Merged SSM/I and Rain Gauge Precipitation Data hmet01_ssmi_precip_606 1
BOREAS Follow-On HMet-02 Area and Regional Hourly Gridded Met. Data, 1994-1996 hmet02_gridded_607 1
BOREAS Follow-On HMet-03 Hourly Meteorological Data at Flux Towers, 1994-1996 hmet03_hourlymet_608 1
BOREAS Follow-On HMet-04 1996-1998 NSA Meteorological Data hmet04_met_609 1
BOREAS Follow-On MOD-01 Regional Daily Averaged Gridded Met. Data, 1994-1996 mod01_met_p3_610 1
BOREAS Forest Cover Data Layers Over the SSA-MSA in Raster Format BOREAS_SSAFCOVR_251 1
BOREAS Forest Cover Layers of the NSA in Raster Format BOREAS_NSAFCOVR_252 1
BOREAS HYD-01 Soil Hydraulic Properties BOREAS_H01_SHD_253 1
BOREAS HYD-01 Under Canopy Precipitation Data BOREAS_H01UNCPD_254 1
BOREAS HYD-01 Volumetric Soil Moisture Data BOREAS_H01SMPVD_255 1
BOREAS HYD-02 Estimated Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) from Microwave Measurements BOREAS_H02SWED_256 1
BOREAS HYD-03 1996 Tree Stem Density Data BOREAS_H03STDND_257 1
BOREAS HYD-03 Canopy Density Data BOREAS_H03CANDD_258 1
BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Depth Data: 1996 BOREAS_H03SD96D_259 1
BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Pit Measurements: 1996 BOREAS_H03SP96D_260 1
BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Temperature Profiles BOREAS_H03SNTMD_261 1
BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Water Equivalent Data BOREAS_H03SWED_262 1
BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Water Equivalent: 1996 BOREAS_H3SWE96D_263 1
BOREAS HYD-03 Subcanopy Meteorological Data BOREAS_H3SCMET_265 1
BOREAS HYD-03 Subcanopy Radiation Data BOREAS_H03SCRDD_266 1
BOREAS HYD-04 Areal Snow Course Survey Data BOREAS_H04ASSD_267 1
BOREAS HYD-04 Standard Snow Course Data BOREAS_H04STSND_268 1
BOREAS HYD-05 Bear Trap Creek and Namekus Lake Winter Surface Flux Data BOREAS_H5FLXD_269 1
BOREAS HYD-06 Aircraft Gamma Ray Soil Moisture BOREAS_H6ACGSMD_270 1
BOREAS HYD-06 Ground Gravimetric Soil Moisture Data BOREAS_H06GRSMD_271 1
BOREAS HYD-06 Moss/Humus Moisture Data BOREAS_H06GRMSD_272 1
BOREAS HYD-08 1994 Gravimetric Moss Moisture Data BOREAS_H08GM94_273 1
BOREAS HYD-08 1996 Gravimetric Moss Moisture Data BOREAS_H08GM96_274 1
BOREAS HYD-08 1996 Gross Precipitation Data BOREAS_H08GP96_275 1
BOREAS HYD-08 DEM Data over the NSA-MSA and SSA-MSA in UTM Projection BOREAS_H8UTMDEM_276 1
BOREAS HYD-08 Throughfall Data BOREAS_H8THRFLD_277 1
BOREAS HYD-09 Hourly and Daily Radar Rainfall Maps for the Southern Study Area BOREAS_H09RRADI_278 1
BOREAS HYD-09 Streamflow Data BOREAS_H09STMGD_279 1
BOREAS Landsat MSS Imagery: Digital Counts BOREAS_LSATMSSD_435 1
BOREAS Landsat TM Level-3a Imagery: Scaled At-Sensor Radiance in BSQ Format BOREAS_LTM_II3A_280 1
BOREAS Landsat TM Level-3b Imagery: At-Sensor Radiance in BSQ Format BOREAS_LTM_II3B_425 1
BOREAS Landsat TM Level-3p Imagery: Geocoded and Scaled At-Sensor Radiance BOREAS_LTM_II3P_426 1
BOREAS Landsat TM Level-3s Imagery: Scaled At-Sensor Radiance in LGSOWG Format BOREAS_LTM_II3S_427 1
BOREAS Level-0 AOCI Imagery: Digital Counts in BIL Format BOREAS_AOCI0BIL_281 1
BOREAS Level-0 TIMS Imagery: Digital Counts in BIL Format BOREAS_TIMS0BIL_282 1
BOREAS Level-1B MAS Imagery: At-Sensor Radiance, Relative X and Y Coordinates BOREAS_MASLV1B_560 1
BOREAS Level-1B TIMS Imagery: At Sensor Radiance in BSQ Format BOREAS_TIMS1BIL_436 1
BOREAS Level-2 MAS Surface Reflectance and Temperature Images in BSQ Format BOREAS_MAS_LV2_561 1
BOREAS Level-3S SPOT Imagery: Scaled At-Sensor Radiance in LGSOWG Format BOREAS_SPOT_3S_437 1
BOREAS Level-3b AVHRR-LAC Imagery: Scaled At-Sensor Radiance in LGSOWG Format BOREAS_AVHRRL3B_481 1
BOREAS Level-4b AVHRR-LAC Ten-Day Composite Images: At-Sensor Radiance BOREAS_AVHRRL4B_438 1
BOREAS Level-4c AVHRR-LAC Ten-Day Composite Images: Surface Parameters BOREAS_AVHRRL4C_439 1
BOREAS NS001 TMS Level-0 Images in BIL Format BOREAS_NS001BIL_440 1
BOREAS NS001 TMS Level-2 Images: Reflectance and Temperature in BSQ Format BOREAS_NS0012BQ_482 1
BOREAS Prince Albert National Park Forest Cover Data in Vector Format BOREAS_PANPFCOV_283 1
BOREAS RSS-01 PARABOLA SSA Surface Reflectance and Transmittance Data BOREAS_RSS1PARA_286 1
BOREAS RSS-02 Extracted Reflectance Factors Derived from ASAS Imagery BOREAS_ASASREFL_287 1
BOREAS RSS-02 Level-1b ASAS Image Data: At-sensor Radiance in BSQ Format BOREAS_ASAS_L1B_562 1
BOREAS RSS-03 Atmospheric Conditions from a Helicopter-Mounted Sunphotometer BOREAS_RS3ATMOS_288 1
BOREAS RSS-03 Imagery and Snapshots from a Helicopter-Mounted Video Camera BOREAS_RSS-03_Snapshots_289 2
BOREAS RSS-03 Reflectance Measured from a Helicopter-Mounted Barnes MMR BOREAS_RSS3HMMR_290 1
BOREAS RSS-03 Reflectance Measured from a Helicopter-Mounted SE-590 BOREAS_RS3SE590_291 1
BOREAS RSS-04 1994 Jack Pine Leaf Biochemistry and Modeled Spectra in the SSA BOREAS_RSS4LIB_292 1
BOREAS RSS-04 1994 Southern Study Area Jack Pine LAI & FPAR Data BOREAS_R04LAIFD_293 1
BOREAS RSS-07 LAI, Gap Fraction, and FPAR Data BOREAS_R07ELAID_294 1
BOREAS RSS-07 Landsat TM LAI Images of the SSA and NSA BOREAS_RS7TMLAI_441 1
BOREAS RSS-07 Regional LAI and FPAR Images From Ten-Day AVHRR-LAC Composites BOREAS_R7LAIFPA_442 1
BOREAS RSS-08 BIOME-BGC Model Simulations at Tower Flux Sites in 1994 BOREAS_BIOMEBGC_295 1
BOREAS RSS-08 BIOME-BGC SSA Simulations of Annual Water and Carbon Fluxes BOREAS_BIOMEBG2_296 1
BOREAS RSS-08 IFC-3 ADS-PSII Measurements of BRDF at SSA-OBS and SSA-OA Sites BOREAS_RSS8BRDF_505 1
BOREAS RSS-08 SSA IFC-3 Digitized Stereo Imagery at the OBS, OA, and OJP Sites BOREAS_RSS8DIGI_506 1
BOREAS RSS-08 Snow Maps Derived from Landsat TM Imagery BOREAS_RSS8SNOW_428 1
BOREAS RSS-10 TOMS Circumpolar One-Degree PAR Images BOREAS_RSS10TOM_443 1
BOREAS RSS-11 Ground Sunphotometer Data BOREAS_R11SUNPD_297 1
BOREAS RSS-12 Airborne Tracking Sunphotometer Measurements (C-130) BOREAS_SUNPHAIR_298 1
BOREAS RSS-12 Automated Ground Sunphotometer Measurements in the SSA BOREAS_R12SUNPD_299 1
BOREAS RSS-14 GOES-7 Level-1 Visible, Infrared, and Water Vapor Images BOREAS_GOES71_444 1
BOREAS RSS-14 GOES-7 Level-1a Visible, Infrared, and Water Vapor Images BOREAS_GOES71A_300 1
BOREAS RSS-14 GOES-7 Level-2 Shortwave and Longwave Radiation Images BOREAS_GOES72_554 1
BOREAS RSS-14 GOES-8 Level-1 Visible, Infrared and Water Vapor Images BOREAS_GOES81_445 1
BOREAS RSS-14 GOES-8 Level-1a Visible, Infrared and Water Vapor Images BOREAS_GOES81A_446 1
BOREAS RSS-14 Level-3 Gridded Radiometer and Satellite Surface Radiation Images BOREAS_RSS14SRB_447 1
BOREAS RSS-15 SIR-C and TM Biomass and Landcover Maps of the NSA and SSA BOREAS_RS15BMLC_483 1
BOREAS RSS-17 1994 ERS-1 Level-3 Freeze/Thaw Backscatter Change Images BOREAS_RSS17FTH_484 1
BOREAS RSS-17 Dielectric Constant Profile Measurements BOREAS_RS17DIEL_301 1
BOREAS RSS-17 Stem, Soil, and Air Temperature Data BOREAS_RS7SSATD_302 1
BOREAS RSS-17 Xylem Flux Density Measurements at the SSA-OBS Site BOREAS_RSS17XYF_303 1
BOREAS RSS-18 Level 1b AVIRIS At-Sensor Radiance Imagery BOREAS_AVIRIS1B_449 1
BOREAS RSS-18 Sunphotometer Data over the SSA BOREAS_RSS18OPT_503 1
BOREAS RSS-19 1994 CASI At-Sensor Radiance and Reflectance Images BOREAS_R19CAS94_537 1
BOREAS RSS-19 1994 Seasonal Understory Reflectance Data BOREAS_UND_REFL_304 1
BOREAS RSS-19 1996 CASI At-Sensor Radiance and Reflectance Images BOREAS_R19CAS96_538 1
BOREAS RSS-20 POLDER C-130 Measurements of Surface BRDF BOREAS_RS20C130_305 1
BOREAS RSS-20 POLDER Helicopter-Mounted Measurements of Surface BRDF BOREAS_RS20HELO_306 1
BOREAS RSS-20 POLDER Radiance Images from the NASA C-130 BOREAS_RS20PRAD_555 1
BOREAS Regional DEM in Raster Format and AEAC Projection BOREAS_REG_AEAC_284 1
BOREAS Regional Soils Data in Raster Format and AEAC Projection BOREAS_REGSOILR_285 1
BOREAS SERM Forest Cover Data Layers of the SSA in Vector Format BOREAS_SSAFCOVV_509 1
BOREAS SERM Forest Cover Data of Saskatchewan in Vector Format BOREAS_SASKFC1M_510 1
BOREAS SERM Forest Fire Chronology of Saskatchewan in Vector Format BOREAS_SASKFIRE_308 1
BOREAS Saskatchewan Forest Fire Control Centre Surface Meteorological Data BOREAS_SASKFFCC_307 1
BOREAS Scanning Lidar Imager of Canopies by Echo Recovery (SLICER): Level-3 Data BOREAS_SLICER_508 2
BOREAS Site and Area Geographic Coordinate Information BOREAS_GEOCOORD_556 1
BOREAS TE-01 CH4 Flux Data over the SSA-OA BOREAS_TE1CH4FX_310 1
BOREAS TE-01 CO2 and CH4 Flux Data over the SSA-OBS Site BOREAS_TE1FXOBS_311 1
BOREAS TE-01 SSA Soil Lab Data BOREAS_TE01SSLD_530 1
BOREAS TE-01 SSA-FEN Soil Profile Nutrient Data BOREAS_TE1FENNT_313 1
BOREAS TE-01 Soils Data over the SSA Tower Sites in Raster Format BOREAS_SOILTE1R_312 1
BOREAS TE-02 Continuous Wood Respiration Data BOREAS_TE2WDRS2_314 1
BOREAS TE-02 Foliage Respiration Data BOREAS_TE2FLRSP_315 1
BOREAS TE-02 Root Respiration Data BOREAS_TE2RTRSP_316 1
BOREAS TE-02 Stem Growth & Sapwood Data BOREAS_TE2STSAP_317 1
BOREAS TE-02 Wood Respiration Data BOREAS_TE2WDRSP_318 1
BOREAS TE-04 Branch Bag Data from Boreal Tree Species BOREAS_TE04BBAG_319 1
BOREAS TE-04 Gas Exchange Data from Boreal Tree Species BOREAS_TE04GXDA_320 1
BOREAS TE-05 CO2 Concentration and Stable Isotope Composition BOREAS_TE5AIRS_321 1
BOREAS TE-05 Diurnal CO2 Canopy Profile Data BOREAS_TE5CO2PD_322 1
BOREAS TE-05 Leaf Carbon Isotope Data BOREAS_TE5LCISO_323 1
BOREAS TE-05 Leaf Gas Exchange Data BOREAS_TE5LGXD_324 1
BOREAS TE-05 Soil Respiration Data BOREAS_TE5SOILR_325 1
BOREAS TE-05 Surface Meteorological & Radiation Data BOREAS_TE5METD_326 1
BOREAS TE-05 Tree Ring and Carbon Isotope Ratio Data BOREAS_TE5TREER_327 1
BOREAS TE-06 1994 Soil and Air Temperatures in the NSA BOREAS_TE6SATNS_328 1
BOREAS TE-06 Allometry Data BOREAS_TE6ALLOM_329 1
BOREAS TE-06 Biomass and Foliage Area Data BOREAS_TE6BMFLG_330 1
BOREAS TE-06 Multiband Vegetation Imager Data BOREAS_TE6MLTVG_331 1
BOREAS TE-06 NPP for the Tower Flux, Carbon Evaluation, and Auxiliary Sites BOREAS_TE6NPP_200 1
BOREAS TE-06 Predawn Leaf Water Potentials and Foliage Moisture Content Data BOREAS_TE6H2OPD_332 1
BOREAS TE-07 Dendrology Data BOREAS_TE07DEND_333 1
BOREAS TE-07 Sap Flow Data BOREAS_TE07SAPF_334 1
BOREAS TE-08 Aspen Bark Chemistry Data BOREAS_TE08BCHM_335 1
BOREAS TE-08 Aspen Bark Spectral Reflectance Data BOREAS_TE08BOPT_336 1
BOREAS TE-09 Leaf Biochemistry Averages BOREAS_TE9BIOAV_339 1
BOREAS TE-09 Leaf Biochemistry Point Data BOREAS_TE9BIOPD_340 1
BOREAS TE-09 NSA Leaf Chlorophyll Density Data BOREAS_TE09CD_341 1
BOREAS TE-09 PAR & Leaf Nitrogen Data for NSA, R1 BOREAS_TE09PND_342 1
BOREAS TE-09 Photosynthetic Capacity and Foliage Nitrogen Data BOREAS_TE09NPD_343 1
BOREAS TE-09 Photosynthetic Response Data BOREAS_TE09PRD_344 1
BOREAS TE-09 in Situ Diurnal Gas Exchange of NSA Boreal Forest Stands BOREAS_TE09GXDA_337 1
BOREAS TE-09 in situ Understory Spectral Reflectance within the NSA BOREAS_TE9SPREF_338 1
BOREAS TE-10 Leaf Chemistry Data BOREAS_TE10LFCH_345 1
BOREAS TE-10 Leaf Gas Exchange Data BOREAS_TE10LGXD_346 1
BOREAS TE-10 Leaf Optical Properties for SSA Species BOREAS_TE10LOPT_531 1
BOREAS TE-10 Photosynthetic Response Data BOREAS_TE10PRD_347 1
BOREAS TE-11 Leaf Gas Exchange Measurements BOREAS_TE11LGXD_348 1
BOREAS TE-11 Sap Flow Data BOREAS_TE11SAPF_349 1
BOREAS TE-11 Surface Meteorological Data BOREAS_TE11SMET_350 1
BOREAS TE-12 Incoming PAR Through the Forest Canopy Data BOREAS_TE12PARC_485 1
BOREAS TE-12 Leaf Gas Exchange Data BOREAS_TE12LGEX_351 1
BOREAS TE-12 Leaf Optical Data for SSA Species BOREAS_TE12LOD_352 1
BOREAS TE-12 SSA Shoot Geometry Data BOREAS_TE12SGD_353 1
BOREAS TE-12 SSA Water Potential Data BOREAS_TE12H2OP_354 1
BOREAS TE-13 Biometry Reports te13biom_355 2
BOREAS TE-17 Production Efficiency Model Images BOREAS_TE17PEM_486 1
BOREAS TE-18 Biomass Density Image of the SSA BOREAS_BIOMDENS_450 1
BOREAS TE-18 Geosail Canopy Reflectance Model BOREAS_TE18GEOS_532 1
BOREAS TE-18 Landsat TM Maximum Likelihood Classification Image of the NSA BOREAS_LTMMAXLN_429 1
BOREAS TE-18 Landsat TM Maximum Likelihood Classification Image of the SSA BOREAS_LTMMAXLS_430 1
BOREAS TE-18 Landsat TM Physical Classification Image of the NSA BOREAS_LTMPHYSN_431 1
BOREAS TE-18 Landsat TM Physical Classification Image of the SSA BOREAS_LTMPHYSS_432 1
BOREAS TE-18, 30-m, Radiometrically Rectified Landsat TM Imagery BOREAS_TE18LS30_557 1
BOREAS TE-18, 60-m, Radiometrically Rectified Landsat TM Imagery BOREAS_TE18LS60_564 1
BOREAS TE-19 Ecosystem Carbon Balance Model BOREAS_TE19MODL_487 1
BOREAS TE-20 NSA Soil Lab Data BOREAS_TE20SLDN_356 1
BOREAS TE-20 Site Characteristics Data BOREAS_TE20SITE_488 1
BOREAS TE-20 Soils Data over the NSA-MSA and Tower Sites in Raster Format BOREAS_SOILT20R_357 1
BOREAS TE-20 Soils Data over the NSA-MSA and Tower Sites in Vector Format BOREAS_SOILT20V_533 1
BOREAS TE-20 Supplementary Site Information For NSA Tower Sites BOREAS_TE20SUPP_489 1
BOREAS TE-21 Daily Surface Meteorological Data BOREAS_TE21SMET_358 1
BOREAS TE-22 Allometric Forest Survey Data BOREAS_TE22ALLM_490 1
BOREAS TE-22 Tree Ring Data BOREAS_TE22RING_491 1
BOREAS TE-23 Canopy Architecture and Spectral Data from Hemispherical Photos BOREAS_TE23ARCH_492 1
BOREAS TE-23 Map Plot Data BOREAS_TE23MAPP_359 1
BOREAS TF-01 SSA-OA Soil Characteristics Data BOREAS_TF01SOIL_511 1
BOREAS TF-01 SSA-OA Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temperature Data BOREAS_TF01TFLX_512 1
BOREAS TF-01 SSA-OA Understory Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temperature Data BOREAS_TF01UFLX_513 1
BOREAS TF-01 SSA-OA Weekly Tower CH4 and N2O Flux BOREAS_TF1CH4_514 1
BOREAS TF-02 SSA-OA Tethersonde Meteorological and Ozone Data BOREAS_TF2MET_504 1
BOREAS TF-02 SSA-OA Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Precipitation Data BOREAS_TF02TFLX_515 1
BOREAS TF-03 Automated Chamber CO2 Flux Data from the NSA-OBS BOREAS_TF3ACCO2_360 1
BOREAS TF-03 NSA-OBS Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temperature Data BOREAS_TF3TFLXD_361 1
BOREAS TF-04 CO2 and CH4 Chamber Flux Data from the SSA BOREAS_TF4SSAFX_362 1
BOREAS TF-04 CO2 and CH4 Soil Profile Data from the SSA BOREAS_TF4SSASP_363 1
BOREAS TF-04 SSA-YJP Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Canopy Condition Data, R1 BOREAS_TF04FLUX_451 1
BOREAS TF-05 Tower Flux & Meteorological Data BOREAS_TF5TFLXD_364 1
BOREAS TF-06 SSA-YA Surface Energy Flux and Meteorological Data BOREAS_TF6FXMET_365 1
BOREAS TF-07 SSA-OBS Tower Flux and Meteorological Data BOREAS_TF07FLUX_452 1
BOREAS TF-08 NSA-OJP Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temperature Data BOREAS_TF08TFLX_516 1
BOREAS TF-08 NSA-OJP and SSA-OBS Ceilometer Data BOREAS_TF08CEIL_453 1
BOREAS TF-09 SSA-OBS Branch Level Flux Data BOREAS_TF9BRFLX_366 1
BOREAS TF-09 SSA-OBS Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Soil Temperature Data BOREAS_TF9TFLXD_367 1
BOREAS TF-10 NSA-Fen Tower Flux and Meteorological Data BOREAS_TF10FXMT_368 1
BOREAS TF-10 NSA-YJP Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Porometry Data BOREAS_TF10FLUX_454 1
BOREAS TF-11 Biomass Data over the SSA-Fen BOREAS_TF11BIOM_369 1
BOREAS TF-11 CO2 and CH4 Concentration Data from the SSA-Fen BOREAS_TF11CONC_370 1
BOREAS TF-11 CO2 and CH4 Flux Data from the SSA-Fen BOREAS_TF11FLUX_371 1
BOREAS TF-11 Decomposition Data over the SSA-Fen BOREAS_TF11DCOM_372 1
BOREAS TF-11 SSA Fen 1996 Water Surface Film Capping Data BOREAS_TF11SFLM_455 1
BOREAS TF-11 SSA Fen Leaf Gas Exchange Data BOREAS_TF11LEAF_456 1
BOREAS TF-11 SSA Fen Soil Surface CO2 Flux Data BOREAS_TF11SOIL_457 1
BOREAS TF-11 SSA-FEN Tower Flux and Meteorological Data BOREAS_TF11TFX_373 1
BOREAS TF-11 SSA-Fen 1995 Leaf Area Index Data BOREAS_TF11LAI_458 1
BOREAS TGB-01 CH4 & CO2 Chamber Flux Data: NSA BOREAS_TGB1CCFD_374 1
BOREAS TGB-01 CH4 Concentration and Flux Data from NSA Tower Sites BOREAS_TGB1CFD_375 1
BOREAS TGB-01 SF6 Chamber Flux Data: NSA BOREAS_TGB1SFD_376 1
BOREAS TGB-01/TGB-03 CH4 Chamber Flux Data: NSA Fen BOREAS_TGBFENFX_378 1
BOREAS TGB-01/TGB-03 NEE Data over the NSA Fen BOREAS_TGBFENNE_379 1
BOREAS TGB-01/TGB-03 Water Table and Peat Temperature Data over the NSA BOREAS_TGB3WD_380 1
BOREAS TGB-03 CH4 and CO2 Chamber Flux Data over NSA Upland Sites BOREAS_TGB3COFD_381 1
BOREAS TGB-03 Dissolved Organic Carbon Data from the NSA BOREAS_TGB03DOC_459 1
BOREAS TGB-03 Plant Species Composition Data over the NSA Fen BOREAS_TGB3PLSP_382 1
BOREAS TGB-04 NSA-BVP Tower Flux and Meteorological Data BOREAS_TGB4FLUX_460 1
BOREAS TGB-04 Water and Sediment Temperature Data over the NSA-BP (Beaver Pond) BOREAS_TGB4WSED_461 1
BOREAS TGB-05 Biogenic Soil Emissions of NO and Nitrous Oxide BOREAS_TGB5NNFD_383 1
BOREAS TGB-05 CO2, CH4, and CO Chamber Flux Data over the NSA BOREAS_TGB5CFLX_384 1
BOREAS TGB-05 Dissolved Organic Carbon Data from NSA Beaver Ponds BOREAS_TGB5DOCD_385 1
BOREAS TGB-05 Fire History of Manitoba 1980 to 1991 in Raster Format BOREAS_FHSTMANR_386 1
BOREAS TGB-05 Fire History of Manitoba 1980 to 1991 in Vector Format BOREAS_FHSTMANV_387 1
BOREAS TGB-06 Soil Methane Oxidation and Production from NSA BP and Fen Sites BOREAS_TGB6CHRC_388 1
BOREAS TGB-07 Ambient Air Herbicide and Organochlorine Concentration Data BOREAS_TGB7AAHO_389 1
BOREAS TGB-07 Dry Deposition Herbicide and Organochlorine Flux Data BOREAS_TGB7DDHO_390 1
BOREAS TGB-07 Rainwater Herbicide and Organochlorine Concentration Data BOREAS_TGB7RWHO_391 1
BOREAS TGB-08 Monoterpene Concentration Data over the SSA-OBS and the SSA-OJP BOREAS_TGB7MONO_392 1
BOREAS TGB-08 Photosynthetic Rate Data over the SSA-OBS and the SSA-OJP BOREAS_TGB8PRDS_393 1
BOREAS TGB-08 Starch Concentration Data over the SSA-OBS and the SSA-OJP BOREAS_TGB8SCDS_394 1
BOREAS TGB-09 Above-canopy NMHC at SSA-OBS, SSA-OJP and SSA-OA Sites BOREAS_TGB9NMHC_395 1
BOREAS TGB-10 Oxidant Concentration Data over the SSA BOREAS_TGB10OCD_396 1
BOREAS TGB-10 Oxidant Flux Data over the SSA BOREAS_TGB10OFD_397 1
BOREAS TGB-10 Volatile Organic Carbon Data over the SSA BOREAS_TGB10VOC_398 1
BOREAS TGB-12 Carbon Dioxide Isotopic Content Data over the NSA BOREAS_TGB12CI_399 1
BOREAS TGB-12 Radon-222 Activity Data over the NSA BOREAS_TGB12RAD_400 1
BOREAS TGB-12 Radon-222 Flux Data: NSA BOREAS_TGB12RFD_401 1
BOREAS TGB-12 Soil Carbon Data: NSA BOREAS_TGB12SCD_402 1
BOREAS TGB-12 Soil Carbon Site Information BOREAS_TGB12SCI_558 1
BOREAS TGB-12 Soil Carbon and Flux Data of NSA-MSA in Raster Format BOREAS_TGB12CFD_517 1
BOREAS/AES Campbell Scientific 15-minute Surface Meteorological Data: 1993 BOREAS_AMS_CS93_403 1
BOREAS/AES Campbell Scientific 15-minute Surface Meteorological Data: 1994 BOREAS_AMS_CS94_404 1
BOREAS/AES Campbell Scientific 15-minute Surface Meteorological Data: 1995 BOREAS_AMS_CS95_405 1
BOREAS/AES Campbell Scientific 15-minute Surface Meteorological Data: 1996 BOREAS_AMS_CS96_406 1
BOREAS/AES MARS-II 15-minute Surface Meteorological Data: 1994 BOREAS_MARSII94_407 1
BOREAS/AES READAC 15-minute Surface Meteorological Data BOREAS_READAC_D_408 1
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BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite A Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1995 BOREAS_SAMSA95D_463 1
BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite A Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1996 BOREAS_SAMSA96D_464 1
BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite B Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1994 BOREAS_SAMSB94D_410 1
BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite B Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1995 BOREAS_SAMSB95D_411 1
BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite B Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1996 BOREAS_SAMSB96D_412 1
BigFoot Field Data for North American Sites, 1999-2003 BIGFOOT_FD_868 1
BigFoot GPP Surfaces for North and South American Sites, 2000-2004 bigfoot_gpp_surfaces_749 1
BigFoot Land Cover Surfaces for North and South American Sites, 2000-2003 bigfoot_landcove_748 1
BigFoot Leaf Area Index Surfaces for North and South American Sites, 2000-2003 bigfoot_lai_747 1
BigFoot NPP Surfaces for North and South American Sites, 2000-2004 bigfoot_npp_surfaces_750 1
Biomass Allocation and Growth Data of Seeded Plants niklas_biomass_703 1
Biomass of Sacrificed Spruce/Aspen (SNF) SNF_BIOMASS_141 1
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Biome-BGC: Modeling Effects of Disturbance and Climate (Thornton et al. 2002) model_biome_manscrpt_806 1
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Boundary Layer Heights: LIDAR (FIFE) FIFE_LIDAR_HT_17 1
Boundary Layer Heights: SODAR (FIFE) FIFE_SODAR_18 1
Bowen Ratio Surf. Flux: Fritschen (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_BRL_19 1
Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: GSFC (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_BRG_20 1
Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: KSU (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_BRK_21 1
Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: Smith (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_BRS_22 1
Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: UNL (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_BRV_23 1
Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: USGS (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_BRW_24 1
CARVE Modeled Gross Ecosystem CO2 Exchange and Respiration, Alaska, 2012-2014 Polar-VPRM_Alaskan-NEE_1314 1
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CARVE: In-flight Photos from the CARVE Aircraft, Alaska, 2013-2015 CARVE_Photos_1435 1
CARVE: In-flight Videos from the CARVE Aircraft, Alaska, 2012-2015 CARVE_Videos_1433 1
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CARVE: L1 Daily Flight Path and Winds Data, Alaska, 2015 CARVE_L1_FlightPath_Winds_1427 1
CARVE: L1 In-situ Carbon and CH4 Flux and Meteorology at EC Towers, Alaska, 2011-2015 CARVE_L1_Ground_Flux_1424 1
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CARVE: L2 Atmospheric Gas Concentrations, Tower-based Flasks, Alaska, 2012-2015 CARVE_L2_Flask_Ground_1405 1
CARVE: L2 Column Gas and Uncertainty from Airborne FTS, Alaska, 2012-2015 CARVE_L2_FTS_ColumnGas_1429 1
CARVE: L2 Merged Atmospheric CO2, CO, O3 and CH4 Concentrations, Alaska, 2012-2015 CARVE_L2_AtmosGas_Merge_1402 1
CARVE: L4 Gridded Footprints from WRF-STILT model, 2012-2016 CARVE_L4_WRF-STILT_Footprint_1431 1
CARVE: L4 Gridded Particle Trajectories for WRF-STILT model, 2012-2016 CARVE_L4_WRF-STILT_Particle_1430 1
CARVE: Monthly Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations (2009-2013) and Modeled Fluxes, Alaska Alaskan_CO2_Flux_1325 1.1
CARVE: Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange and Regional Carbon Budgets for Alaska, 2012-2014 AK_Regional_CO2_Flux_1389 1
CENTURY: Modeling Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change, Version 4 (VEMAP 1995) century_vemap_820 1
CLM Simulated Solar-Induced Fluorescence, Niwot Ridge, Colorado, USA, 1998-2018 CMS_Simulated_SIF_NiwotRidge_1720 1
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CMS: Soil CO2 Efflux and Properties, Site Vegetation Measurements, Mexico, 2011-2012 CMS_Soil_CO2_Efflux_1298 1
CO2 Observations, Modeled Emissions, and NAM-HYSPLIT Footprints, Boston MA, 2013-2014 NACP_NAM_HYSPLIT_Footprints_1586 1
Calculated Leaf Carbon and Nitrogen, 1992 (ACCP) ACCP_PLOTCHEM_420 1
Canopy Chemistry (OTTER) OTTER_CHEM_26 1
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Characteristics of African Savanna Biomes for Determining Woody Cover gv_aws_850 1
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Cloud Camera Data (FIFE) FIFE_CLD_CAM_28 1
Coastal Wetland Elevation and Carbon Flux Inventory with Uncertainty, USA, 2006-2011 Uncertainty_US_Coastal_GHG_1650 1
Collected Data from The Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study, NASA, CD-ROM BOREAS_CDS_1350 1
Conifer Needle Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Niwot Ridge, Colorado, USA, 2017-2018 Niwot_Ridge_CNPAM_Fluorescence_1722 1
Conifer Needle Pigment Composition, Niwot Ridge, Colorado, USA, 2017-2018 Niwot_Ridge_Pigment_1723 1
DARTE Annual On-road CO2 Emissions on a 1-km Grid, Conterminous USA, V2, 1980-2017 CMS_DARTE_V2_1735 2
Daily Rainfall Data (FIFE) FIFE_RAIN_DAY_29 1
Data over the SSA in Raster Format and AEAC Projection BOREAS_SOIL125R_309 1
Daymet: Annual Climate Summaries on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 3 Daymet_V3_Annual_Climatology_1343 3.4
Daymet: Annual Tile Summary Cross-Validation Statistics for North America, Version 3 Daymet_V3_CrossVal_1348 3.4
Daymet: Daily Surface Weather Data on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 3 Daymet_V3_CFMosaics_1328 3.4
Daymet: Monthly Climate Summaries on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 3 Daymet_V3_Monthly_Climatology_1345 3.4
Daymet: Station-Level Inputs and Model Predicted Values for North America, Version 3 Daymet_V3_Stn_Level_CrossVal_1391 3.4
Decadal Land Use and Land Cover Classifications across India, 1985, 1995, 2005 Decadal_LULC_India_1336 1
Distribution of Estimated Stand Age Across Siberian Larch Forests, 1989-2012 Siberian_Larch_Stand_Age_1364 1
Distribution of Young Forests and Estimated Stand Age across Russia, 2012 Young_Russian_Forest_Map_1330 1
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Ecosystem Functional Type Distribution Map for Mexico, 2001-2014 EF_Data_Mexico_1693 1
Ecosystem Functional Type Distribution Map for the Conterminous USA, 2001-2014 CMS_EFT_CONUS_1659 1
Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: ANL (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_ECA_30 1
Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: GSFC (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_ECG_31 1
Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: UK (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_ECB_32 1
Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: UNL (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_ECV_33 1
Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: USGS (FIFE) FIFE_SF30_ECW_34 1
Effects of Elevated Carbon Dioxide on Litter Chemistry and Decomposition litter_decomp_651 1
Export and Leaching of Carbon and Nitrogen from Mississippi River Basin, 1901-2099 DLEM_C_N_Export_1699 1
FIFE CDROM Vol. 3 Contents: NS001 Thematic Mapper Simulator (TMS) Imagery, 1987-1989 FIFE_CD_V3_130 1
FLUXNET Canada Research Network - Canadian Carbon Program Data Collection, 1993-2014 FLUXNET_Canada_1335 1
FLUXNET Marconi Conference Gap-Filled Flux and Meteorology Data, 1992-2000 fluxnet_marconi_811 1
FLUXNET Research Network Site Characteristics, Investigators, and Bibliography, 2016 Fluxnet_site_DB_1530 1
Fire Intensity and Burn Severity Metrics for Circumpolar Boreal Forests, 2001-2013 Boreal_Fire_Severity_Metrics_1520 1
Fluxnet: Archived Website Including Site and Investigator Information Fluxnet_website_archive_copy_1549 1
Forest Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Sequestration Potential for Maryland, USA CMS_Forest_Carbon_Maryland_1660 1
Forest Biophysical Parameters (SNF) SNF_BIOPHYS_142 1
Forest Canopy Composition (SNF) SNF_CAN_COMP_143 1
Forest Carbon Stocks and Fluxes After Disturbance, Southeastern USA, 1990-2010 CMS_Forest_Carbon_Stocks_1728 1
Forest Inventories and DBH at Burned and Unburned Forest Sites, Acre, Brazil, 2017 Forest_Inventory_Acre_Brazil_1654 1
Forest Inventories at Burned and Unburned Tropical Forest Sites, Acre, Brazil, 2014 Forest_Inventory_Data_Brazil_1563 1
Forest Structure and Biomass Data, La Selva, Costa Rica: 2006 LASELVA_BIOMASS_1215 1
Forest-BGC Model (OTTER) OTTER_MODEL_36 1
Gamma Ray Data: Peck (FIFE) FIFE_PECK_GAM_37 1
Gemma Helicopter Data (FIFE) FIFE_GEM_HELO_38 1
Geobotanical and Impact Map Collection for Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, Alaska, 1972-2010 Prudhoe_Bay_Veg_Maps_1387 1
Geoecology: County-Level Environmental Data for the United States, 1941-1981 geoecology_R1_656 1
Global 1-degree Maps of Forest Area, Carbon Stocks, and Biomass, 1950-2010 Global_Biomass_1950-2010_1296 1
Global 1-km Gridded Thickness of Soil, Regolith, and Sedimentary Deposit Layers Global_Soil_Regolith_Sediment_1304 1
Global 10-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1901-1990 (New et al.) ANGLIA_10YRCLIMATE_549 1
Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1901-1960 (New et al.) ANGLIA_30YRCLIMATE_550 1
Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1930-1960, V2.1 (Cramer and Leeman) CRAMERLEEMANS_416 1
Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1961-1990 (New et al.) ANGLIA_CLIMATE_542 1
Global 500-m Foliage Clumping Index Data Derived from MODIS BRDF, 2006 Global_Clumping_Index_1531 1
Global Aboveground and Belowground Biomass Carbon Density Maps for the Year 2010 Global_Maps_C_Density_2010_1763 1
Global Annual Soil Respiration Data (Raich and Schlesinger 1992) soil_respiration_622 1
Global Data Set of Derived Soil Properties, 0.5-Degree Grid (ISRIC-WISE) ISRIC_W_GRID_546 1
Global Distribution of Fine Root Biomass in Terrestrial Ecosystems rootfine_biomass1997_658 1
Global Distribution of Plant-Extractable Water Capacity of Soil (Dunne) DUNNESOIL_545 1
Global Distribution of Root Nutrient Concentrations in Terrestrial Ecosystems root_nutrients_659 1
Global Distribution of Root Profiles in Terrestrial Ecosystems root_profiles_660 1
Global Distribution of Root Turnover in Terrestrial Ecosystems root_turnover_661 1
Global Fire Atlas with Characteristics of Individual Fires, 2003-2016 CMS_Global_Fire_Atlas_1642 1
Global Fire Emissions Database, Version 4.1 (GFEDv4) fire_emissions_v4_R1_1293 4.1
Global Forest Ecosystem Structure and Function Data For Carbon Balance Research LUYSSAERT_CARBON_FLUX_949 1
Global Gridded 1-km Annual Soil Respiration and Uncertainty Derived from SRDB V3 CMS_Global_Soil_Respiration_1736 1
Global Gridded Soil Phosphorus Distribution Maps at 0.5-degree Resolution GLOBAL_PHOSPHORUS_DIST_MAP_1223 1
Global Gridded Surfaces of Selected Soil Characteristics (IGBP-DIS) IGBPDIS_SURFPRODS_569 1
Global Historical Climatology Network, 1753-1990 CDIAC_NDP41_220 2
Global Hydrologic Soil Groups (HYSOGs250m) for Curve Number-Based Runoff Modeling Global_Hydrologic_Soil_Group_1566 1
Global Leaf Area Index from Field Measurements, 1932-2000 HISTORICAL_LAI_584 1
Global Mangrove Distribution, Aboveground Biomass, and Canopy Height CMS_Global_Map_Mangrove_Canopy_1665 1.2
Global Maps of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition, 1860, 1993, and 2050 1860_1993_2050_NITROGEN_830 1
Global Monthly Climatology for the Twentieth Century (New et al.) ANGLIA_CLIMATE_MONTH_551 1
Global Monthly Mean Leaf Area Index Climatology, 1981-2015 Mean_Seasonal_LAI_1653 1
Global Monthly Precipitation, 1900-1999 (Hulme) CLIMATE_PRECIP_417 1
Global N Cycle: Fluxes and N2O Mixing Ratios Originating from Human Activity global_n_cycle_797 1
Global Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen (Zinke et al.) CDIAC_NDP18_221 1
Global Peatland Carbon Balance and Land Use Change CO2 Emissions Through the Holocene Peatland_carbon_balance_1382 1
Global River Discharge, 1807-1991, V[ersion]. 1.1 (RivDIS) RIVDIS_199 1
Global Soil Data Products CD-ROM Contents (IGBP-DIS) IGBPSOILCD_565 1
Global Soil Profile Data (ISRIC-WISE) ISRIC_547 1
Global Soil Texture and Derived Water-Holding Capacities (Webb et al.) WEBBSOIL_548 1
Global Soil Types, 0.5-Degree Grid (Modified Zobler) ZOBLERSOILDERIVED_540 1
Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid (Zobler) SOIL1X1_418 1
Global Vegetation Types, 1971-1982 (Matthews) VEG1X1_419 1
Green Vegetation Fraction High-Resolution Maps for Selected US Tidal Marshes, 2015 Tidal_Marsh_Vegetation_US_1608 1
Gridded Estimates of Woody Cover and Biomass across Sub-Saharan Africa, 2000-2004 Gridded_Biomass_Africa_1777 1
Gridded Winter Soil CO2 Flux Estimates for pan-Arctic and Boreal Regions, 2003-2100 Soil_Carbon_Flux_Maps_1683 1
Ground-Based Vegetation Community Photos, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska, 2014-2015 Vegetation_Photos_Toolik_Lake_1718 1
Harmonized Global Land Use for Years 1500 -2100, V1 LAND_USE_HARMONIZATION_V1_1248 1
Helicopter MMR Reflectance Data (SNF) SNF_HELO_MMR_144 1
High Resolution Global Contiguous SIF Estimates Derived from OCO-2 SIF and MODIS Global_High_Res_SIF_OCO2_1696 1
High-Resolution Shrub Biomass and Uncertainty Maps, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska, 2013 Shrub_Biomass_Toolik_Lake_AK_1573 1
High-Resolution Vegetation Community Maps, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska, 2013-2015 Vegetation_Maps_Toolik_Lake_1690 1
Historic Daily Meteorology Data (FIFE) FIFE_HDAY_MET_39 1
Historic Monthly Meteorology Data (FIFE) FIFE_HMON_MET_40 1
Hyperspectral Imagery from AVIRIS-NG for Sites in ID and CA, USA, 2014 and 2015 AVIRIS-NG_Data_Idaho_1533 1
ISLSCP II Air-Sea Carbon Dioxide Gas Exchange AIR_SEA_GAS_EXCHANGE_XDEG_1208 1
ISLSCP II Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Consumption by Continental Erosion ISLSCP_ATMOS_CO2_EROSION_1019 1
ISLSCP II C4 Vegetation Percentage ISLSCP_C4_1DEG_932 1
ISLSCP II CRU05 Climate Time Series for Global Land Areas, 1986-1995 IISLSCP_CRU5_TIME_SERIES_1014 1
ISLSCP II Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuels, Cement, and Gas Flaring ISLSCP_CO2_EMISSIONS_1021 1
ISLSCP II Carbon Dioxide Flux at Harvard Forest and Northern BOREAS Sites FLUXNET_POINT_1029 1
ISLSCP II Climate Research Unit CRU05 Monthly Climate Data ISLSCP_CRU5_MONTHLY_MEAN_1015 1
ISLSCP II Cloud and Meteorology Parameters SRB_CLOUDS_1D_1073 1
ISLSCP II Continuous Fields of Vegetation Cover, 1992-1993 ISLSCP2_CONTVEG_931 1
ISLSCP II ECMWF Near-Surface Meteorology Parameters ECMWF_MET_1DEG_1222 1
ISLSCP II EDGAR 3 Gridded Greenhouse and Ozone Precursor Gas Emissions ISLSCP_EDGAR_ATMOS_1022 1
ISLSCP II Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) Monthly Albedo, 1986-1990 ISCLSCP_II_ERBE_ALBEDO_957 1
ISLSCP II Ecosystem Rooting Depths ISLSCP_EROOT_929 1
ISLSCP II FASIR-adjusted NDVI Biophysical Parameter Fields, 1982-1998 ISLSCP_II_FASIR_BIOPHYS_970 1
ISLSCP II GPPDI, Net Primary Productivity (NPP) Class B Point Data GPPDI_NPP_POINT_1033 1
ISLSCP II Gauge-Based Analyses of Daily Precipitation over Global Land Areas ISLSCP_GTS_PRECIP_1001 1
ISLSCP II Global Gridded Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 1990 ISLSCP_II_GDP_974 1
ISLSCP II Global Gridded Soil Characteristics ISLSCP_SOILS_1DEG_1004 1
ISLSCP II Global Population of the World ISLSCP_II_GPOP_975 1
ISLSCP II Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC) Monthly Precipitation ISLSCPII_GPCC_PRECIP_995 1
ISLSCP II Global Precipitation Climatology Project Version 1, Pentad Precipitation ISLSCP_PRECIP_PENTAD_1002 1
ISLSCP II Global Precipitation Climatology Project Version 2, Monthly Precipitation ISLSCP_II_GPCP_PRECIP_1003 1
ISLSCP II Global Primary Production Data Initiative Gridded NPP Data ISLSCP_GPPDI_NPP_GRDDED_1023 1
ISLSCP II Global River Fluxes of Carbon and Sediments to the Oceans RIVER_CARBON_FLUX_1028 1
ISLSCP II Global Sea Ice Concentration ISLSCP_SEA_ICE_EXTENT_981 1
ISLSCP II GlobalView: Atmospheric Methane Concentrations GLOBALVIEW_CH4_POINT_1109 1
ISLSCP II Globalview: Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations GLOBALVIEW_CO2_POINT_1111 1
ISLSCP II HYDRO1k Elevation-derived Products ISLSCP_II_HYDRO1K_1007 1
ISLSCP II Historical Croplands Cover, 1700-1992 ISLSCP_II_HCROPLAND_966 1
ISLSCP II Historical Land Cover and Land Use, 1700-1990 ISLSCP_II_HLANDCOVER_967 1
ISLSCP II IGBP DISCover and SiB Land Cover, 1992-1993 ISLSCP2_IDSLC_930 1
ISLSCP II IGBP NPP Output from Terrestrial Biogeochemistry Models ISLSCP_MODEL_NPP_1027 1
ISLSCP II Land and Water Masks with Ancillary Data ANCILLARY_1200 1
ISLSCP II Leaf Area Index (LAI) from Field Measurements, 1932-2000 ISLSCP_II_ORNL_LAI_971 1
ISLSCP II MODIS (Collection 4) Albedo, 2002 ISLSCP_II_MODIS_ALBEDO_2002_958 1
ISLSCP II MODIS (Collection 4) IGBP Land Cover, 2000-2001 ISLSCP_II_MODISLC_968 1
ISLSCP II Monthly Snow-Free Albedo, 1982-1998, and Background Soil Reflectance ISLSCPII_SNOWFREE_ALBEDO_956 1
ISLSCP II NOAA 5-year Average Monthly Snow-free Albedo from AVHRR ISLSCP_II_NOAA_ALBEDO_5yr_959 1
ISLSCP II Northern Hemisphere Monthly Snow Cover Extent ISLSCP_SNOW_COVER_XDEG_982 1
ISLSCP II Potential Natural Vegetation Cover ISLSCP_II_POT_VEG_961 1
ISLSCP II Reanalysis Near-Surface Meteorology Data NCEP_MET_1DEG_1226 1
ISLSCP II River Routing Data (STN-30p) ISLSCP_RIVER_ROUTING_1005 1
ISLSCP II Sea Surface Temperature ISLSCP_SEA_SURFACE_TEMP_980 1
ISLSCP II Snow-Free, Spatially Complete, 16 Day Albedo, 2002 ISLSCP_II_snofree_16day_albedo_960 1
ISLSCP II Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Radiation Data SRB_RADIATION_1D_1201 1
ISLSCP II Total Plant-Available Soil Water Storage Capacity of the Rooting Zone ISLSCP2_ROOT_STORAGE_CAPACITY_1006 1
ISLSCP II University of Maryland Global Land Cover Classifications, 1992-1993 ISLSCP_II_UMD_LC_969 1
In-situ Air Temperature and Relative Humidity in Greenbelt, MD, 2013-2015 Maryland_Temperature_Humidity_1319 1
Integrated Biosphere Simulator Model (IBIS), Version 2.5 model_ibis_808 1
JERS-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar, 100-m Mosaics, South America: 1995-1996, R1 JERS-1_SAR_GRFM_AMAZON_MOSAICS_1280 2
L2 Daily Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) from ERS-2 GOME, 1995-2003 ERS2_GOME_SIF_1758 1
LAI & PAR Data: Light Bar - KSU (FIFE) FIFE_LB_KSU_41 1
LAI & PAR Data: Light Bar - UNL (FIFE) FIFE_LB_UNL_42 1
LAI (Indirect): Light Wand - KSU (FIFE) FIFE_LIGHTWND_43 1
LBA Regional Boundary for the Amazon and Tocantins River Basins, 5-min lba_reg_basin_670 1
LBA Regional Boundary for the Legal Amazon of Brazil, 8-km lba_legal_amazon_671 1
LBA Regional Carbon in Live Vegetation, 0.5-degree (Olson) lba_olson_672 1
LBA Regional Climate Data, 0.5-Degree Grid, 1960-1990 (Willmott and Webber) lba_regional_climate_673 1
LBA Regional Derived Soil Properties, 0.5-Deg (ISRIC-WISE) lba_isric_wise_701 1
LBA Regional Freshwater Wetlands, 1-Degree (Stillwell-Soller et al.) lba_stillwell_674 1
LBA Regional Global Historical Climatology Network, V. 1, 1832-1990 lba_ghcn_v1_702 1
LBA Regional Historical Croplands, 5-min, 1900-1992 (Ramankutty and Foley) lba_croplands_675 1
LBA Regional Hydrographic Data, 1-Degree, Release 2.2 (Cogley) lba_cogley_676 1
LBA Regional Land Cover from AVHRR, 1-Degree, 1987 (Defries and Townshend) lba_avhrr_1deg_677 1
LBA Regional Land Cover from AVHRR, 1-km, 1992-1993 (Hansen et al.) lba_avhrr_1km_678 1
LBA Regional Land Cover from AVHRR, 1-km, Version 1.2 (IGBP) lba_avhrr_igbp_679 1
LBA Regional Land Cover from AVHRR, 8-km, 1984 (DeFries et al.) lba_avhrr_8km_680 1
LBA Regional Mean Climatology, 0.5-Deg, 1930-1960, V. 2.1 (Cramer and Leemans) lba_cramer_leemans_681 1
LBA Regional Monthly Climatology for the 20th Century (New et al.) lba_monthly_clim_682 1
LBA Regional Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Data (Zinke et al.) lba_zinke_683 1
LBA Regional Potential Vegetation, 5-min (Ramankutty and Foley) lba_pot_vege_684 1
LBA Regional River Discharge Data (Coe and Olejniczak) lba_cpep_685 1
LBA Regional Tree Cover from AVHRR, 1-km, 1992-1993 (DeFries et al.) lba_tree_cover_686 1
LBA Regional Vegetation and Soils, 1-Degree (Wilson and Henderson-Sellers) lba_veg_soils_687 1
LBA Regional Wetlands Data Set, 1-Degree (Matthews and Fung) lba_giss_688 1
LBA-ECO CD-01 Meteorological Data, Tapajos and Amazon Rivers, Santarem, Brazil: 2001 CD01_CIRSAN_METEOROLOGY_1114 1
LBA-ECO CD-01 Simulated Atmospheric Circulation, CO2 Variation, Tapajos: August 2001 LBA-ECO_CD01_BRAMS_907 1
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LBA-ECO CD-02 Leaf Level Gas Exchange, Chemistry, and Isotopes, Amazonia, Brazil LBA_CDO2_LEAF_GAS_EXCHANGE_1010 1
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LBA-ECO CD-02 Oxygen Isotopes of Plant Tissue Water and Atmospheric Water Vapor LBA_CDO2_O_H_ISOTOPES_1008 1
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LBA-ECO CD-03 Mesoscale Meteorological Data, Santarem Region, Para, Brazil: 1998-2006 MD_CD03_MESOSCALE_944 1
LBA-ECO CD-03 Nocturnal Meteorological Data, Forest and Pasture Sites, Para, Brazil CD03_TETHERED_BALLOON_1108 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 Biomass Survey, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil LBA-CD04_BIOMASS_KM83_990 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 CO2 Profiles, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest LBACD04CO2PROFILES_947 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 CO2 and Heat Flux, km 83 Gap Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD04_Tower_Flux_Gap_978 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 Dendrometry, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil LBA_CD04_DENDROMETRY_989 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 LAI Estimated from Photos, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD04_LAI_ESTIMATES_1103 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 Leaf Area Index, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil LBA_LAI_KM83_992 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 Leaf Litter Data, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil LBA_LEAF_LITTER_KM83_991 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 Leaf Photosynthesis and Respiration, Tapajos National Forest: 2000-2006 CD04_LEAF_LEVEL_GAS_EXCHANGE_1060 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 Logging Damage, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil CD04_LOGGING_DAMAGE_1038 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 Meteorological and Flux Data, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest LBACD04METFLUXES_946 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 Soil Moisture Data, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil CD04_SOILMOISTURE_979 1
LBA-ECO CD-04 Soil Respiration, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil CD04_SOIL_RESPIRATION_1039 1
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LBA-ECO CD-06 Amazon River Basin Land and Stream Drainage Direction Maps CD06_CAMREX_1086 1
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LBA-ECO CD-06 Flux of CO2 from Amazon Mainstem Rivers, Tributaries, and Floodplains CD06_OUTGASSING_1151 1
LBA-ECO CD-06 Isotopic Composition of Carbon Fractions, Amazon Basin River Water CD06_C_ISOTOPES_1120 1
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LBA-ECO CD-06 Soil Classification Map, Ji-Parana River Basin, Rondonia, Brazil CD06_SOILS_JIPARANA_1088 1
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LBA-ECO CD-07 GOES-8 L3 Gridded Surface Radiation and Rain Rate for Amazonia: 1999 LBAGOES8_L3SRB_831 1
LBA-ECO CD-08 Carbon Isotopes in Belowground Carbon Pools, Amazonas and Para, Brazil CD08_ISOTOPES_BELOWGROUND_1025 1
LBA-ECO CD-08 Coarse Wood Litter Respiration and Decomposition, Manaus, Brazil CD08_CWD_MANAUS_911 1
LBA-ECO CD-08 Leaf Carbon, Nitrogen, LAI, and Isotope Data, Manaus, Brazil: 2001 CD08_LEAF_ISOTOPES_MANAUS_1245 1
LBA-ECO CD-08 Radiocarbon Dates for Large Trees from a Forest near Manaus, Brazil CD08_RADIOCARBON_MANAUS_996 1
LBA-ECO CD-08 Radiocarbon Dating of Tree Ages in Amazonas, Acre, and Para in Brazil CD08_RADIOCARBON_DATES_997 1
LBA-ECO CD-08 Tree Diameter Measurements, Jacaranda Plots, Manaus, Brazil: 1999-2001 CD08_TREE_GROWTH_MANAUS_1194 1
LBA-ECO CD-08 Tree Inventory Data, Ducke Reserve, Manaus, Brazil: 1999 CD08_TI_DUCKE_910 1
LBA-ECO CD-08 Tropical Forest Ecosystem Respiration, Manaus, Brazil CD08_Ecosystem_Resp_Manaus_912 1
LBA-ECO CD-09 Soil and Vegetation Characteristics, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil CD09_SOILS_VEG_TAPAJOS_1104 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 CO Concentrations at km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD10_CO_TAPAJOS_856 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 CO, CO2 and Meteorological Data, Maxaranguape, Brazil LBA_CD10_MAXARANGUAPE_1012 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 CO2 Profiles at km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD10_CO2_PROFILES_855 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 CO2 and H2O Eddy Flux Data at km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD10_EDDYFLUX_TAPAJOS_860 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 Coarse Woody Debris Data at km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD10_CWD_TAPAJOS_858 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 Forest Litter Data for km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD10_LITTER_TAPAJOS_862 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 Ground-based Biometry Data at km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD10_BIOMETRY_TAPAJOS_854 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 H2O Profiles at km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD10_H2O_TAPAJOS_861 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 Temperature Profiles at km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD10_TEMPPRO_TAPAJOS_863 1
LBA-ECO CD-10 Tree DBH Measurements at the km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest CD10_DBH_TAPAJOS_859 1
LBA-ECO CD-11 Biophysical Measurements of Logged and Fire-Treated Forests, Brazil CD11_FOREST_DEGRADATION_1118 1
LBA-ECO CD-15 LAI and Productivity Data, km 67, Tapajos National Forest: 2003-2004 CD15_PRODUCTIVITY_1167 1
LBA-ECO CD-17 Secondary Forest Survey, Para and Rondonia, Brazil: 2002-2003 CD17_FOREST_SURVEY_1254 1
LBA-ECO CD-32 Flux Tower Network Data Compilation, Brazilian Amazon: 1999-2006 CD32_BRAZIL_FLUX_NETWORK_1174 1
LBA-ECO CD-32 LBA Model Intercomparison Project (LBA-MIP) Forcing Data CD32_LBA_MIP_DRIVERS_1177 1
LBA-ECO CD-34 Hyperion 30-m Surface Reflectance, Amazon Basin: 2002-2005 CD34_AMAZON_HYPERION_1064 1
LBA-ECO CD-34 Landsat Fractional Land Cover Analysis, Manaus, Brazil: 2004-2005 CD34_AMAZON_LANDSAT_1176 1
LBA-ECO CD-36 South American Land Data Assimilation System Atmospheric Forcing Data CD36_SALDAS_1162 1
LBA-ECO CD-37 Secondary Forest Biomass and Age Class, Rondonia, Brazil CD37_BIOMASS_LANDSAT_GLAS_1145 1
LBA-ECO LC-01 City, Community, and Road Maps, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon: 1990-2002 LC01_CITIES_COMMUNITIES_ROADS_1058 1
LBA-ECO LC-01 Hydrography, Morphology, Edaphology Maps, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon LC01_HYDROGRAPHY_EDAPHOLOGY_1059 1
LBA-ECO LC-01 Landsat MSS, TM, ETM+ Imagery, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon: 1973-2002 LC01_LANDSAT_1187 1
LBA-ECO LC-01 Landsat TM Land Use/Land Cover, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon: 1986-1999 LC01_LULC_CLASSES_ECUADOR_1084 1
LBA-ECO LC-01 National, Provincial, and Park Boundaries, Ecuador LC01_BOUNDARIES_ECUADOR_1057 1
LBA-ECO LC-01 Northern Ecuadorian Amazon Household Surveys, Summary Results: 1999 LC01_HOUSEHOLDS_NEC_1052 1
LBA-ECO LC-01 SRTM 90-Meter Digital Elevation Model, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon LC01_SRTM_DEM_1083 1
LBA-ECO LC-01 Topographic Data for Intensive Study Areas, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon LC01_TOPOGRAPHY_ECUADOR_1082 1
LBA-ECO LC-02 Biophysical Measurements of Forests, Acre, Brazil: 1999-2002 LC02_PERMPLOT_ACRE_1237 1
LBA-ECO LC-02 Daily Meteorological Data, Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil: 1970-2001 LC02_METEOROLOGY_ACRE_1091 1
LBA-ECO LC-02 Forest Flammability Data, Catuaba Experimental Farm, Acre, Brazil: 1998 LC02_FOREST_FLAMMABILITY_ACRE_1089 1
LBA-ECO LC-02 GOES-08 Hot Pixel Data from Acre, Brazil: 1998, 2000, and 2001 LC02_GOES_HOTPIXEL_ACRE_1092 1
LBA-ECO LC-02 Groundwater Levels, Catuaba Experimental Farm, Acre, Brazil: 1999-2004 LC02_WATER_TABLE_ACRE_1062 1
LBA-ECO LC-02 Hot Pixel Fire Indicator Data for Tri-national MAP Region: 2003-2006 LC02_MAP_FIRE_INDICATORS_1044 1
LBA-ECO LC-02 Tributary Coordinates, Acre River, Tri-national River Basin: 2003-2004 LC02_STREAMS_ACRE_1243 1
LBA-ECO LC-03 Hypsography, Rivers, Roads, and DEM, Four Areas across Brazilian Amazon LC03_HYPSOGRAPHY_DEM_1094 1
LBA-ECO LC-03 SAR Images, Land Cover, and Biomass, Four Areas across Brazilian Amazon LC03_SAR_LC_BIOMASS_1093 1
LBA-ECO LC-04 IBIS Model Simulations for the Amazon and Tocantins Basins: 1921-1998 LC04_IBIS_MODEL_1139 1
LBA-ECO LC-04 Macrohydrological Routing Data for the Amazon and Tocantins River Basin LC04_MACROHYDROLOGY_1048 1
LBA-ECO LC-04 Satellite/Census-Based 5-Minute Land Use Data, Amazonia: 1980 and 1995 LC04_LANDUSE_5MIN_906 1
LBA-ECO LC-04 THMB Model Simulations for the Amazon and Tocantins Basins: 1939-1998 LC04_THMB-HYDRA_MODEL_1138 1
LBA-ECO LC-05 Biomass and Soil Properties of Fragmented Forests, Amazonas, Brazil LC05_BDFF_BIOMASS_SOILS_1040 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Amazon Floodplain Lake Chlorophyll from MODIS, Para, Brazil: 2002-2003 LC07_LAKE_CHLORO_1000 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Aquatic Marcophyte Biomass, Monte Alegre Lake, Para, Brazil: 2003-2004 LC07_BIOMASS_LGRANDE_1127 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Bathymetric Survey of Floodplain Lake, Lago Curuai, Para, Brazil: 2004 LC07_BATHYMETRY_CURUAI_999 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 CO2 and CH4 Flux from Wetlands, Negro River Basin, Brazil: 2004-2006 LC07_WETLANDS_FLUXES_1209 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Lake Sediment Nutrient Data, Lago Calado, Brazil: 1982-1984 LC07_LAKE_NUTRIENT_SEDIMENTS_1050 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Methane Releases from Two Amazon Hydroreservoirs, Brazil: 2000-2001 LC07_RESERVOIR_METHANE_1047 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Balbina Reservoir, Brazil LC07_RESERVOIR_GHG_1143 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Monthly Inundated Areas, Amazon, Orinoco and Pantanal Basins: 1978-1987 LC07_SMMR_INUNDATED_AREA_1051 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Monthly Mean Flooded Wetlands Habitat, Central Amazon Basin: 1979-1996 LC07_MONTHLY_INUNDATED_AREAS_1049 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Reflectance Spectra and Water Quality of Amazon Basin Floodplain Lakes LC07_SPECTRORADIOMETRY_1144 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Validation Overflight for Amazon Mosaics, Raster, 1999 LC07_Airborne_Rasters_1274 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Validation Overflight for Amazon Mosaics, Video, 1999 LC07_AIRBORNE_VIDEOGRAPHY_1272 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Water Quality, CO2, Chlorophyll, Lago Curuai, Para, Brazil: 2003-2004 LC07_CURUAI_CHL_1134 1
LBA-ECO LC-07 Wetland Extent, Vegetation, and Inundation: Lowland Amazon Basin LC07_AMAZON_WETLANDS_1284 2
LBA-ECO LC-08 Ecosystem Demography Model Estimated C, NPP, and Biomass For Amazonia LC08_ECOSYSTEM_DYNAMICS_MODEL_1102 1
LBA-ECO LC-08 Passive Ground-based Fire Data, Para and Mato Grosso Brazil: 2001-2002 LC08_FIRE_OBSERVATIONS_1095 1
LBA-ECO LC-08 Soil, Vegetation, and Land Cover Maps for Brazil and South America LC08_EOS_Maps_1155 1
LBA-ECO LC-09 Daily Precipitation for Altamira and Santarem, Para, Brazil: 1961-1998 LBA_LC09_PRECIP_940 1
LBA-ECO LC-09 Land Cover Transitions Maps for Study Sites in Para, Brazil: 1970-2001 LC09_TRANSITION_MATRICES_1098 1
LBA-ECO LC-09 Landsat TM and ETM+ Data, Sites in Rondonia and Para, Brazil: 1985-2004 LC09_LANDSAT_987 1
LBA-ECO LC-09 Natural, Infrastructure, and Boundary Features, Amazonian Sites, Brazil LBA_LC09_GIS_STUDY_AREAS_986 1
LBA-ECO LC-09 Soil Composition and Structure in the Brazilian Amazon: 1992-1995 LBA_LC09_SOIL_938 1
LBA-ECO LC-09 Vegetation Composition and Structure in the Brazilian Amazon: 1992-1995 LBA_LC09_VEG_939 1
LBA-ECO LC-10 Landsat TM Data for Legal Amazon: 1986-1994 LBA_LC10_TM1986-94_852 1
LBA-ECO LC-10 Orthorectified Landsat ETM+ Data for Legal Amazon: 1999-2001 LBA-ECO_LC10_ETM_846 1
LBA-ECO LC-13 GIS Coverages of Logged Areas, Cauaxi, Para, Brazil: 1996, 1998 LC13CAUAXI_890 1
LBA-ECO LC-13 GIS Coverages of Logged Areas, Juruena, Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2002 LC13JURUENA_888 1
LBA-ECO LC-13 GIS Coverages of Logged Areas, Tapajos Forest, Para, Brazil: 1996, 1998 LC13TAPAJOS_893 1
LBA-ECO LC-14 Biophysical Measurements, Rainfall Exclusion, Tapajos National Forest LC14_ABOVEGROUND_PROD_1196 1
LBA-ECO LC-14 Modeled Deforestation Scenarios, Amazon Basin: 2002-2050 LC14_AMAZON_SCENARIOS_1153 1
LBA-ECO LC-14 Modeled Soil and Plant Water Balance, Amazon Basin, 1995-2001 LC14_RISQUE_1147 1
LBA-ECO LC-14 Root Biomass and Phenology, km 67 Site, Para, Brazil: 2001 LC14_SURFACE_ROOTS_PHENOLOGY_1268 1
LBA-ECO LC-14 Specific Leaf Area and Phenology, km 67 Site, Para, Brazil: 2001-2006 LC14_REE_SLA_1211 1
LBA-ECO LC-15 Aerodynamic Roughness Maps of Vegetation Canopies, Amazon Basin: 2000 LC15_ROUGHNESS_MAP_1182 1
LBA-ECO LC-15 Amazon Basin Aboveground Live Biomass Distribution Map: 1990-2000 LC15_AGLB_908 1
LBA-ECO LC-15 JERS-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar, 1- km Mosaic, Amazon Basin: 1995-1996 LC15_GRFM_MOSAIC_1024 1
LBA-ECO LC-15 NDVI Composite Images of the Amazon Basin: 1999-2000 LC15_SPOT_METRICS_1239 1
LBA-ECO LC-15 SRTM30 Digital Elevation Model Data, Amazon Basin: 2000 LC15_SRTM_TOPOGRAPHY_1181 1
LBA-ECO LC-15 Vegetation Cover Types from MODIS, 1-km, Amazon Basin: 2000-2001 LC15_MODIS_TREECOVER_1035 1
LBA-ECO LC-18 Hyperion 30-m Surface Reflectance, Mato Grosso, Brazil: July 2004 LC18HYPERION_889 1
LBA-ECO LC-19 Soil and Vegetation Data for Cerrado and Forested Sites, Brazil: 2002 LC19_FIELD_2002_1261 1
LBA-ECO LC-21 Brazilian Amazon Fractional Land Cover Images: 1999-2002 LC21_FRACTIONAL_COVER_1152 1
LBA-ECO LC-21 Foliar Nutrients, Logged Areas, Tapajos Forest, Para, Brazil: 2003 LC21_FOLIAR_NUTRIENTS_1234 1
LBA-ECO LC-21 Selective Logging Activity in the Brazilian Amazon: 1999-2002 LC21_SELECTIVE_LOGGING_1172 1
LBA-ECO LC-21 Soil Characteristics, Logged Areas, Tapajos Forest, Para, Brazil: 2003 LC21_SOIL_CHARACTERISTICS_1236 1
LBA-ECO LC-22 Field Validation of MODIS Deforestation Detection, Brazil, 2003-2004 LC22_MODIS_FIELD_VAL_2004_1262 1
LBA-ECO LC-22 Field Validation of MODIS Deforestation Detection, Brazil, 2005 LC22_MODIS_FIELD_VAL_2005_1260 1
LBA-ECO LC-22 Land Cover from MODIS Vegetation Indices, Mato Grosso, Brazil LC22_MODIS_PHENOLOGY_1185 1
LBA-ECO LC-22 Post-deforestation Land Use, Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2001-2005 LC22_POST_DEFORESTATION_LULC_1099 1
LBA-ECO LC-22 Vegetation Cover Types from MODIS, 500-m, South America: 2000-2001 LC22_MODIS_VCF_TREE_COVER_1112 1
LBA-ECO LC-23 ASTER and MODIS Fire Data Comparison for Brazil: 2003-2004 LBA-ECO_LC23_AMFD_839 1
LBA-ECO LC-23 Characterization of Vegetation Fire Dynamics for Brazil: 2001-2003 lba_lc23_vfd_843 1
LBA-ECO LC-23 Vegetation Fire Data, Roraima , Brazil: 2003 LC23_VFD_2003_887 1
LBA-ECO LC-24 AVHRR Derived Fire Occurrence, 5-km Resolution, Amazonia: 2001 LBA_AVHRR_BFP_882 1
LBA-ECO LC-24 Cadastral Property Map of Uruara, Para, Brazil: ca.1975 LC24_CADASTRAL_MAP_PARA_1042 1
LBA-ECO LC-24 Forest Cover Map from MODIS, 500-m, South America: 2001 LC24_MODIS_Forest_Cover_500-m_1056 2
LBA-ECO LC-24 Historical Roads of the Legal Amazon: 1968-1993 LC24_HISTORICAL_ROADS_AMAZON_1043 1
LBA-ECO LC-24 Land Cover Classes from Landsat TM, Uruara, Para: 1986-1991 LC24_LAND_COVER_URUARA_PARA_1053 1
LBA-ECO LC-24 Landsat ETM+ Forest Cover Classification, Uruara, Para, Brazil: 1999 LC24_ETM_DEFORESTATION_MAP_1054 1
LBA-ECO LC-24 Landsat TM and ETM+ Land Cover, Southern Para, Brazil: 1984-2003 LC24_LAND_COVER_SOUTHERN_PARA_1055 1
LBA-ECO LC-31 Historical Land-Use in the Amazon: 1940-1995 LC31_AMZ_HISTORICAL_LU_1170 1
LBA-ECO LC-31 Simple Tropical Ecosystem Model LC31_SITE_1173 1
LBA-ECO LC-35 GOES Imager Active Fire Detection Data, South America: 2000-2005 LC35_GOES_WF_ABBA_1180 1
LBA-ECO LC-35 Landsat ETM+ Derived Active Fire Masks, Brazilian Amazon: 2001-2003 LC35_LANDSAT7_FIRE_MASKS_1071 1
LBA-ECO LC-39 MODIS Active Fire and Frequency Data for South America: 2000-2007 LC39_MODIS_FIRE_SA_1186 1
LBA-ECO LC-39 Modeled Carbon Flux from Deforestation, Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2000-2006 LC39_DECAF_MODEL_1190 1
LBA-ECO ND-01 Forest and Pasture Soil and Grass Analyses, Rondonia, Brazil: 2003-2004 ND01_PASTURE_NUTRIENTS_1135 1
LBA-ECO ND-01 Fractional Land Cover Images, Rondonia, Brazil: 1984-2000 ND01_SPECTRAL_MIXTURE_MODELS_1188 1
LBA-ECO ND-01 Georegistered Landsat Imagery for Rondonia, Brazil: 1975-2000 ND01_REGISTERED_TM_MSS_1197 1
LBA-ECO ND-01 Land Cover Classification, Rondonia, Brazil: 1975-2000 ND01_LAND_COVER_MAPS_1259 1
LBA-ECO ND-01 Landsat 28.5-m Land Cover Time Series, Rondonia, Brazil: 1984-2010 ND01_GEORECTIFIED_PRODUCTS_1165 1
LBA-ECO ND-01 Primary Forests Land Cover Transition Maps, Rondonia, Brazil: 1975-1999 ND01_AGE_MAPS_1184 1
LBA-ECO ND-01 Reflectance and Biophysical Measures, Grass Pastures: Rondonia, Brazil ND01_PASTURE_SPECTRA_1154 1
LBA-ECO ND-01 Streamwater and Watershed Characteristics, Rondonia, Brazil: 1998-1999 ND01_STREAM_CHEMISTRY_1119 1
LBA-ECO ND-01 Watershed Deforestation from Landsat TM Series, Rondonia, Brazil: 1999 ND01_WATERSHED_DEFOR_1159 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Agricultural and Secondary Forest Soil Trace Gas Flux, Para: 2001-2004 LBA_ASFSTGF_PARA_950 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 CO2 Flux from Soils in Forests and Pastures, Acre, Brazil: 1999-2001 ND02_SOIL_CO2_FLUX_1066 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Cation Leaching from Forest and Pasture Soils, Para, Brazil ND02_SOIL_EXTRACTS_1074 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Landsat Imagery, Para, Brazil: 1984, 1994, and 1999 ND02_LANDSAT_TM_MSS_PARA_1156 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Saturated Soil Hydraulic Conductivity, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil ND02_SOIL_HYDRAULIC_CONDUCT_1075 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Secondary Forest Small Stem, Non-Woody Biomass, Para, Brazil: 1999-2005 ND02_NON_WOODY_BIOMASS_1115 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Secondary Forest Tree Heights and Diameters, Para, Brazil: 1999-2005 LBA_ND02_THDBH_951 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Soil Gas Flux, Rainfall Exclusion, km 67, Tapajos National Forest LBA_REE_955 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Soil Gas and Water Content, Rainfall Exclusion, Tapajos National Forest ND02_SOIL_GASES_REE_1117 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Soil Trace Gas Fluxes in Eastern Amazonia, Para, Brazil: 1999-2003 LBA_ND02_SGF_Apeu_953 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Soil Volumetric Water Content, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil ND02_REE_SOIL_VWC_1061 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Stream Water Chemistry, Paragominas, Para, Brazil: 1999-2005 ND02_WATER_CHEMISTRY_PARAGOMIN_1067 1
LBA-ECO ND-02 Trace Gas Flux from Forest Soil, Para, Brazil : 1999-2001 LBA_FERT_954 1
LBA-ECO ND-03 Forest and Pasture Watershed Hydrochemistry, Rondonia, Brazil ND03_FLOWPATH_CHEMISTRY_1076 1
LBA-ECO ND-03 Stream and Soil Water Data, Fazenda Nova Vida, Rondonia: 1994-2001 ND03_STREAMS_SOILWATER_1113 1
LBA-ECO ND-04 Pasture Soil Water and Precipitation, Km 54, Manaus, Brazil: 1999-2001 ND04_SOIL_H2O_MANAUS_1246 1
LBA-ECO ND-04 Secondary Forest Carbon and Nutrient Stocks, Central Amazonia, Brazil ND04_C_NUTRIENT_STOCKS_1069 1
LBA-ECO ND-04 Secondary Forest Recovery, Structure, and LAI, Central Amazonia, Brazil ND04_SECONDARY_FOREST_RECOVERY_1068 1
LBA-ECO ND-04 Termite Mound and Soil Characterization, Amazonas, Brazil: 1999-2001 ND04_TERMITE_MOUNDS_1072 1
LBA-ECO ND-06 Land Use Effects on Soil Nutrients: A Review of Studies 1950-2001 ND06_LANDUSE_STUDIES_1130 1
LBA-ECO ND-07 Carbon and Nitrogen in Cerrado Plants and Soils, Brasilia: 1999-2000 ND07_15N_LEAVES_SOIL_1121 1
LBA-ECO ND-07 Hydrochemistry of Natural and Developed Land Cover, Brasilia, Brazil LBA_ND07_STREAMWATER_CHEMISTRY_1018 1
LBA-ECO ND-07 Microbial Biomass in Cerrado Soils, Brasilia, Brazil LBA_ND07_PLFA_SOILS_1017 1
LBA-ECO ND-07 Nitric Oxide Flux from Cerrado Soils, Brasilia, Brazil: 2004 ND07_NO_FLUX_CERRADO_1124 1
LBA-ECO ND-07 Trace Gas Fluxes Under Multiple Land Uses, Brazil: 1999-2004 LBA_ND07_TRACE_GAS_LAND_USE_1016 1
LBA-ECO ND-08 Biomass, Nutrients, and Decomposition in Eucalyptus and Primary Forests ND08_BIOMASS_JARI_1148 1
LBA-ECO ND-08 Soil Respiration, Soil Fractions, Carbon and Nitrogen, Para, Brazil ND08_SOIL_RESPIRATION_1250 1
LBA-ECO ND-10 Soil Properties of Pasture Chronosequences, Para, Brazil: 1997 ND10_SOIL_CHEMISTRY_1171 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Ecotone Vegetation Survey and Biomass, NW Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2004 ND11_ECOTONE_VEG_964 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Forest Damage Following Reduced Impact Logging, NW Mato Grosso, Brazil ND11_LOGGING_DAMAGE_MT_977 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Forest Soil Structure and Nitrate, NW Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2004-2005 ND11_SNM_MT_976 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Litter Decomposition, Carbon, and Nitrogen Dynamics in Agroforestry LBA_ND11_NTLL_915 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Organic Carbon Watershed Exports, Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2003-2004 ND11_CPOM_913 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Pre-harvest Forest Tree and Liana Biomass, NW Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2003 LBA_ND11_TVBIOMASS_922 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Regeneration in Undisturbed and Logged Forests, NW Mato Grosso, Brazil ND11_REGENERATION_965 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Soil Properties of Forested Headwater Catchments, Mato Grosso, Brazil LBA_ND11_SPFHC_914 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Soil Water Pressure and Flow Measurements under Tree Crops lba_nd11_swp_851 1
LBA-ECO ND-11 Stream Carbon and Nutrients, Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2003-2006 LBA_ND11_Stream_921 1
LBA-ECO ND-30 Fractional Cover of Mixed Land Use Ranches, Para and Rondonia, Brazil ND30_PASTURE_DEGRADATION_1164 1
LBA-ECO ND-30 Nutrient Analysis and Gas Fluxes, Forest Chronosequences, Para, Brazil ND30_LITTER_PARA_1129 1
LBA-ECO ND-30 Water Chemistry, Rainfall Exclusion, km 67, Tapajos National Forest ND30_REE_WATER_CHEMISTRY_1131 1
LBA-ECO TG-02 Biogenic VOC Emissions from Brazilian Amazon Forest and Pasture Sites TG02_Balloon_VOC_1110 1
LBA-ECO TG-03 Aeronet Aerosol Optical Thickness Measurements, Brazil: 1993-2005 TG03_AERONET_AOT_1128 1
LBA-ECO TG-03 Solar Surface Irradiance and PAR, Brazilian Amazon: 1999-2004 TG03_AERONET_SOLAR_FLUX_1137 1
LBA-ECO TG-05 NPP, Carbon Pool, Soil Characteristics, Soil Gas Flux Maps of Brazil TG05_CASA_1199 1
LBA-ECO TG-06 Vertical Profiles of Atmospheric Trace Gases over the Amazon Basin TG06_VERTICAL_PROFILES_1175 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Fallen and Standing Necromass, Tapajos, Cauaxi, Juruena Forests, Brazil LBA_TG07_NECROMASS_998 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Forest Soil P, C, and N Pools, km 83 Site, Tapajos National Forest TG07_SOIL_NUTRIENTS_1085 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Forest Structure Measurements for GLAS Validation: Santarem 2004 LBA-ECO_TG07_FSM_836 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Ground-based Biometry Data at km 83 Site, Tapajos National Forest: 1997 LBA_TG07_BBD_923 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Litter Decomposition, Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil: 2000-2001 LBA_TG07_LDTNF_925 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Long-Term Soil Gas Flux and Root Mortality, Tapajos National Forest TG07_ROOT_MORTALITY_LONGTERM_1116 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Seasonal Trace Gas Profiles in Brazilian Amazon Forests: 2004-2005 TG07_TRACE_GAS_PROFILES_1107 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Soil CO2 Flux by Automated Chamber, Para, Brazil: 2001-2003 LBA_TG07_SCO2AC_927 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Soil Trace Gas Flux and Root Mortality, Tapajos National Forest LBA_TG07_STGFARM_924 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Soil Trace Gas Fluxes km 67 Seca-Floresta Site, Tapajos National Forest TG07_MANUAL_FLUX_1026 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Trace Gas Fluxes, Undisturbed and Logged Sites, Para, Brazil: 2000-2002 LBA_TG07_TGF_926 1
LBA-ECO TG-07 Tree Geometry in an Undisturbed Forest in Cauaxi, Para, Brazil TG07_DBH_CAUAXI_1063 1
LBA-ECO TG-08 Soil Gas Flux after Forest and Pasture Fertilization, Rondonia, Brazil TG08_SOIL_GAS_FERTILIZATION_1105 1
LBA-ECO TG-08 Trace Gas Fluxes from Wetted Forest and Pasture Soils, Rondonia, Brazil TG08_SOIL_GAS_WETTING_1101 1
LBA-ECO TG-09 Soil Isotopic C, N, H2O, and N2O Data, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil LBA_TG09_N2O_SOILS_1013 1
LBA-ECO TG-10 Fire Emission Factors in Mato Grosso, Para, and Amazonas, Brazil: 2004 TG10_TROFFEE_1195 1
LBA-HMET PC-06 ECMWF Modeled Precipitation and Surface Flux, Rondonia, Brazil: 1999 PC06_ECMWF_LBA_1141 1
LINKAGES: An Individual-based Forest Ecosystem Biogeochemistry Model LINKAGES_1166 1
LUH2-ISIMIP2b Harmonized Global Land Use for the Years 2015-2100 Land_Use_Harmonization_V2_1721 1
Land Cover and Ecosystem Map Collection for Northern Alaska Northern_Alaska_Veg_Maps_1359 1
Land Cover and Land Use Classification for the State of New Hampshire, 1996-2001 New_Hampshire_Landcover_1305 1
Land Cover and Vegetation Map Collection for Seward Peninsula, Alaska Seward_Peninsula_Veg_Maps_1363 1
Land Cover and Vegetation Map, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Arctic_Wildlife_Refuge_Veg_Map_1384 1
Land Surface Model (LSM 1.0) for Ecological, Hydrological, Atmospheric Studies lsm_807 1
Landsat-based Phenology and Tree Ring Characterization, Eastern US Forests, 1984-2013 Dendrophenology_Eastern_US_1369 1
Landsat-derived Spring and Autumn Phenology, Eastern US - Canadian Forests, 1984-2013 Phenology_Deciduous_Forest_1570 1
Leaf Angle Data (FIFE) FIFE_LEAF_ANG_44 1
Leaf Area Index Data (OTTER) OTTER_LAI_45 1
Leaf Area Index Maps at 30-m Resolution, Selected Sites, Canada global_vegetation_LAI_Canada_816 1
Leaf Area Index Maps at 30-m Resolution, VALERI Site, Larose, Canada LAI_MAPS_30M_VALERISITE_829 1
Leaf Chemistry, 1992-1993 (ACCP) ACCP_LEAFCHEM_421 1
Leaf Photosynthesis Rates (FIFE) FIFE_PHO_LEAF_46 1
Leaf Reflectances: LICOR (OTTER) OTTER_LICOR_47 1
Leaf Reflectances: Perkin-Elmer (OTTER) OTTER_PERKIN_ELMER_48 1
LiDAR Data, DEM, and Maximum Vegetation Height Product from Southern Idaho, 2014 LiDAR_Veg_Ht_Idaho_1532 1
LiDAR Derived Biomass, Canopy Height and Cover for Tri-State (MD, PA, DE) Region, V2 CMS_LiDAR_Biomass_MD_PA_DE_1538 2
LiDAR Derived Forest Aboveground Biomass Maps, Northwestern USA, 2002-2016 Forest_AGB_NW_USA_1766 1
LiDAR Surveys over Selected Forest Research Sites, Brazilian Amazon, 2008-2018 LiDAR_Forest_Inventory_Brazil_1644 1
LiDAR and DTM Data from Forested Land Near Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, 2008 Forested_Areas_Amazonas_Brazil_1515 1
LiDAR and DTM Data from Tapajos National Forest in Para, Brazil, 2008 Forested_Areas_Para_Brazil_1514 1
LiDAR and PALSAR-Derived Forest Aboveground Biomass, Paragominas, Para, Brazil, 2012 Estimated_Biomass_Stock_Amazon_1648 1
LiDAR-Derived Aboveground Biomass and Uncertainty for California Forests, 2005-2014 CMS_LiDAR_AGB_California_1537 1
LiDAR-based Biomass Estimates, Boreal Forest Biome, Eurasia, 2005-2006 EURASIA_BIOME_1278 1
LiDAR-derived Vegetation Canopy Structure, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 2011 GSMNP_Vegetation_Structure_R1_1286 1.2
Literature-Derived Parameters for the BIOME-BGC Terrestrial Ecosystem Model white_parameters_652 1
Location and Permanency of Water Bodies in the African Sahel Region from 2003-2011 SAHEL_WATER_BODIES_1269 1
Long-Term Arctic Growing Season NDVI Trends from GIMMS 3g, 1982-2012 GIMMS3G_NDVI_TRENDS_1275 1
Longwave Radiation Data: UNL (FIFE) FIFE_LONG_RAD_49 1
Lund-Potsdam-Jena Wetland Hydrology and Methane DGV Model (LPJ-WHyMe v1.3.1) LPJ-WHYME_v1-3-1_1150 1
MAPSS: Mapped Atmosphere-Plant-Soil System Model, Version 1.0 mapssv1_853 1
MMR Calibration Data (FIFE) FIFE_MMR_CALB_51 1
MMR Ground Data (FIFE) FIFE_MMR_GRND_52 1
MMR Helicopter Data (FIFE) FIFE_MMR_HELO_53 1
MMR Leaf Optical Properties Data (FIFE) FIFE_MMR_LEAF_54 1
MODIS Collection 6 Land Product Subsets Web Service MODIS_Web_Service_C6_1557 1
MODIS NDVI Data, Smoothed and Gap-filled, for the Conterminous US: 2000-2015 US_MODIS_NDVI_1299 3
MODIS and VIIRS Land Product Subsets RESTful Web Service MODIS_Web_Service_C6_V2_1600 1.1
MODIS and VIIRS Land Products Fixed Sites Subsetting and Visualization Tool MODIS_Fixed_Sites_C6_1567 1.1
MODIS and VIIRS Land Products Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool MODIS_Global_C6_1379 1.1
MODIS-derived Biophysical Parameters for 5-km Land Cover, North America, 2000-2012 NA_MODIS_SURFACE_BIOPHYSICS_1210 1
MODIS-derived Vegetation and Albedo Parameters for Agroecosystem-Climate Modeling US_MODIS_Veg_Parameters_1539 1
Maps of Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Imnavait Creek, Alaska Imnavait_Creek_Veg_Maps_1385 1
Maps of Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Kuparuk River Basin, Alaska Kuparuk_Veg_Maps_1378 1
Maps of Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska Toolik_Lake_Area_Veg_Maps_1380 1
Maps of Vegetation, NDVI, Snow and Thaw Depths: North Slope, Alaska and NWT, Canada North_Slope_Transect_Veg_Maps_1386 1
Mean Annual Fluxes of Carbon in Coastal Ecosystems of Eastern North America Coastal_Carbon_Budget_NE_US_1594 1
Mechanistic Module for Soil Nitrogen Emissions for CMAQ Model, North America, 2011 CMAQ-N_Module_1661 1
Meteorology (OTTER) OTTER_MET_50 1
Methane Plumes Derived from AVIRIS-NG over Point Sources across California, 2016-2017 CH4_Plume_AVIRIS-NG_1727 1
Monthly Climate Data for Selected USGS HCDN Sites, 1951-1990, R1 hydro_hcdn_810 1
Mowing Experiment Biophys. Data (FIFE) FIFE_MOW_BIOP_55 1
Mowing Experiment Exotech Data (FIFE) FIFE_MOW_EXO_56 1
NACP Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Baseline Data, V.2 (NBCD 2000), U.S.A., 2000 NBCD2000_V2_1161 2
NACP Biome-BGC Modeled Ecosystem Carbon Balance, Pacific Northwest, USA, 1986-2010 NACP_PNW_Carbon_Balance_1317 1
NACP Forest Age Maps at 1-km Resolution for Canada (2004) and the U.S.A. (2006) NA_TREEAGE_1096 1
NACP Greenhouse Gases Multi-Source Data Compilation, 2000-2009 NACP_GHG_DATA_COMPILATION_1206 1
NACP Integrated Wildland and Cropland 30-m Fuel Characteristics Map, U.S.A., 2010 NACP_WILD_CROPLAND_FUEL_MAP_1163 1
NACP LiDAR-based Biomass Estimates, Boreal Forest Biome, North America, 2005-2006 NACP_BOREAL_BIOME_BIOMASS_1273 1
NACP MCI: CO2 Emissions Inventory, Upper Midwest Region, USA., 2007 NACP_MCI_CO2_INVENTORY_1205 1
NACP MCI: CO2 Flux from Inversion Modeling, Upper Midwest Region, USA, 2007 NACP_MCI_CO2_INVERSIONS_1204 1
NACP MCI: Cropland Productivity and Biophysical Properties, Nebraska, USA, 2001-2008 NACP_MCI_CROP_GPP_1217 1
NACP MCI: Tower Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations, Upper Midwest Region, USA, 2007-2009 NACP_MCI_CO2_MEASUREMENTS_1202 1
NACP MsTMIP Summary of Model Structure and Characteristics NACP_MSTMIP_MODEL_STRUCTURE_1228 1
NACP MsTMIP: Global 0.5-degree Model Outputs in Standard Format, Version 1.0 NACP_MsTMIP_TBMO_1225 1
NACP MsTMIP: Global and North American Driver Data for Multi-Model Intercomparison NACP_MSTMIP_MODEL_DRIVER_1220 1
NACP MsTMIP: Unified North American Soil Map NACP_MSTMIP_UNIFIED_NA_SOIL_MA_1242 1
NACP NAFD Project: Forest Disturbance History from Landsat, 1986-2010 NAFD-NEX_Forest_Disturbance_1290 1
NACP New England and Sierra National Forests Biophysical Measurements: 2008-2010 NACP_FOREST_BIOPHYSICAL_1046 1
NACP North American 8-km Net Ecosystem Exchange and Component Fluxes, 2004 NACP_MODELED_NEE_NEP_FLUXES_1203 1
NACP North American Forest Dynamics Project: Forest Disturbance and Regrowth Data NAFD_DISTURBANCE_1077 1
NACP Peatland Land Cover Map of Upper Peninsula, Michigan, 2007-2011 NACP_Peatland_Land_Cover_MI_1513 1
NACP Peatland Landcover Type and Wildfire Burn Severity Maps, Alberta, Canada NACP_PEATLAND_BURN-SEVERITY_1283 1
NACP Regional: Gridded 1-deg Observation Data and Biosphere and Inverse Model Outputs NACP_REGIONAL_OBS_MODEL_GRID_1157 1
NACP Regional: National Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Aggregated Gridded Model Data NACP_REGIONAL_MODEL_GHG_AGGR_1179 1
NACP Regional: Original Observation Data and Biosphere and Inverse Model Outputs NACP_REGIONAL_OBS_MODEL_ORIG_1193 1
NACP Regional: Supplemental Gridded Observations, Biosphere and Inverse Model Outputs NACP_REGIONAL_OBS_MODEL_SUPPL_1158 1
NACP Site: Terrestrial Biosphere Model Output Data in Original Format NACP_SITE_MODEL_DATA_ORIG_FMT_1192 1
NACP Site: Terrestrial Biosphere Model and Aggregated Flux Data in Standard Format NACP_SITE_MODEL_FLUX_STD_FMT_1183 1
NACP Site: Tower Meteorology, Flux Observations with Uncertainty, and Ancillary Data NACP_SITE_TOWER_MET_AND_FLUX_1178 1
NACP Soil Organic Matter of Burned Boreal Black Spruce Forests, Alaska, 2009-2011 NACP_BlackSpruce_Burn-Severity_1331 1
NACP TERRA-PNW: Forest Plant Traits, NPP, Biomass, and Soil Properties, 1999-2014 NACP_TERRA-PNW_1292 1
NACP VPRM NEE Parameters Optimized to North American Flux Tower Sites, 2000-2006 VPRM_North_America_Parameters_1349 1
NACP Woody Vegetation Characteristics of 1,039 Sites across North Slope, Alaska, V2 NACP_Woody_Veg_N_Slope_AK_V2_1365 2
NACP: Forest Carbon Stocks, Fluxes and Productivity Estimates, Western USA, 1979-2099 NACP_Forest_Conservation_1662 1
NACP: MODIS Daily Land Incident 4-km PAR Images For North America, 2003-2005 MODIS_PAR_1140 1
NACP: Urban Greenhouse Gases across the CO2 Urban Synthesis and Analysis Network NACP_Urban_C_Data_1743 1
NMC Upper Air Derived Data (FIFE) FIFE_NMC_UPR_57 1
NOAA Regional Surface Data (FIFE) FIFE_NOAA_SUR_58 1
NPP Boreal Forest: Canal Flats, Canada, 1984, R1 NPP_CNL_465 2
NPP Boreal Forest: Consistent Worldwide Site Estimates, 1965-1995, R1 NPP_BOREAL_611 2
NPP Boreal Forest: Flakaliden, Sweden, 1986-1996, R1 NPP_FLK_201 2
NPP Boreal Forest: Jadraas, Sweden, 1973-1983, R1 NPP_JDR_202 2
NPP Boreal Forest: Kuusamo, Finland, 1967-1972, R1 NPP_KSM_466 2
NPP Boreal Forest: Mississagi, Canada, 1969-1973, R1 NPP_MSS_572 2
NPP Boreal Forest: Schefferville, Canada, 1974, R1 NPP_SCH_573 2
NPP Boreal Forest: Siberian Scots Pine Forests, Russia, 1968-1974, R1 NPP_SSP_467 2
NPP Boreal Forest: Superior National Forest, USA, 1983-1984, R1 NPP_SNF_190 2
NPP Cropland: Gridded Estimates For the Central USA, 1982-1996, R1 npp_cropland_612 2
NPP Grassland: Badkhyz, Turkmenistan, 1948-1982, R1 NPP_BDK_203 2
NPP Grassland: Beacon Hill, U.K., 1972-1993, R1 BCN_NPP_204 2
NPP Grassland: Bridger, USA, 1970-1973, R1 BRD_NPP_205 2
NPP Grassland: Calabozo, Venezuela, 1969-1987, R1 CLB_NPP_206 2
NPP Grassland: Canas, Costa Rica, 1969-1970, R1 NPP_CNS_191 2
NPP Grassland: Central Plains Experimental Range (SGS), USA, 1939-1990, R1 NPP_CPR_145 2
NPP Grassland: Charleville, Australia, 1973-1974, R1 NPP_CHR_468 2
NPP Grassland: Consistent Worldwide Site Estimates, 1954-1990, R1 npp_grassland_613 2
NPP Grassland: Dickinson, USA, 1970, R1 DCK_NPP_207 2
NPP Grassland: Dzhanybek, Kazakhstan, 1955-1989, R1 NPP_DZH_192 2
NPP Grassland: Hays, USA, 1970, R1 HYS_NPP_208 2
NPP Grassland: Jornada, USA, 1970-1972, R1 JRN_NPP_209 2
NPP Grassland: Khomutov, Ukraine, 1948 and 1967-1970, R1 NPP_KHM_146 2
NPP Grassland: Klong Hoi Khong, Thailand, 1984-1990, R1 NPP_KLN_147 2
NPP Grassland: Konza Prairie, USA, 1984-1990, R1 NPP_KNZ_148 2
NPP Grassland: Kursk, Russia, 1954-1983, R1 NPP_KRS_149 2
NPP Grassland: Kurukshetra, India, 1970-1971, R1 NPP_KRK_193 2
NPP Grassland: Lamto, Ivory Coast, 1965-1987, R1 NPP_LMT_150 2
NPP Grassland: Matador, Canada, 1968-1972, R1 NPP_MTD_469 2
NPP Grassland: Media Luna, Argentina, 1981-1983, R1 MDL_NPP_210 2
NPP Grassland: Montecillo, Mexico, 1984-1994, R1 NPP_MNT_413 2
NPP Grassland: NPP Estimates from Biomass Dynamics for 31 Sites, 1948-1994, R1 NPP_Grassland_31_654 2
NPP Grassland: Nairobi, Kenya, 1984-1994, R1 NPP_NRB_151 2
NPP Grassland: Nylsvley, South Africa, 1974-1989, R1 NPP_NLS_194 2
NPP Grassland: Olokemeji, Nigeria, 1956-1964, R1 NPP_OLK_195 2
NPP Grassland: Osage, USA, 1970-1972, R1 OSG_NPP_211 2
NPP Grassland: Otradnoe, Russia 1969-1973, R1 NPP_OTR_152 2
NPP Grassland: Pampa De Leman, Argentina, 1980-1982, R1 PMP_NPP_212 2
NPP Grassland: Rio Mayo, Argentina, 1972-1997, R1 NPP_RMY_574 2
NPP Grassland: Shortandy, Kazakhstan, 1977-1980, R1 NPP_SHR_153 2
NPP Grassland: Towoomba, South Africa, 1949-1990, R1 TWM_NPP_213 2
NPP Grassland: Tullgarnsnaset, Sweden, 1968-1969, R1 NPP_TLL_196 2
NPP Grassland: Tumentsogt, Mongolia, 1982-1990, R1 NPP_TMN_154 2
NPP Grassland: Tumugi, China, 1981-1990, R1 NPP_TMG_470 2
NPP Grassland: Tuva, Russia, 1978-1985, R1 NPP_TVA_155 2
NPP Grassland: Vindhyan, India, 1986-1989, R1 NPP_VND_197 2
NPP Grassland: Xilingol, China, 1980-1989, R1 NPP_XLN_156 2
NPP Multi-Biome: Global IBP Woodlands Data, 1955-1975, R1 NPP_IBP_198 2
NPP Multi-Biome: Global Osnabruck Data, 1937-1981, R1 ODS_NPP_214 2
NPP Multi-Biome: Global Primary Production Data Initiative Products, R2 GPPDI_617 3
NPP Multi-Biome: Grassland, Boreal Forest, and Tropical Forest Sites, 1939-1996, R1 npp_multibiome_653 2
NPP Multi-Biome: Gridded Estimates for Selected Regions Worldwide, 1954-1998, R3 GPPDI_gridded_614 4
NPP Multi-Biome: NPP and Driver Data for Ecosystem Model-data Intercomparison, R2 EMDI_615 3
NPP Multi-Biome: PIK Data for Northern Eurasia, 1940-1988 (Based on Bazilevich), R1 NPP_BAZ_575 2
NPP Multi-Biome: Production and Mortality for Eastern US Forests, 1962-1996, R1 npp_woody_production_655 2
NPP Multi-Biome: Summary Data from Intensive Studies at 125 Sites, 1936-2006 NPP_Multi-Biome_125_Sites_1352 1
NPP Multi-Biome: TEM Calibration Data, 1992, R1 NPP_TEM_471 2
NPP Multi-Biome: VAST Calibration Data, 1965-1998, R1 NPP_VAST_576 2
NPP Temperate Forest: Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, USA, 1968-1992, R1 npp_gsm_804 2
NPP Temperate Forest: Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California, USA, 1972-2001, R1 NPP_REDWOOD_803 2
NPP Temperate Forest: OTTER Project Sites, Oregon, USA, 1989-1991, R1 NPP_OTT_472 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Atherton, Australia, 1974-1985, R1 NPP_ATH_577 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Barro Colorado, Panama, 1969-1990, R1 BRR_NPP_157 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Chamela, Mexico, 1982-1995, R1 NPP_CHM_578 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Cinnamon Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1982-1993, R1 NPP_CC_473 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Consistent Worldwide Site Estimates, 1967-1999, R1 npp_tropical_616 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Darien, Panama, 1967-1968, R1 DRN_NPP_215 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Gunung Mulu, Malaysia, 1977-1978, R1 NPP_GNN_474 2
NPP Tropical Forest: John Crow Ridge, Jamaica, 1974-1978, R1 NPP_JHN_475 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Kade, Ghana, 1957-1972, R1 KDE_NPP_216 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Khao Chong, Thailand, 1962-1965, R1 KHC_NPP_217 2
NPP Tropical Forest: La Selva, Costa Rica, 1975-1994, R1 SLV_NPP_218 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Luquillo, Puerto Rico, 1946-1994, R1 NPP_LQL_476 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Magdalena Valley, Colombia, 1970-1971, R1 NPP_MGD_477 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Manaus, Brazil, 1963-1990 , R1 NPP_MNS_579 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Marafunga, Papua New Guinea, 1970-1971, R1 NPP_MRF_478 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Maui, Hawaii, U.S.A., 1996-1997, R1 npp_schuur_802 2
NPP Tropical Forest: Pasoh, Malaysia, 1971-1973, R1 PSH_NPP_219 2
NPP Tropical Forest: San Carlos de Rio Negro, Venezuela, 1975-1984, R1 NPP_SCR_479 2
NPP Tropical Forest: San Eusebio, Venezuela, 1973-1974, R1 NPP_SES_480 2
NPP Tundra: Point Barrow, Alaska, 1970-1972, R1 NPP_BRW_580 2
NPP Tundra: Toolik Lake, Alaska, 1982, R1 NPP_TLK_581 2
NS001 TMS Extracted Data (FIFE) FIFE_NS001TMS_59 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1972 (SNF) SNF_MET_1972_158 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1972-1990 SNF_MET_1972_1990_159 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1973 (SNF) SNF_MET_1973_160 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1974 (SNF) SNF_MET_1974_161 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1975 (SNF) SNF_MET_1975_162 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1976 (SNF) SNF_MET_1976_163 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1977 (SNF) SNF_MET_1977_164 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1978 (SNF) SNF_MET_1978_165 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1979 (SNF) SNF_MET_1979_166 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1980 (SNF) SNF_MET_1980_167 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1981 (SNF) SNF_MET_1981_168 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1982 (SNF) SNF_MET_1982_169 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1983 (SNF) SNF_MET_1983_170 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1984 (SNF) SNF_MET_1984_171 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1985 (SNF) SNF_MET_1985_172 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1986 (SNF) SNF_MET_1986_173 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1987 (SNF) SNF_MET_1987_174 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1988 (SNF) SNF_MET_1988_175 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1989 (SNF) SNF_MET_1989_176 1
NWS Daily Climatology Data: 1990 (SNF) SNF_MET_1990_177 1
NWS Monthly Climatology Summary (SNF) SNF_MET_SUMM_178 1
Natural and Anthropogenic Methane Sources, New England, USA, 1990-1994 New_England_CH4_1311 1
Net Carbon Dioxide and Water Fluxes of Global Terrestrial Ecosystems, 1969-1998 fluxnet_buchmann_662 1
Net Radiation and Albedo from MODIS for Xingu River Basin, Brazil, 2000-2012 Xingu_Albedo_Radiation_1622 1
Nitrogen Deposition onto the United States and Western Europe global_clim_nitrogen_730 1
Northern and Mid-Latitude Soil Database, Version 1, R1 global_soil_mid-lat_705 2
Ocean Surface pCO2 and Air-Sea CO2 Flux in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, 2006-2010 CMS_Monthly_CO2_Gulf_of_Mexico_1668 1
Optical Thickness Cross-Calib. (FIFE) FIFE_OT_CALIB_60 1
Optical Thickness Data: Aircraft (OTTER) OTTER_AIR_SUN_61 1
Optical Thickness Data: Bruegge (FIFE) FIFE_OT_BRUG_62 1
Optical Thickness Data: C-130 (FIFE) FIFE_OT_C130_63 1
Optical Thickness Data: Fraser (FIFE) FIFE_OT_FRASR_64 1
Optical Thickness Data: Ground (OTTER) OTTER_FIELD_SUN_65 1
Optical Thickness Data: Staff (FIFE) FIFE_OT_STAFF_66 1
PROVE Land Cover and Leaf Area of Jornada Experimental Range, New Mexico, 1997 prove_landcover_lai_665 1
PROVE MQUALS Reflectance at Jornada Experimental Range, New Mexico, 1997 prove_mquals_666 1
PROVE Surface albedo of Jornada Experimental Range, New Mexico, 1997 prove_albedo_667 1
PROVE Vegetation Reflectance of Jornada Experimental Range, New Mexico, 1997 prove_veg_refl_668 1
PhenoCam Dataset v2.0: Digital Camera Imagery from the PhenoCam Network, 2000-2018 Phenocam_Images_V2_1689 2
PhenoCam Dataset v2.0: Vegetation Phenology from Digital Camera Imagery, 2000-2018 PhenoCam_V2_1674 2
Phenoregions For Monitoring Vegetation Responses to Climate Change white_phenoregions_799 1
Plant Biomass/Production/Consump. (FIFE) FIFE_PLANTPRO_69 1
PnET Models: Carbon, Nitrogen, Water Dynamics in Forest Ecosystems (Vers. 4 and 5) model_archive_pnet_4_and_5_817 1
PnET-BGC: Modeling Biogeochemical Processes in a Northern Hardwood Forest Ecosystem model_archive_pnet_bgc_m1_818 1
Pre-ABoVE: Active Layer Thickness and Soil Water Content, Barrow, Alaska, 2013 ALT_GPR_Barrow_1355 1
Pre-ABoVE: Gridded Footprints from WRF-STILT Model, Barrow, Alaska, 1982-2011 Alaska_L4_WRF_STILT_Footprints_1544 1
Pre-ABoVE: Ground-penetrating Radar Measurements of ALT on the Alaska North Slope ReSALT_ALT_GPR_1265 1
Pre-ABoVE: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, Alaska, 2014-2015 PreABoVE_AirMOSS_L1_Alaska_1678 1
Pre-ABoVE: Particle Trajectories for WRF-STILT Model, Barrow, AK, 1982-2011 Alaska_L4_WRF_STILT_Particle_1571 1
Pre-ABoVE: Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness, Barrow, Alaska, 2006-2011 RESALT_INSAR_BARROW_1266 1
Pre-ABoVE: Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1992-2000 INSAR_Prudhoe_Bay_1267 1
Pre-LBA ABLE-2A and ABLE-2B Expedition Data PRE-LBA_ABLE_897 1
Pre-LBA Amazonian Region Micrometeorological Experiment (ARME) Data PRE-LBA_ARME_898 1
Pre-LBA Anglo-Brazilian Amazonian Climate Observation Study (ABRACOS) Data Pre_LBA_ABRACOS_899 1.1
Pre-LBA CABARE Mapped Land Surface and Vegetation Characteristics, Rondonia, Brazil PRE-LBA_CABARE_918 1
Pre-LBA Carbon in the Amazon River Experiment (CAMREX) Data PRE-LBA_CAMREX_904 1
Pre-LBA ISLSCP Initiative I Data Pre-LBA_ISLSCP-I_919 1
Pre-LBA RADAMBRASIL Project Data LBA_RADAMBrasil_941 1
Pre-LBA Rondonia Boundary Layer Experiment (RBLE) Data PRE-LBA_RBLE_917 1
Pre-LBA Smoke, Clouds, and Radiation - Brazil (SCAR-B) Data PRE_LBA_SCAR-B_916 1
RLC AVHRR-Derived Land Cover, Former Soviet Union, 15-km, 1984-1993 rlc_avhrr_15km_689 1
RLC AVHRR-Derived Land Cover, Former Soviet Union, Far East, 1-km, 1990 rlc_avhrr_1km_690 1
RLC Forest Cover Map of the Former Soviet Union, 1990 rlc_forest_map_1990_691 1
RLC Forest Cover of the Former Soviet Union, 1973 rlc_forest_map_1973_692 1
RLC Forest Cover of the Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia, 1973 rlc_forest_cover_693 1
RLC Forest Fire Images in Russia, 1998-1999 rlc_forest_fire_img_694 1
RLC Forest Fire Locations in Eastern Russia, 1998-1999 rlc_forest_fires_695 1
RLC Forest Stand Carbon Map of Russia rlc_forest_carbon_696 1
RLC Generalized Forest Map of the Former Soviet Union, 1-km rlc_world_forest_map_697 1
RLC Selected Infrastructure Data for the Former Soviet Union, 1993 rlc_infra_1993_698 1
RLC State and Regional Boundaries for the Former Soviet Union rlc_boundaries_699 1
RLC Vegetative Cover of the Former Soviet Union, 1990 rlc_veg_cover_700 1
Radiant Temp. Helicopter Data (FIFE) FIFE_IRT_HELO_70 1
Radiant Temp. Multiangle Data (FIFE) FIFE_IRT_MULT_71 1
Radiant Temperature Ground Data (FIFE) FIFE_IRT_GRND_72 1
Radiosonde Data: NOAA (FIFE) FIFE_NOAA_SON_73 1
Reflectance Reference Targets (OTTER) OTTER_SE590_MILLER_74 1
Regridded Harmonized World Soil Database v1.2 HWSD_1247 1
Remote Sensing Data Before and After California Rim and King Forest Fires, 2010-2015 King_Rim_Fire_Analysis_1288 1
Remote Sensing Derived Topsoil and Agricultural Economic Losses, Midwestern USA TopSoil_Erosion_MidWest_US_1774 1
Root Biomass Data (FIFE) FIFE_ROOT_BIO_75 1
Russian Boreal Forest Disturbance Maps Derived from Landsat Imagery, 1984-2000 Russian_Forest_Disturbance_1294 1
SAFARI 2000 1-Degree Estimates of Burned Biomass, Area, and Emissions, 2000 s2k_one_deg_biomass_754 1
SAFARI 2000 AERONET Ground-based Aerosol Data, Dry Season 2000 s2k_aeronet_706 1
SAFARI 2000 AERONET-derived Diffuse Spectral Irradiance for Eight Core Sites s2k_diffuse_irrad_791 1
SAFARI 2000 ALI/ETM+ Tandem Image Pair for Skukuza, South Africa, May 2001 S2K_RS_ALI_ETM_PAIR_821 1
SAFARI 2000 AOT and Column Water Vapor, Kalahari Transect, Wet Season 2000 s2k_kalahari_aot_719 1
SAFARI 2000 ASTER and MODIS Fire Data Comparison, Dry Season 2001 s2k_aster_modis_707 1
SAFARI 2000 AVHRR Daily Site (1.5 km) and 15-Day Regional (1.5- and 6-km) Imagery S2K_RS_AVHRR_IMAGERY_822 1
SAFARI 2000 AVHRR-derived Land Surface Temperature Maps, Africa, 1995-2000 S2K_RS_AVHRRLST_IMAGERY_826 1
SAFARI 2000 Aerosol Fatty Acid and Stable Isotope Data, Mongu, Dry Season 2000 S2K_BILLMARK_2006_828 1
SAFARI 2000 Airborne Sunphotometer Aerosol Optical Depth and Water Vapor Data s2k_sunphotometer_643 1
SAFARI 2000 Annual Soil Respiration Data (Raich and Schlesinger 1992) s2k_soil_respiration_645 1
SAFARI 2000 Atmospheric Aerosol Measurements, Hand-held Hazemeters, Zambia s2k_hazemeter_708 1
SAFARI 2000 BRDF Measurements at Sua Pan and Skukuza, Dry Season 2000 s2k_parabola_779 1
SAFARI 2000 BVOC Measurements at Skukuza and Maun Flux Towers, Wet Season 2001 s2k_bvoc_759 1
SAFARI 2000 Biomass Burning Emissions, Selected Sites, Dry Season 2000 s2k_burn_emissions_752 1
SAFARI 2000 C-130 Aerosol and Meteorological Data, Dry Season 2000 s2k_met_c130_720 1
SAFARI 2000 CV-580 Aerosol and Cloud Data, Dry Season 2000 (CARG) s2k_cv580_710 1
SAFARI 2000 Canopy Structural Measurements, Kalahari Transect, Wet Season 2001 s2k_canopy_struc_768 1
SAFARI 2000 Carbon in Live Vegetation, 0.5-Deg (Olson) s2k_olson_633 1
SAFARI 2000 Cloud Absorption Radiometer BRDF, Dry Season 2000 s2k_car_brdf_709 1
SAFARI 2000 Cloud Physics Lidar (CPL) Quicklook Images and Maps s2k_cpl_images_721 1
SAFARI 2000 Daily Rainfall Estimates, 0.1-Deg, Southern Africa, 1993-2001 s2k_daily_prec_793 1
SAFARI 2000 Daily Rainfall Totals for Mongu, Zambia, 1999-2002 s2k_mongu_rainfall_785 1
SAFARI 2000 Derived Soil Properties, 0.5-Deg (ISRIC-WISE) s2k_isric-wise_634 1
SAFARI 2000 Digital Elevation Model, 1-km (GLOBE) s2k_globe_dem_630 1
SAFARI 2000 ER-2 Color-IR Aerial Photography, Dry Season 2000 s2k_er2_photos_722 1
SAFARI 2000 ETA Atmospheric Model Data, Wet and Dry Seasons 2000 s2k_eta_model_723 1
SAFARI 2000 Emissions Estimates, MODIS Burned Area Product, Dry Season 2000 s2k_modis_emissions_758 1
SAFARI 2000 Estimated BVOC Emissions for Southern African Land Cover Types s2k_landcover_bvoc_764 1
SAFARI 2000 FEWS 10-day Rainfall Estimate, 8-Km, 1999-2001 s2k_fews_711 1
SAFARI 2000 FPAR TRAC Data for Mongu, Zambia, 1999-2002 s2k_fpar_trac_784 1
SAFARI 2000 Fire Emission Data, Dry Season 2000 s2k_fire_emissions_724 1
SAFARI 2000 Freshwater Wetlands, 1-Deg (Stillwell-Soller et al.) s2k_soller-wetlands_635 1
SAFARI 2000 GPCP Daily Precipitation, 1-Deg, 1999-2001 s2k_gpcp_712 1
SAFARI 2000 Gas Emissions from Biofuel Use and Production, September 2000 s2k_biofuel_emiss_753 1
SAFARI 2000 Global Burned Area Map, 1-km, Southern Africa, 2000 s2k_spot_veg_burn_790 1
SAFARI 2000 Global Historical Climatology Network, V. 1, 1874-1990 s2k_ghcn_v1_631 1
SAFARI 2000 Global Historical Climatology Network, V. 2, 1990-2001 s2k_ghcn_v2_646 1
SAFARI 2000 Historical Fire Maps, Kruger National Park, 1992-2001 s2k_knp_fire_map_756 1
SAFARI 2000 Hydrographic Data, 1-Deg, Release 2.2 (Cogley) s2k_cogley_636 1
SAFARI 2000 JRA Aerocommander Trace Gas, Aerosol, and CCN Data, Dry Season 2000 s2k_sawb_jra_713 1
SAFARI 2000 JRB Aerocommander Trace Gas and Aerosol Data, Dry Season 2000 s2k_jrb_714 1
SAFARI 2000 Kalahari Transect CO2, Water Vapor, and Heat Flux, Wet Season 2000 s2k_kt_co2_765 1
SAFARI 2000 LAI Measurements at Kalahari Transect Sites, Wet Season 2000 s2k_kt_lai_770 1
SAFARI 2000 LAI and FPAR Measurements at Sua Pan, Botswana, Dry Season 2000 s2k_misr_lai_fpar_778 1
SAFARI 2000 Land Cover from AVHRR, 1-Deg, 1987 (Defries and Townshend) s2k_glcf1deg_626 1
SAFARI 2000 Land Cover from AVHRR, 1-km, 1992-1993 (Hansen et al.) s2k_land_cover-1km_627 1
SAFARI 2000 Land Cover from AVHRR, 8-km, 1984 (DeFries et al.) s2k_land_cover-8km_628 1
SAFARI 2000 Landscape Photographs of Kalahari Transect, Mongu, Skukuza Sites s2k_gps_photos_769 1
SAFARI 2000 Leaf Area Index and Canopy Structure, Kalahari Transect, 1999-2000 s2k_kt_lai_trac_771 1
SAFARI 2000 Leaf Area Measurements at the Mongu Tower Site, Zambia, 2000-2002 s2k_lai-2000_781 1
SAFARI 2000 Leaf Measurements of Dominant Trees, Kalahari Sites, Wet Season 2000 s2k_kt_leaf_meas_772 1
SAFARI 2000 Leaf Spectral Measurements, Kalahari Transect, Wet Season 2000 s2k_kt_leaf_spectra_773 1
SAFARI 2000 Leaf-Level VOC Emissions, Maun, Botswana, Wet Season 2001 s2k_leaf_voc_763 1
SAFARI 2000 MAPSS MOD04_L2 Aerosol Summary Data for Southern Africa s2k_mapss_mod04_aero_814 1
SAFARI 2000 MAPSS MOD05_L2 Water Vapor Summary Data for Southern Africa s2k_mapss_modis_wate_815 1
SAFARI 2000 MISR Level 2 Data, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000 S2K_MISR_DRY2K_885 1
SAFARI 2000 MODIS 500-m Burned Area Products, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000 s2k_modis_burned_796 1
SAFARI 2000 MODIS Airborne Simulator Data, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000 MAS_832 2
SAFARI 2000 MODIS L3 Albedo and Land Cover Data, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000 s2k_modis_l3_albedo_840 1
SAFARI 2000 MODIS MOD04_L2 Aerosol Data, GRANT Format, for Southern Africa s2k_modis_mod04_aero_813 1
SAFARI 2000 MODIS MOD05_L2 Water Vapor Data, Binary Format, for Southern Africa s2k_modis_mod05_wate_812 1
SAFARI 2000 MODIS Water and Heat Fluxes, Maun, Botswana, Dry Season 2001 s2k_modis_h2o_flux_762 1
SAFARI 2000 MOPITT Tropospheric Carbon Monoxide, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000 S2K_MOPITT_co_835 1
SAFARI 2000 Mean Climatology, 0.5-Deg, 1930-1960, V[ersion]. 2.1 (Cramer and Leemans) s2k_cramers-leeman_637 1
SAFARI 2000 Meteorological Tower Measurements, Kruger National Park, 2000-2002 s2k_knp_met_761 1
SAFARI 2000 Meteorological and Flux Tower Measurements in Maun, Botswana, 2000 s2k_maun_flux_760 1
SAFARI 2000 Micro-Pulse Lidar Cloud and Aerosol Data, Dry Season 2000 s2k_mpl_715 1
SAFARI 2000 Modeled Fuel Load in Southern Africa, 1999-2000 s2k_fuel_load_755 1
SAFARI 2000 Modeled Tropospheric Air Mass Trajectories, Dry Season 2000 s2k_traj_images_792 1
SAFARI 2000 Monthly Climatology for the 20th Century (New et al.) S2K_MONTHLY_CLIMATE_623 1
SAFARI 2000 Monthly and Annual CO2 Emissions from Soil, 0.5 Degree Grid s2k_soil_respiration_gridded_644 1
SAFARI 2000 NBI Vegetation Map of the Savannas of Southern Africa s2k_nbi_veg_maps_787 1
SAFARI 2000 Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Data (Zinke et al.) s2k_zinke_soil_638 1
SAFARI 2000 PAI Estimates from Hemispherical Photography, Kalahari Transect s2k_kt_pai_estimates_774 1
SAFARI 2000 PAR Measurements, Kalahari Transect, Botswana, Wet Season 2000 s2k_kt_par_794 1
SAFARI 2000 Physical and Chemical Properties of Aerosols, Dry Season 2000 s2k_aerosol_prop_725 1
SAFARI 2000 Plant and Soil C and N Isotopes, Southern Africa, 1995-2000 s2k_plant_soil_c_n_783 1
SAFARI 2000 Potential Vegetation, 5-min (Ramankutty and Foley) s2k_pot_veg_639 1
SAFARI 2000 Pre- and Post-fire Reflectance near Kaoma, Zambia, Dry Season 2000 s2k_pre_post_fire_757 1
SAFARI 2000 Reflectance of Fire Residue, Kruger National Park, Dry Season 2000 s2k_fire_residue_751 1
SAFARI 2000 River Discharge Data (Coe and Olejniczak) s2k_cpep_discharge_640 1
SAFARI 2000 SHADOZ Ozonesonde Data, Zambia and Regional Sites, Dry Season 2000 s2k_shadoz_ozone_726 1
SAFARI 2000 SSM/I GPROF 6.0 Precipitation Data, 0.5-Deg, 1999-2001 s2k_gprof_716 1
SAFARI 2000 SeaWiFS Images for Core Study Sites, 2000-2001 seawifs_core_sites_624 1
SAFARI 2000 SeaWiFS Images for the Southern African Region, 1999-2001 seawifs_region_625 1
SAFARI 2000 Selected Soil Characteristics, 10-km Grid (IGBP-DIS) s2k_igbpdis_surfprod_647 1
SAFARI 2000 Soil Profile Data (ISRIC-WISE) s2kisricwise_profile_648 1
SAFARI 2000 Soil Properties, Moisture, and Temp., Skukuza and Mongu, 1999-2001 s2k_mongu_soil_prop_789 1
SAFARI 2000 Soil Types, 0.5-Deg Grid (Modified Zobler) s2k_modified_zobler_649 1
SAFARI 2000 Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer Data, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000 s2k_ssfr_irradiance_841 1
SAFARI 2000 Stem and Canopy Characterization, Kalahari Transect, 1995-2000 s2k_kt_stem_map_775 1
SAFARI 2000 Surface Albedo and Radiation Fluxes at Mongu and Skukuza, 2000-2002 s2k_mongu_albedo_786 1
SAFARI 2000 Surface Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (SMART), Dry Season 2000 s2k_smart_727 1
SAFARI 2000 Surface Irradiance Measurements, Mongu Tower Site, Zambia, 2000-2002 s2k_mongu_irradiance_782 1
SAFARI 2000 Surface Spectral Reflectance at Sua Pan, Botswana, Dry Season 2000 s2k_misr_asd_refl_780 1
SAFARI 2000 TOMS Aerosol Index Data, Southern Africa, Dry Season 2000 S2K_RS_TOMS_AEROSOL_823 1
SAFARI 2000 TOMS Tropospheric Ozone Data, Southern Africa Subset, Dry Season 2000 S2K_RS_TOMS_OZONE_824 1
SAFARI 2000 TOVS Surface and Atmospheric Parameters, 1-Deg, 1999-2001 s2k_tovs_717 1
SAFARI 2000 TRMM 3B-43 Monthly Precipitation, 1-Deg, 1999-2001 s2k_trmm_718 1
SAFARI 2000 Tree Cover from AVHRR, 1-km, 1992-1993 (DeFries et al.) s2k_tree-cover_641 1
SAFARI 2000 Tree Ring Data, Mongu, Zambia, Dry Season 2000 s2k_tree_rings_788 1
SAFARI 2000 Upper Air Meteorological Profiles, Skukuza, Dry Seasons 1999-2000 s2k_met_skukuza_728 1
SAFARI 2000 Upper Air Meteorological Profiles, South Africa, Dry Season 2000 s2k_met_profile_729 1
SAFARI 2000 Vegetation Cover Characteristics, Kalahari Transect, Wet Season 2000 s2k_kt_veg_inv_776 1
SAFARI 2000 Vegetation Structure of Kataba Forest, Zambia, Wet Season 2000 s2k_mongu_veg_795 1
SAFARI 2000 Vegetation and Soils, 1-Deg (Wilson and Henderson-Sellers) s2k_veg_wilhend_642 1
SAFARI 2000 Wetlands Data Set, 1-Deg (Matthews and Fung) s2k_gisswetlands_632 1
SAFARI 2000 Woody Vegetation Characteristics of Kalahari and Skukuza Sites s2k_kt_trees_777 1
SAR Subsets for Selected Field Sites, 2007-2010 SAR_SUBSETS_993 1
SE-590 Field-Meas. Reflectances (OTTER) OTTER_SE590_STRAHLER_80 1
SE-590 Ground Data: GSFC (FIFE) FIFE_SE_GSFC_81 1
SE-590 Ground Data: UNL (FIFE) FIFE_SE_UNL_82 1
SE-590 Lab-Measured Reflectances (OTTER) OTTER_SE590_JOHNSON_83 1
SE-590 Landscape Reflectances (OTTER) OTTER_SE590_GOWARD_84 1
SE-590 Leaf Optical Prop. Data (FIFE) FIFE_SE_LEAF_85 1
SE-590 Low Altitude Reflectances (OTTER) OTTER_SE590_ULTRALT_86 1
SE-590 Reflectance & Radiances (FIFE) FIFE_SE_HELO_87 1
SNF Forest Cover by Species/Strata SNF_SITECOMP_179 1
SNF Forest Phenology/Leaf Expansion Data SNF_LEAF_EXP_180 1
SNF Forest Understory Cover Data SNF_UND_CVR_181 1
SNF Forest Understory Cover Data (Table) SNF_TAB3_3T_182 1
SNF Leaf Optical Properties: Cary-14 SNF_LEAFCARY_183 1
SNF Leaf Optical Properties: TMS SNF_LEAF_TMS_184 1
SNF NS001-TMS Canopy Reflectance 1983-84 SNF_NS001_185 1
SNF Satellite Image Data Inventory SNF_SAT_INV_186 1
SNF Site Characterization Data: C.Jarvis SNF_CJ_SITES_187 1
SNF Site Characterization Validation SNF_SITE_86_188 1
SNF Vegetation Cover Data: C. Jarvis SNF_CJ_VEG_189 1
Satellite AVHRR Extracted Data (FIFE) FIFE_SAT_AVHR_77 1
Satellite Atmos. Correction Coef. (FIFE) FIFE_SAT_COEF_76 1
Satellite Landsat TM Extr. Data (FIFE) FIFE_SAT_LTM_78 1
Satellite SPOT Extracted Data (FIFE) FIFE_SAT_SPOT_79 1
Seedling Canopy Chemistry, 1992-1993 (ACCP) ACCP_CANOPYCHEM_422 1
Seedling Canopy Reflectance Spectra, 1992-1993 (ACCP) ACCP_CANOPYSPEC_423 1
Shrubland Species Cover, Biometric, Carbon and Nitrogen Data, Southern Idaho, 2014 Idaho_field_shrub_data_1503 1
SiB3 Modeled Global 1-degree Hourly Biosphere-Atmosphere Carbon Flux, 1998-2006 SIB3_CARBON_FLUX_909 1
Siberian Boreal Forest Aboveground Biomass and Fire Scar Maps, Russia, 1969-2007 Siberian_Biomass_Wildfire_1321 1
Site AVIRIS Images, 1992 (ACCP) ACCP_PLOTSPEC_544 1
Site Averaged AMS Data: 1987 (Betts) FIFE_FFOAMS87_88 1
Site Averaged AMS Data: 1987-1989 (Betts) FIFE_FFO_AMS_89 1
Site Averaged AMS Data: 1988 (Betts) FIFE_FFOAMS88_90 1
Site Averaged AMS Data: 1989 (Betts) FIFE_FFOAMS89_91 1
Site Averaged Flux Data: 1987 (Betts) FIFE_FFOFLX87_92 1
Site Averaged Flux Data: 1987-1989 (Betts) FIFE_FFO_FLX_93 1
Site Averaged Flux Data: 1988 (Betts) FIFE_FFOFLX88_94 1
Site Averaged Flux Data: 1989 (Betts) FIFE_FFOFLX89_95 1
Site Averaged Gravimetric Soil Moisture: 1987 (Betts) FIFE_FFOGRV87_96 1
Site Averaged Gravimetric Soil Moisture: 1987-1989 (Betts) FIFE_FFO_GRV_97 1
Site Averaged Gravimetric Soil Moisture: 1988 (Betts) FIFE_FFOGRV88_98 1
Site Averaged Gravimetric Soil Moisture: 1989 (Betts) FIFE_FFOGRV89_99 1
Site Averaged Neutron Soil Moisture: 1987 (Betts) FIFE_FFONEU87_100 1
Site Averaged Neutron Soil Moisture: 1987-1989 (Betts) FIFE_FFO_NEU_101 1
Site Averaged Neutron Soil Moisture: 1988 (Betts) FIFE_FFONEU88_102 1
Site Averaged Neutron Soil Moisture: 1989 (Betts) FIFE_FFONEU89_103 1
Snow Depth, Stratigraphy, and Temperature in Wrangell St Elias NP, Alaska, 2016-2018 Snow_Depth_Data_Images_1656 1
Snowmelt Timing Maps Derived from MODIS for North America, Version 2, 2001-2018 Snowmelt_timing_maps_V2_1712 2
Soil Bulk Density Data (FIFE) FIFE_SOILDENS_104 1
Soil CH4 and CO2 Profile Data from NSA Tower Sites BOREAS_TGB1CCSD_377 1
Soil CO2 Flux Data (FIFE) FIFE_SOIL_CO2_105 1
Soil CO2 Flux, Moisture, Temperature, and Litterfall, La Selva, Costa Rica, 2003-2010 SOIL_CO2_Flux_Costa_Rica_1373 1
Soil Carbon Estimates in 20-cm Layers to 1-meter Depth, Conterminous US, 1970-1993 WEST_SOIL_CARBON_1238 1
Soil Gas Fluxes Using Soil Cores (FIFE) FIFE_SOIL_GAS_106 1
Soil Hydraulic Conductivity Data (FIFE) FIFE_SOILHYDC_107 1
Soil Impedance Data (FIFE) FIFE_SOIL_IMP_108 1
Soil Moisture Data: Peck (FIFE) FIFE_PECK_SM_109 1
Soil Moisture Gravimetric Data (FIFE) FIFE_SM_GRAV_110 1
Soil Moisture Neutron Probe Data (FIFE) FIFE_SM_NEUT_111 1
Soil Moisture Profiles and Temperature Data from SoilSCAPE Sites, USA SoilSCAPE_1339 1
Soil Moisture Release Data (FIFE) FIFE_SOIL_REL_112 1
Soil Moisture Transect Data (FIFE) FIFE_SM_TRAN_113 1
Soil Moisture Visualizer AirMOSS_Soil_Moist_Visualizer_1366 1
Soil Organic Carbon Estimates and Uncertainty at 1-m Depth across Mexico, 1999-2009 CMS_SOC_Mexico_1754 1
Soil Organic Carbon Estimates for 30-cm Depth, Mexico and Conterminous USA, 1991-2011 CMS_SOC_Mexico_CONUS_1737 1
Soil Organic Carbon Stock Estimates with Uncertainty across Latin America Country_SOC_Latin_America_1615 1
Soil Reflectance Data (FIFE) FIFE_SOILREFL_114 1
Soil Survey Reference (FIFE) FIFE_SOILSURV_115 1
Soil Thermal Conductivity Data (FIFE) FIFE_SOILTHER_116 1
Soil Water Prop. Derived Data (FIFE) FIFE_SOILDERV_117 1
Sources of Methane Emissions (Vista-CA), State of California, USA NACP_Vista_CA_CH4_Inventory_1726 1
Sources of Methane Emissions (Vista-LA), South Coast Air Basin, California, USA NACP_Vista_LA_CH4_Inventory_1525 1
Spatio-temporal Characteristics of Rainfall in Africa, 0.25 degrees, from 1998-2012 AFRICAN_RAINFALL_PATTERNS_1263 1
Standing Crop & Nitrogen Content (FIFE) FIFE_BIOMASS_118 1
Stocks of Surface Soil Organic Carbon Fractions, Great Plains Region, USA, 2007-2010 SOC_Stocks_Great_Plains_1603 1
Stream Flow Daily Data: USGS (FIFE) FIFE_STRM_DAY_119 1
Stream Flow Storm Data (FIFE) FIFE_STRM_ST_120 1
Surface Flux Baseline 92 Derived (FIFE) FIFE_SF_BL92_121 1
Surface Meteorology Data: NCDC (FIFE) FIFE_NCDC_SUR_122 1
Surface Radiance Data: UNL (FIFE) FIFE_UNL_SURF_123 1
Surface Water Elevation and Quality, Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada, 2006-2007 PEACE_DELTA_935 1
Synthesis of Winter In Situ Soil CO2 Flux in pan-Arctic and Boreal Regions, 1989-2017 Nongrowing_Season_CO2_Flux_1692 1
Temperature Profiles: Radiosonde (FIFE) FIFE_TEMP_PRO_124 1
Tidal Wetland Soil Carbon Stocks for the Conterminous United States, 2006-2010 Tidal_Wetland_Soil_Carbon_1612 1
Tidal Wetlands Soil Organic Carbon and Estuarine Characteristics, USA, 1972-2015 Tidal_Wetland_Estuaries_Data_1742 1
Timber Measurements (OTTER) OTTER_TIMBER_125 1
Timeseries of Arctic-Boreal Lake Area Derived from CubeSat Imagery, 2017 CubeSat_Arctic_Boreal_LakeArea_1667 1
Total Leaf Tissue Water Potential (FIFE) FIFE_LEAF_H2O_126 1
TransCom 3: Annual Mean CO2 Flux Estimates from Atmospheric Inversions (Level 1) TRANSCOM3_895 1
TransCom 3: Seasonal CO2 Flux Estimates from Atmospheric Inversions (Level 2) TRANSCOM3_LEVEL2_1198 1
Tree Canopy Cover for the Circumpolar Taiga-Tundra Ecotone: 2000-2005 TAIGA_TUNDRA_TREE_COVER_1218 1
Tree Inventory and Biometry Measurements, Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil, 2010 Forest_Inventory_Tapajos_1552 1
Tree Mortality from Fires and Bark Beetles at 1-km Resolution, Western USA, 2003-2012 Tree_Mortality_Western_US_1512 1.1
VEMAP 1: Georeferencing VEMAP_1_GEOREF_222 1
VEMAP 1: Model Input Database CD-ROM ISO Image VEMAP_1_CDROM_566 1
VEMAP 1: Selected Model Results vemap_1_results_731 1
VEMAP 1: U.S. Climate Change Scenarios Based on Models with Increased CO2 VEMAP_1_SCENARIO_223 1
VEMAP 1: U.S. Climate, 1961-1990 VEMAP_1_CLIMATE_224 1
VEMAP 1: U.S. Potential Natural Vegetation VEMAP_1_VEGETATION_225 1
VEMAP 1: U.S. Site Files VEMAP_1_SITE_226 1
VEMAP 1: U.S. Soil VEMAP_1_SOIL_227 1
VEMAP 2: Annual Ecosystem Model Responses to U.S. Climate Change, 1994-2100 vemap2-annual_rslts_766 1
VEMAP 2: Monthly Ecosystem Model Responses to U.S. Climate Change, 1994-2100 vemap2_monthly_rslts_767 1
VEMAP 2: Monthly Historical and Future Climate Data, Alaska, USA VEMAP_Alaska_1344 1
VEMAP 2: U.S. Annual Climate Change Scenarios VEMAP_2_ANNSCE_570 1
VEMAP 2: U.S. Annual Climate, 1895-1993 VEMAP_2_ANNCLM_571 1
VEMAP 2: U.S. Daily Climate Change Scenarios VEMAP2_SCENARIODAILY_618 1
VEMAP 2: U.S. Daily Climate, 1895-1993 VEMAP2_DAILYCLIMATE_620 1
VEMAP 2: U.S. Monthly Climate Change Scenarios, Version 2 VEMAP_2_SCENARIO_567 1
VEMAP 2: U.S. Monthly Climate, 1895-1993, Version 2 VEMAP_2_CLIMATE_568 1
Vegetation Biophysical Data (FIFE) FIFE_VEG_BIOP_135 1
Vegetation Species Data (FIFE) FIFE_VEG_SPEC_136 1
Vegetation Species Reference (FIFE) FIFE_VEG_REF_137 1
Vegetation and Open Water High-Resolution Maps for Selected US Tidal Marshes, 2015 High_Res_Tidal_Marsh_Veg_1609 1
Visible and Near-Infrared Leaf Reflectance Spectra, 1992-1993 (ACCP) ACCP_LEAFSPEC_424 1
WRF-STILT Gridded Footprints for Boston, MA, USA, 2013-2014 WRF_STILT_Footprints_Boston_1572 1
WRF-STILT Particle Trajectories for Boston, MA, USA, 2013-2014 WRF_STILT_Particles_Boston_1596 1
Walker Branch Watershed Vegetation Inventory, 1967-2006, R1 npp_temp_forest_veg_survey_819 2
Water Quality and Spectral Reflectance, Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada, 2010-2011 PAD_2011_1133 2
Wind Profile Data: LIDAR - NOAA (FIFE) FIFE_WIND_LID_138 1
Wind Profile Data: Radiosonde (FIFE) FIFE_WIND_SON_139 1
Woody Biomass for Eastern U.S. Forests, 1983-1996 rged_brown_biomass_657 1
Woody and Herbaceous Vegetation Change across the Savannas of West Africa, 1982-2013 WAVeTrends_1738 1