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Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Release 3.1 G4TskinOnly Longwave 3 hourly data in native format

SRB_REL3.1_G4TskinOnly_LW_3HRLY_1 is the Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Release 3.1 G4TskinOnly Longwave 3 hourly data in native format data set. Data collection for this data set is complete. It contains 3-hourly global fields of six longwave (LW) surface and Top of Atmosphere (TOA) radiative parameters, in addition to a day/night flag, derived with the Longwave algorithm of the NASA World Climate Research Programme/Global Energy and Water-Cycle Experiment (WCRP/GEWEX) Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Project. This was a special 10-year data set that used only the GEOS-4 value of surface skin temperature in the flux calculations, not the ISCCP/GEOS-4 surface skin temperature blend. There were a total of seven parameters in these files as follows: 1. Day/Night flag (daynite; 1=Day, 0=Night) 2. TOA Upward Clear-Sky Flux/Clear-sky Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR) (clr_toa_up) 3. Surface Clear-sky Upward Longwave Flux (clr_sfc_up) 4. Surface Clear-sky Downward Longwave Flux (clr_sfc_down) 5. TOA All-Sky Upward Longwave Flux/OLR (toa_up) 6. Surface All-Sky Upward Longwave Flux (sfc_up) 7. Surface All-Sky Downward Longwave Flux (sfc_down) These parameters were derived originally on a 3-hourly temporal resolution (i.e., a global instantaneous gridded field every 3 hours), at UT hours 00, 03,06, 09, 12, 15, 18, and 21 for every day of the month. The current version of the data set was Release 3.1, with this special version having a name modifier of G4TskinOnly. The GEWEX LW algorithm uses the Fu et al. (1997) thermal infrared radiative transfer code requiring atmospheric profile information, cloud, and surface properties. The sources for these inputs are briefly described below. A detailed description of the algorithm is currently being prepared for publication.

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