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Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Release 3.0 QC Longwave 3 hourly data in netcdf format

The data set contains global fields of instantaneous 3-hourly values of three longwave (LW) surface radiative parameters derived with the Quality-Check LW (QCLW) algorithm of the NASA World Climate Research Programme/Global Energy and Water-Cycle Experiment (WCRP/GEWEX) Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Project.There are a total of three parameters in these files as follows:1. Surface Downward Longwave Flux (DLF), 2. Surface Net Longwave Flux (NLF), and 3. Surface Clear Sky Downward Longwave Flux (CSDLF). These parameters were derived on a 3-hourly temporal resolution (i.e., a global instantaneous gridded field every 3 hours), namely, at UT hours 00, 03, 06, 09,12 15, 18, and 21 for every day of the month. The current version of the datasets is designated as Release 3.0. It covers a period of 24.5 years from July1983 to December 2007. The grid on which these fluxes are originally computed is a quasi-equal-area grid consisting of 44016 cells. The cell size is 1 deg. in latitude throughout and 1 deg. in longitude between 45N and 45S. Poleward of these latitudes, the cell size is progressively increased in longitude to accommodate a sufficient number of 30 km ISCCP pixels in each cell. This grid is also called the nested grid. The fluxes continued within these netCDF files have been regridded to a 1 degree latitude by 1 degree longitude equal-angle grid using a replication method.

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