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MISR Level 2 Aerosol parameters V002

MIL2ASAE_2 is the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) Level 2 Aerosol parameters Version 2 product. It contains information on retrieved aerosol column amount, aerosol particle properties, and ancillary information based on Level 1B2 geolocated radiances observed by MISR. Data collection for this product was complete in June 2017. MISR itself is an instrument designed to view Earth with cameras pointed in 9 different directions. As the instrument flies overhead, each piece of Earth's surface below is successively imaged by all 9 cameras, in each of 4 wavelengths (blue, green, red, and near-infrared). The goal of MISR is to improve our understanding of the affects of sunlight on Earth, as well as distinguish different types of clouds, particles and surfaces. Specifically, MISR monitors the monthly, seasonal, and long-term trends in three areas: 1) amount and type of atmospheric particles (aerosols), including those formed by natural sources and by human activities; 2) amounts, types, and heights of clouds, and 3) distribution of land surface cover, including vegetation canopy structure.

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