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Nimbus-7 Solar and Earth Flux Data in Native Binary Format

The NIMBUS7_ERB_SEFDT data set is the Solar and Earth Flux Data Tape (SEFDT) generated from Nimbus-7 Earth Radiation Budget (ERB) instrument data. The main purpose of the SEFDT program was to produce a tape containing the solar data and the wide angle terrestrial flux data only. On Nimbus-7, the ERB had two total irradiance channels, Channel 3 and Channel 10C.The Nimbus 7 research-and-development satellite served as a stabilized, earth-oriented platform for the testing of advanced systems for sensing and collecting data in the pollution, oceanographic and meteorological disciplines. The polar-orbiting spacecraft consisted of three major structures: (1) a hollow torus-shaped sensor mount, (2) solar paddles, and (3) a control housing unit that was connected to the sensor mount by a tripod truss structure.

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