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Methane Fluxes from Shorelines and Differing Surfaces, Big Trail Lake, Alaska, 2019

This dataset provides methane fluxes from hot-spot and non-hot spot differing surfaces at Big Trail Lake (BTL) in the Goldstream Valley near Fairbanks, AK, USA. Measurements were taken at a remotely-sensed methane hotspot on the shoreline of a pond, adjacent to BTL with a Los Gatos Ultra-Portable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (UGGA), and from various non-hotspot surfaces representative of the broader thermokarst lake ecosystem with bucket chambers. All data were collected between 2019-07-04 and 2019-12-04 during the daytime hours of 09:35-17:32 local time. A ground-based CH4 enhancement survey was performed on 2019-07-06 between 13:25-17:15 Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT), approximately two hours following an AVIRIS-NG overflight and hotspot detection at the Eastside Pond. Methane flux is reported in units of both mmol CH4 m-2 hr-1 and mg CH4 m-2 d-1. Flux errors are quantified for each

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