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ATom: Measurements from Particle Analysis By Laser Mass Spectrometry (PALMS)

This dataset contains single-particle aerosol composition as measured by the Particle Analysis by Laser Mass Spectrometry (PALMS) instrument during the four ATom campaigns from 2016-2018. Single aerosol particles are classified into several particle types, including: mixed sulfate/organic nitrate, biomass burning, elemental carbon, mineral/metallic, meteoric material, alkali salt, sea salt, heavy oil combustion, and others. Particle types are reported as raw number fractions and as absolute mass concentrations. PALMS measures aerosol composition for particles from diameter ~100 to 5000 nm, with most of the particle data in the size range ~150 to 3000 nm. Also included are absolute aerosol concentrations measured by a modified Laser Aerosol Spectrometer (LAS). Integrated number, surface area, and volume concentrations from LAS are reported over multiple size ranges.

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