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Global Gridded 1-km Soil and Soil Heterotrophic Respiration Derived from SRDB v5

This dataset provides global gridded estimates of annual soil respiration (Rs) and soil heterotrophic respiration (Rh) and associated uncertainties at 1 km resolution. Mean soil respiration was estimated using a quantile regression forest model utilizing data from the global Soil Respiration Database Version 5 (SRDB-V5) and covariates of mean annual temperature, seasonal precipitation, and vegetative cover. The SRDB holds results of field studies of soil respiration from around the globe. A total of 4,115 records from 1,036 studies were selected from SRDB-V5. SRDB-V5 features more soil respiration data published in Russian and Chinese scientific literature for better global spatio-temporal coverage and improved global climate-space representation. These soil respiration records were combined with global meteorological, land cover, and topographic data and then evaluated with variable selection using random forests. The standard deviation and coefficient of variation of Rs are included and were also derived from the same model. Global heterotrophic respiration was calculated from Rs estimates. The data are produced in part from SRDB-V5 inputs that cover the period 1961-2016.

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