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Urban Biogenic CO2 fluxes: GPP, Reco and NEE Estimates from SMUrF, 2010-2019

This dataset contains estimates of biogenic CO2 flux components at 0.05 degree resolution from the Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) for Modeling Urban biogenic Fluxes (SMUrF) model. Estimates were produced for the following regions and periods: eastern and western CONUS (2010-2019), western Europe (2010-2014 and 2017-2018), eastern Asia, eastern China, eastern Australia, South America, and Central Africa (2017-2018). Modeled CO2 flux components include gross primary production (GPP), ecosystem respiration (Reco), and net ecosystem exchange (NEE). Four-day means of GPP are estimated from solar-induced fluorescence (SIF) and biome-specific GPP-SIF relationships. Daily estimates of Reco are included. In addition, GPP and Reco were downscaled to hourly estimates and used to generate hourly NEE. Uncertainties for 4-day GPP and daily Reco estimates are provided. The input data streams included 500 m MODIS-based annual land cover classification, 0.05 degree spatiotemporally contiguous SIF, above-ground biomass (AGB) from GlobBiomass, eddy-covariance (EC) flux measurements, and gridded products of air and soil temperatures.

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