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CYGNSS Level 2 Science Data Record Version 3.1

This dataset contains the Version 3.1 CYGNSS Level 2 Science Data Record which provides the time-tagged and geolocated average wind speed (m/s) and mean square slope (MSS) with 25x25 kilometer resolution from the Delay Doppler Mapping Instrument aboard the CYGNSS satellite constellation. This version supersedes Version 3.0; The reported sample locations are determined by the specular points corresponding to the Delay Doppler Maps (DDMs). A subset of DDM data used in the direct processing of the average wind speed and MSS is co-located inside of the Level 2 data files. Only one netCDF data file is produced each day (each file containing data from up to 8 unique CYGNSS spacecraft) with a latency of approximately 6 days (or better) from the last recorded measurement time. Here is a summary of processing changes reflected in the v3.1 data: The L2 Geophysical Model Functions (GMFs) that map L1 observables to ocean surface wind speed were rederived to be consistent with the v3.1 L1 calibration. The method used for deriving the GMFs is the same as for v3.0. A new correction has been added to both the Fully Developed Seas (FDS) and Young Seas Limited Fetch (YSLF) wind speed products that is a function of the Significant Wave Height (SWH) of the ocean surface. The correction is based on an observed correlation between the wind speed error and SWH. The SWH value used by the correction algorithm is the ERA5 reanalysis product, coincident in space and time with a CYGNSS measurement. The FDS and YSLF retrieval algorithms are otherwise the same as v3.0.

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