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ATLAS/ICESat-2 L3B Gridded Antarctic and Arctic Land Ice Height V001

This data set (ATL14) and ATL15 bring the time-varying height estimates provided in ATLAS/ICESat-2 L3B Annual Land Ice Height (ATL11) into a gridded format. ATL14 provides a high resolution (100 m) DEM which is a spatially continuous gridded data set of ice sheet surface height. It can be used to initialize ice sheet models, as boundary conditions for atmospheric models, or to help with the reduction of other satellite data such as optical imagery or synthetic aperture radar (SAR). ATL15 provides coarser resolution (1 km, 10 km, 20 km, and 40 km) height-change maps at 3 month intervals. This allows visualization of height-change patterns and the calculation of integrated regional volume change.

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