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GPM DPR Ku Environment L2A 1.5 hours 5 km V07 (GPM_2AKuENV) at GES DISC

Version 07 is the current version of the data set. Older versions will no longer be available and have been superseded by Version 07. . This is environmental data that includes the profiles of atmospheric parameters assumed in the L2 retrieval algorithm. The 2AKu algorithm provides precipitation estimates from the Ku radar of the Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar on the core GPM spacecraft. The product contains one swath of data corresponding to the scans of the Ku radar. This is a single-frequency retrieval of precipitation; no information from the Ka radar is used. The retrievals are performed at each radar range bin along the slant path of the radar IFOV. This is a single-frequency retrieval that relies on Ku-band data only. While the 2ADPR dual-frequency retrieval should give better overall estimates, that algorithm requires co-aligned Ka-band data. This 2AKu product will be produced independently and would not be impacted by any operational issues with the Ka-band radar.

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