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GPM DPR Spectral Latent Heating Profiles L2 1.5 hours 5 km V07 (GPM_2HSLH) at GES DISC

Version 6B of these data were introduced in July, 2020. Please, see documentation tab for release notes. Latent heating variables are retrieved utilizing two separate algorithms for tropics and for mid-latitudes. First, location of each GPM KuPR pixel is assigned to either tropics or mid-latitudes, depending on monthly maps of precipitation types determined in a similar manner as described in Takayabu (2008). Then, three dimensional convective latent heating are retrieved, Q1-QR (Q1R), and Q2, applying either tropical/mid-latitude algorithms to precipitation data observed from GPM DPR (KuPR). Here, Q1 and Q2 are apparent heat source and apparent moisture sink, respectively, introduced by Yanai et al. (1973), and QR is radiative heating of the atmosphere.

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