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GPM DPR Precipitation Profile L2A 1.5 hours 5 km V07 (GPM_2ADPR) at GES DISC

Version 07 is the current version of the data set. Older versions will no longer be available and have been superseded by Version 07. . 2ADPR provides single- and dual-frequency-derived precipitation estimates from the Ku and Ka radars of the Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar (DPR) on the core GPM spacecraft. The output consists of three main classes of precipitation products: those derived from the Ku-band frequency over a wide swath (245 km), those derived from the Ka-band frequency over a narrow swath (125 km), and those derived from the dual-frequency data over the narrow swath. The Ka-band results are further divided into the standard and high-sensitivity estimates. In the standard sensitivity mode, the fields of view within the inner swath are matched to those of the Ku-band. Data from these matched-beam Ku- and Ka-band fields of view are used to derive the dual-frequency precipitation products. The retrievals are performed at each radar range bin along the slant path of the radar instrument field of view (IFOV).

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