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The ABCflux Database: Arctic-Boreal CO2 Flux and Site Environmental Data, 1989-2020

This Arctic-Boreal CO2 fluxes (ABCflux) dataset contains monthly aggregates of terrestrial net ecosystem CO2 exchange and its derived partitioned component fluxes: gross primary productivity (GPP) and ecosystem respiration. Over 70 supporting variables describe key site conditions (e.g., vegetation and disturbance type), micrometeorological and environmental measurements (e.g., air and soil temperatures), and flux measurement techniques. The data contained in this ABCflux dataset form a standardized monthly database of Arctic-Boreal CO2 fluxes (i.e., ABCflux Database) and include 244 sites and 6,309 monthly observations; 136 sites and 2,217 monthly observations represent tundra, and 108 sites and 4,092 observations represent the boreal biome. The data are for the period 1989 to 2020.

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