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ABoVE: Multi-model Uncertainty of Carbon Stocks and Fluxes across ABoVE Domain, 2003

This dataset provides estimates of the uncertainty in components of the carbon cycle including: soil carbon stock, autotrophic respiration (Ra), heterotrophic respiration (Rh), net ecosystem exchange (NEE), net primary production (NPP), and gross primary productivity (GPP) across the entire ABoVE Study Domain at 0.5-degree resolution for the reference year 2003. The uncertainties were calculated from the multi-model (n = 20) disagreement, i.e. standard deviation, from the Trends in Net Land Atmosphere Carbon Exchanges program (TRENDY) and the North American Carbon Program (NACP) regional synthesis model outputs averaged to annual means. This total uncertainty integrates both structural uncertainty of land-surface physics among models as well as inherent parametric uncertainty introduced within models, and uncertainty from forcing data.

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