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ABoVE: Monthly Hydrological Fluxes for Canada and Alaska, 1979-2018

This dataset provides modeled estimates of monthly hydrological fluxes at 0.25-degree resolution over Alaska and Canada for the years 1979-2018. The estimates were derived from the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) macroscale hydrological model version 4.1.2 with water and energy balance schemes at 0.25-degree spatial and daily temporal resolution for this 38-year period. The gridded output data products are monthly average water balance variables including precipitation (P), evapotranspiration (E), 'P minus E', evaporation, soil moisture in three soil layers, base flow and runoff, snow depth, snow water equivalent (SWE), and snow sublimation, and energy balance variables including surface temperature, albedo, latent and sensible heat flux, ground heat flux, short- and long-wave and other radiative fluxes. The daily modeled values for precipitation and evapotranspiration were also aggregated to water years and precipitation was also aggregated to a 30-year climate normal average.

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