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Arctic Vegetation Plots at Frost Boil Sites, North Slope, Alaska, 2000-2006

This data set describes the environment, soil, and vegetation on nonsorted circles and earth hummocks at seven study sites along a N-S-transect from the Arctic Ocean to the Arctic Foothills based on data collected from 2000 to 2006. The study sites are located along the Dalton Highway, beginning in Prudhoe Bay, on the North Slope of Alaska. These frost-boil features are important landscape components of the arctic tundra. Data include the baseline plot information for vegetation, soils, and site factors for 117 study plots subjectively located in areas of homogeneous, representative vegetation on frost-heave features surrounding stable tundra. Nine community types were identified in three bioclimate subzones. Vegetation was classified according to the Braun-Blanquet system.

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