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Arctic Vegetation Plots at Imnavait Creek, Alaska, 1984-1985

This dataset provides environmental, soil, and vegetation data collected during the periods of August 1984 and August-September 1985 from 84 study plots at the Imnavait Creek research site. Imnavait Creek is located in a shallow basin at the foothills of the central Brooks Range. Data includes the baseline plot information for vegetation, soils, and site factors for the study plots subjectively located in 14 plant communities that occur in 19 broad habitat types across the glaciated landscape. Specific attributes include: dominant vegetation species, cover, indices, and biomass pools; soil chemistry, physical characteristics, moisture, and organic matter. This product brings together for easy reference all the available information collected from the plots that has been used for the classification, mapping, and analysis of geo-botanical factors in the Imnavait Creek region and across Alaska.

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