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ABoVE: Soil Moisture and Active Layer Thickness in Alaska and NWT, Canada, 2008-2020

This dataset provides soil thaw depth and moisture (STDM) measurements and dielectric properties measured by different research teams at sites in Alaska, U.S., and the Northwest Territories, Canada. There are multiple observations per site and 352,719 total observations. The dataset includes 206,000 observations of active layer thickness measured by mechanical probing (6.0%) or ground penetrating radar (GPR) (94.0%). Approximately 16,000 volumetric water content measurements were collected using GPR (22.1%), Hydrosense I and II probes (75.3%), and DualEM (2.6%). Metadata includes the location, time, geospatial coordinates, technique, measurement teams. Measurements were typically collected in August and September near the end of the thaw season and cover the period 2008-06-22 to 2020-08-15.

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