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ABoVE: AirSWOT Color-Infrared Imagery Over Alaska and Canada, 2017

This dataset contains georeferenced three-band orthomosaics of green, red, and near-infrared (NIR) digital imagery at 1m resolution collected over selected surface waters across Alaska and Canada between July 9 and August 17, 2017. The orthomosaics were generated from individual images collected by a Cirrus Designs Digital Camera System (DCS) mounted on a Beechcraft Super King Air B200 aircraft from approximately 8-11 km altitude. Flights were over the following areas: Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon, Inuvik, Yukon River including Yukon Flats, Sagavanirktok River, Arctic Coastal Plain, Old Crow Flats, Peace-Athabasca Delta, Slave River, Athabasca River, Yellowknife, Great Slave Lake, Mackenzie River and Delta, Daring Lake, and other selected locations. Most locations were imaged twice during two flight campaigns in Canada and Alaska extending roughly SE-NW then NW-SE up to a month apart. The data were georeferenced using 303 ground control points (GCPs) across the study region.

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