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ABoVE: MODIS-derived Maximum NDVI, Northern Alaska and Yukon Territory for 2002-2017

This dataset provides the maximum Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) at 1-km resolution over northern Alaska, USA and the Yukon Territory, Canada for each year from 2002-2017, as well as a 16 year maximum NDVI product. MODIS products MOD13Q1 and MYD13Q1 from Collection 6 were acquired at 250-m pixel size from June 1-August 30 of each year. Within each growing season from 2002-2017, the maximum NDVI was determined for each pixel. These maximum NDVI values were then aggregated to 1-km by selecting the maximum NDVI from the sixteen 250-m pixels values nested within each 1-km pixel. A long-term 16-year maximum NDVI was then derived from the time series of annual maximum NDVI values.

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