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ABoVE: Climate Drivers of Pan-Arctic Tundra Vegetation Productivity, 1982-2015

This dataset provides a summary of potential climate drivers of Arctic tundra vegetation productivity that have been compiled for growing seasons from 1982 to 2015. The scale of interest is the entire pan-arctic non-alpine tundra and the continental subdivisions of the North American and the Eurasian Arctic North of 70 degrees. These climate drivers include (1) maximum normalized difference vegetation index (MaxNDVI) and time-integrated NDVI (TI-NDVI), (2) summer sea ice concentrations, (3) oceanic heat content, (4) land surface temperature, and (5) summer warmth index (SWI). Data are provided variously as timeseries and weekly and bi-weekly averages over selected time ranges and study regions with calculated trends and trend significance. Data collected over 33 years were compiled to observe seasonal trends of vegetation productivity and to detect dynamics between arctic vegetation and climate drivers.

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