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ABoVE: NDVI Trends across Alaska and Canada from Landsat, 1984-2012

This dataset provides the summer NDVI trend and trend significance for the period 1984-2012 over Alaska and Canada. The NDVI were calculated per-pixel from all available peak-summer 30-m Landsat 5 and 7 surface reflectance data for the period. NDVI time series were assembled for each 30-m land location (i.e., non-water, non-snow), from observations that were unaffected by clouds as indicated by data-quality masks and following additional processing to remove anomalous NDVI values. A simple linear regression via ordinary least squares was applied to the per-pixel NDVI time series. The slope of the regression was taken as the annual NDVI trend (unit NDVI change per year) and is reported in the "trend" data files. A Student's t-test was used to assess the significance of the trend and the per-pixel significance is reported in the "trend_sig" data files. A significant positive slope indicates a greening trend, and a significant negative slope indicates a browning trend.

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