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Arctic Vegetation Plots at ARCSS/LAII Flux Sites, North Slope, Alaska, 1995-1996

This dataset provides vegetation cover and environmental plot and soil data collected at flux tower sites of the North Slope Arctic System Science/Land-Atmosphere-Ice Interactions (ARCSS/LAII) project in August of 1995 and 1996. The 19 ARCSS/LAII flux tower sites are located along a North-South transect from near Prudhoe Bay to the foothills of the Brooks Range on the North Slope of Alaska. At 17 of the flux tower sites, one or more vegetation plots (29 total) were established and measurements including (1) plant species cover for the major vegetation types using the Braun-Blanquet approach, (2) plot environmental data, and (3) soil profile descriptions were recorded. In addition, at all 19 sites, plant growth form composition and cover were surveyed using a point sampling technique along multiple transects within selected plots.

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