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Arctic Vegetation Plots for IBP Tundra Biome, Barrow, Alaska, 1972-2010

This data set provides vegetation cover and environmental plot data collected as part of the International Biological Program (IBP), U. S. Tundra Biome Program, in Barrow, Alaska in 1972. Forty-three (43) plots were assessed for estimated percent land cover by species and plot data including moisture, topographic position, slope, aspect, shape, and soil data. In 1999, 2008, and 2010, 33 of the same plots were resampled for these same measures as part of the IPY "Back to the Future: Resampling old research sites to assess changes in high latitude terrestrial ecosystem structure and function" project. The tundra at Barrow is considered coastal tundra located in the most northern region of North Slope and is characterized by various microtopographic features such as polygons, as well as many ponds and lakes.

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