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SWOT Simulated Level-2 Nadir SSH from MITgcm ECCO LLC4320 for Science Version 1

This dataset provides simulated sea surface height (SSH) in a format similar to the future SWOT Level 2 (L2) altimetry data stream from the Poseidon 3C nadir altimeter. The simulated data were generated by the "ECCO LLC4320" global ocean simulation. ECCO, which means "Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean", is a data assimilation and model (and the international consortium of scientists who maintains it) based on the MIT general circulation model (MITgcm) that assimilates and constrains observational data from numerous sources to estimate the ocean state. The model operates on the Lat-Lon-Cap (LLC) grid with a nominal horizontal resolution of 1/48-degrees (when approximated over the entire model domain, corresponding to ~2-km cell size at the equator). SSH data produced by ECCO LLC4320 were rendered from the native output format into the format prescribed in the SWOT L2 SSH PDD to aid ongoing data product development and to benefit future users of data produced during operational phases of the SWOT mission.

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