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Global Gas Flare Survey by Infrared Imaging, VIIRS Nightfire, 2012-2019

This dataset contains annual global flare site surveys from 2012-2019 derived from Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi National Polar Partnership (SNPP) satellite. Gas flaring sites were identified from heat anomalies first estimated by the VIIRS Nightfire (VNF) algorithm from which high-temperature biomass burning and low-temperature gas flaring were separated based on temperature and persistence. Nightly observations for each flare site were drawn to determine their activity in the given calendar year. Data include flare location, temperature, and estimated flared gas volume; flaring data summarized by country; and KMZ files for viewing flaring locations in Google Earth. This dataset is valuable for measuring the current status of global gas flaring, which can have significant environmental impacts.

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