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ABoVE: Ecosystem Map, Great Slave Lake Area, Northwest Territories, Canada, 1997-2011

This dataset provides an ecosystem type map at 12.5 meter pixel spacing and 0.2 ha minimum mapping unit for the area surrounding Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada for the time period 1997 to 2011. The map includes nine classes for peatland, wetland, and upland areas derived from a Random Forest classification trained on multi-date, multi-sensor remote sensing images across the study extent, and using field data and high-resolution Worldview-2 image interpretation for training and validation. The nine classes are: Water, Marsh, Swamp, Open Fen, Treed Fen, Bog, Upland Deciduous, Upland Conifer, and Sparsely Vegetated. A tenth map class identifies areas of historical fires (prior to 2011) that are currently undergoing post-fire successional revegetation. This dataset provides an ecosystem type map of the area before the large fire season of 2014 to better understand the effects of fires in the area.

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