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ABoVE: Soil Temperature Profiles, USArray Seismic Stations, AK and Canada, 2016-2019

This dataset includes soil temperature profile measurements taken at 16 monitoring sites in Alaska, USA, and at one site in Yukon, Canada. The six sites are collocated with seismic stations of the USArray program. The measurement dates and depths vary per site as does measurement frequency (hourly or every 6 hours). Measurements were made from the soil surface to a maximum depth of 1.5 m. Measurements were made from 2016-2018 at two sites, 2017-2019 at four sites, and 2018-2019 at 11 sites using temperature sensors attached to HOBO data loggers. These measurement stations complement existing temperature monitoring networks allowing for better characterization of ground temperatures and permafrost conditions across Alaska.

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