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ABoVE: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from UAVSAR P-band SAR, Alaska and Canada, 2017

This dataset provides Level 1 (L1) polarimetric radar backscattering coefficient (Sigma-0 or S-0), multi-look complex, polarimetrically calibrated, and georeferenced data products from the UAVSAR P-band SAR radar instrument collected over 74 study sites across Alaska, USA, and western Canada. The radar instrument is a fully polarimetric P-band (ultra-high frequency) SAR operating in the 420-440 MHz band. The flight campaigns took place periodically in May-August 2017 onboard a NASA Gulfstream-III aircraft. Each set of products was produced from a data take (i.e., acquisition) of the UAVSAR P-band SAR radar instrument, where one data take is equivalent to one flight line over a site. Two to four data takes were sought for each site, although for some sites as few as one or as many as six are provided. There were a total of 139 data takes over the 74 sites.

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