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ABoVE: Passive Microwave-derived Annual Snow Melt Duration Date Maps, 1988-2016

This dataset provides the annual period of snowpack melting (i.e., snow melt duration, SMD) across northwest Canada; Alaska, U.S.; and parts of far eastern Russia at 6.25 km resolution for the period 1988-2016. SMD is the number of days between the main melt onset date (MMOD) and the last day of seasonal snow cover when the melting of snow is complete. These dates were derived from the Making Earth Science Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) Calibrated Enhanced-Resolution Passive Microwave (PMW) EASE-Grid Brightness Temperature (Tb) Earth System Data Record (ESDR). This dataset documents variability in SMD across space and the 29-year temporal period.

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