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MASTER: Fire Influence on Air Quality (FIREX-AQ), Western-Central USA, Summer 2019

This dataset includes Level 1B (L1B) data products from the MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator (MASTER) instrument. The raw data were collected as part of the Fire Influence on Regional to Global Environments and Air Quality (FIREX-AQ) program during 21 flights aboard a NASA DC-8 aircraft over the central and western USA from 2019-07-22 to 2019-09-03. The purpose of these flights was to measure emissions and to characterize the aerosols in the smoke plume above and downwind of the fire, and determine the overall spatial extent of wildfires and prescribed fires. Data products include L1B multispectral imagery in 50 bands covering wavelengths of 0.460 to 12.879 micrometers.

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