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MASTER: Western Diversity Time Series Campaign, WDTS, California, USA, Fall 2020

This dataset includes Level 1B (L1B) data products from the MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator (MASTER) instrument. The raw data were collected as part of the Western Diversity Time Series (WDTS, formerly HyspIRI) program during nine flights aboard a NASA ER-2 aircraft over selected areas of California, USA, from 2020-09-17 to 2020-10-15. Data products include L1B multispectral imagery in 50 bands covering wavelengths of 0.460 to 12.879 micrometers. The WDTS program will observe California's ecosystems and provide critical information on natural disasters such as volcanoes, wildfires, and drought. MASTER products can identify vegetation type and health and provide a benchmark for the state of the ecosystems against which future changes can be assessed.

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