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CMS: Global 0.5-deg Wetland Methane Emissions and Uncertainty (WetCHARTs v1.3.1)

This dataset provides global monthly wetland methane (CH4) emissions estimates at 0.5 by 0.5-degree resolution for the period 2001-2019 that were derived from an ensemble of multiple terrestrial biosphere models, wetland extent scenarios, and CH4:C temperature dependencies that encompass the main sources of uncertainty in wetland CH4 emissions. There are 18 model configurations. WetCHARTs v1.3.1 is an updated product of WetCHARTs v1.0 Extended Ensemble. Three new features in the updated version include (1) the model output data is updated from 2001-2015 to 2001-2019, (2) the model drivers are replaced from using ERA-interim to ERA5 reanalysis data, and (3) the Global Lakes and Wetlands Database (GLWD) wetland extent definitions have been adjusted for the 50-100% Wetland, 25-50% Wetland, and Wetland Complex (0-25% Wetland) categories. The intended use of this product is as a process-informed wetland CH<sub>4</sub> emission data set for atmospheric chemistry and transport modeling. Users can compare estimates by model configuration to explore variability and sensitivity with respect to ensemble members

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