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Global-Gridded Daily Methane Emissions from Inland Dam-Reservoir Systems

This dataset includes global maps of methane (CH4) emissions from inland dam-reservoir systems at 0.25-degree spatial resolution. Daily emission rates (as grams of CH4 per day per total area of grid cell) were estimated for boreal, temperate, and subtropical-tropical eco-climatic domains and total emissions. The annual duration of the emission season is based on freeze-thaw cycles of these water bodies as applicable. In addition, the dataset includes the total fractional area of reservoirs in each grid cell. These estimates will promote understanding of the current and future role of reservoirs in the global CH4 budget and guide efforts to mitigate reservoir-related CH4 emissions. These emission estimates are climatological; one daily value for each day of year (n=365) is provided for each grid cell. Modeled estimates were based on daily mean inputs, averaged over 2002 to 2015.

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