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VIIRS/JPSS1 Day/Night Band 6-Min L1B Swath 750 m

The VIIRS/JPSS1 Day/Night Band 6-Min L1B Swath 750 m, short-name VJ102DNB is platform-derived single NASA VIIRS panchromatic Day-Night band (DNB) calibrated radiance product. The DNB is one of the M-bands with an at-nadir spatial resolution of 750 meters (across the entire scan). The panchromatic DNB’s spectral wavelength ranges from 0.5 µm to 0.9 µm. It facilitates measuring night lights, reflected solar/lunar lights with a large dynamic range between a low of a quarter moon illumination to the brightest daylight. The spatial resolution of the instrument at viewing nadir is approximately 750 m for the DNB and the Moderate-resolution Bands and 375m for the Imagery bands. The DNB is aggregated to maintain nearly constant horizontal spatial resolution across the swath.

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