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MOPITT Beta Derived CO (Thermal Infrared Radiances) V109

MOP02T_109 is the Measurements Of Pollution In The Troposphere (MOPITT) Beta Derived CO (Thermal Infrared Radiances) version 109 product. It is an unvalidated beta product subject to recalibration, consists of the geo-located, retrieved carbon monoxide profiles and total column amounts for carbon monoxide. Ancillary data concerning surface properties and cloud conditions at the locations of the retrieved parameters are also included. Each retrieval is accompanied by an estimated error. Version 109 products are beta versions for version 9 products, they are unvalidated beta products subject to recalibration. Data collection for this version is ongoing. MOPITT was successfully launched into sun-synchronous polar orbit aboard Terra, NASA's first Earth Observing System spacecraft on December 18, 1999. The MOPITT instrument was constructed by a consortium of Canadian companies and funded by the Space Science Division of the Canadian Space Agency.

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