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VIIRS/SNPP Deep Blue Level 3 daily aerosol data, 1 degree x1 degree grid

The VIIRS/SNPP Deep Blue Level 3 daily aerosol data, 1x1 degree grid, Short-name AERDB_D3_VIIRS_SNPP product provides satellite-derived measurements of Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT) and their properties over land and ocean as gridded aggregates, on a daily basis, globally. This aggregated daily product is derived from the Collection-1.1 (C1.1) L2 6-minute swath-based products (AERDB_L2_VIIRS_SNPP), and is provided in a 1degree x 1 degree horizontal resolution grid. Each data field, in most cases, represents the arithmetic mean of all the cells whose latitude and longitude coordinates positions them within each grid element’s bounding limits. Other measures like standard deviation are also provided. The AERDB_D3_VIIRS_SNPP is derived only using the best-estimate, QA-filtered retrievals. Using only cells that were measured on the day of interest, the algorithm requires at least three such day-of-interest retrieved measurements to render a given cell as valid on any given day. For more information about the product and Science Data Set (SDS) layers, consult product page at: Or Consult Deep Blue aerosol team Page at:

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