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Greenness Trends and Carbon Stocks of Mangrove Forests Across Mexico, 2001-2015

This dataset provides estimates of greenness trends, above- and belowground carbon stocks, and climate variables of the persistent mangrove forests on the coasts of Mexico (PMFM) at a 1 km resolution from 2001 through 2015. Data are available as one-time estimates or across the temporal range; typically as monthly summaries. One-time estimates of aboveground carbon and soil organic carbon stocks for the PMFM derived from existing sources are provided. Also included are the monthly mean normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) from MOD13A3 used to derive greenness trends, monthly mean air temperature, and total monthly precipitation from Daymet for 2001-2015 across the PMFM. Other files include the distribution and coverage of PMFM across Mexico. Distributions are provided as four categories of PMFM: (1) Arid mangroves with Surface Water as main input, along the Gulf of California and Pacific Coast (ARsw); (2) humid mangroves with surface water input along the Pacific Coast (HUsw-Pa); (3) humid mangroves with surface water input along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico (HUsw-Gf); (4) humid mangroves with groundwater input along the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea (HUgw). These data provide a baseline for national monitoring programs, carbon accounting models, and greenness trends in coastal wetlands.

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