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GPCP Precipitation Level 3 Daily 0.5-Degree V3.1 (GPCPDAY) at GES DISC

The Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) is the precipitation component of an internationally coordinated set of (mainly) satellite-based global products dealing with the Earth's water and energy cycles, under the auspices of the Global Water and Energy Exchange (GEWEX) Data and Assessment Panel (GDAP) of the World Climate Research Programme. As the follow-on to the GPCP Version 1.3 One Degree Daily product, GPCP Version 3 (GPCP V3.1) seeks to continue the long, homogeneous precipitation record using modern merging techniques and input data sets. The GPCPV3 suite currently consists of the 0.5-degree Monthly and 0.5-degree Daily. Additional products may be added, which consist of (1) 0.5-degree pentad and (2) 0.1-degree 3-hourly. All GPCPV3 products will be internally consistent. The Daily product spans June 2000-December 2019. Inputs consist of GPM IMERG in the span 55°N-S, and TOVS/AIRS estimates, adjusted climatologically to IMERG, outside 55°N-S. The Daily estimates are scaled to approximately sum to the Monthly value at each 0.5° grid box. In addition to the final precipitation field, probability of liquid precipitation estimates are provided globally.

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