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GEWEX SRB Integrated Product (Rel-4) Ancillary 3-Hourly Ocean-only

GEWEXSRB_Rel4-IP_Ancillary_3hrly_oceanonly is the Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX) Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Integrated Product (Rel-4) Ancillary 3-Hourly Ocean-only product. It contains the global ocean-only fields of meteorology, clouds and other ancillary data that serves as the inputs to the GEWEX SRB Integrated Product (Rel-4) Longwave algorithm, although some are applicable to the Shortwave product as well. Included are surface skin temperature, near-surface meteorology, Fu-Liou longwave algorithm based bands of surface emissivity, snow and ice amount, total column precipitable water, total column ozone, total cloud properties, and three-level water and ice cloud properties. The temporal range is January 2010 through June 2017, with the ends bound by input constraints. Data collection for this product is complete.

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