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Daymet Version 4 Monthly Latency: Daily Surface Weather Data

This dataset provides Daymet Version 4 daily data on a monthly cycle as 1-km gridded estimates of daily weather variables for minimum temperature (tmin), maximum temperature (tmax), precipitation (prcp), shortwave radiation (srad), vapor pressure (vp), snow water equivalent (swe), and day length. Data are derived from the Daymet version 4 software where the primary inputs are daily observations of near-surface maximum and minimum air temperature and daily total precipitation from weather stations. The main algorithm to estimate primary Daymet variables (tmax, tmin, and prcp) at each Daymet grid is based on a combination of interpolation and extrapolation, using inputs from multiple weather stations and weights that reflect the spatial and temporal relationships between a Daymet grid and the surrounding weather stations. Secondary variables (srad, vp, and swe) are derived from the primary variables (tmax, tmin, and prcp) based on atmospheric theory and empirical relationships. The day length (dayl) estimate is based on geographic location and time of year. Data are available for the Continental North America, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii as separate spatial layers in a Lambert Conformal Conic projection and are distributed in standardized Climate and Forecast (CF)-compliant netCDF file formats.

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