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LUH2-GCB2019: Land-Use Harmonization 2 Update for the Global Carbon Budget, 850-2019

This dataset, referred to as LUH2-GCB2019, includes 0.25-degree gridded, global maps of fractional land-use states, transitions, and management practices for the period 0850-2019. The LUH2-GCB2019 dataset is an update to the previous Land-Use Harmonization Version 2 (LUH2-GCB) datasets prepared as required input to land models in the annual Global Carbon Budget (GCB) assessments, including land-use change data relating to agricultural expansion, deforestation, wood harvesting, shifting cultivation, afforestation, and crop rotations. Compared with previous LUH2-GCB datasets, the LUH2-GCB2019 takes advantage of new data inputs that corrected cropland and grazing areas in the globally important region of Brazil, as far back as 1950. LUH2-GCB datasets are used by bookkeeping models and Dynamic Global Vegetation Models (DGVMs) for the GCB.

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