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GEWEX SRB Integrated Product (Rel-4) Longwave Monthly Average by Local

GEWEXSRB_Rel4-IP_Longwave_monthly_local is the Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX) Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Integrated Product (Rel-4) Longwave Monthly Average by Local data product. It contains global fields of 26 longwave surface, Top of Atmosphere (TOA), and atmospheric profile radiative parameters derived with the Longwave algorithm of the NASA World Climate Research Programme/Global Energy and Water-Cycle Experiment (WCRP/GEWEX) Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Project. This version is known as Release 4-Integrated Product. The fluxes include all-sky, clear-sky and pristine-sky TOA upward fluxes (outgoing longwave radiation, OLR), all-sky, clear-sky and pristine-sky upward and downward fluxes at: tropopause, 200hPa, 500hPa and surface. A status flag of filled cloud properties is also included. Inputs to the longwave algorithm are cloud information based on ISCCP HXS, meteorology from ISCCP nnHIRS, SeaFlux SST and surface, LandFlux meteorology, and MERRA-2 conditionally. The temporal range is January 1988 through December 2009, with the ends bound by input constraints. The monthly averages are computed by local solar time. Data collection for this product is complete.

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