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Multispectral Imagery, NDVI, and Terrain Models, Big Trail Lake, Fairbanks, AK, 2019

This dataset provides multispectral reflectance imagery (green at 550 nm, red at 660 nm, red edge at 735 nm, and near-infrared at 790 nm), normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), and digital surface and terrain models for a 0.5 km2 area surrounding Big Trail Lake (BTL) in the Goldstream Creek Valley north of Fairbanks, Alaska. These high spatial resolution maps (13 cm x 13 cm) were generated by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery collected on 2019-08-04. Raw images (n=908) were combined into mosaic layers that incorporated ground control points with centimeter accuracy. These layers were then used to generate vegetation, water body, and elevation maps and then combined with in situ measurements of methane flux to improve upscaling models of greenhouse gas emissions.

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