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OMI/Aura Level 1B UV Global Geolocated Earthshine Radiances V004 (OML1BRUG) at GES DISC

The Aura Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) Level 1B (L1B) Geolocated Earthshine UV Radiance, Global-mode (shortname OML1BRUG) Version 4 product contains geolocated Earth view spectral radiances from the UV detectors in the wavelength range of 264 to 383 nm taken in the global measurement mode. In the global mode, OMI observes 60 ground pixels (13 km x 24 km at nadir) across the swath (~2600 km) for each of the 557 channels of Band 2 (307-383 nm) and 30 ground pixels (13 km x 48 km at nadir) for the 159 channels of Band 1 (264-311 nm). There are approximately 14 files of orbital data per day. Each file contains data from the daylit portion of an orbit and is roughly 210 MB in size. This OML1BRUG global-mode product is occasionally unavailable when the instrument is collecting data in the zoom-mode or is making special calibration measurements. The data in the OML1BRUG files are stored in the Network Common Data Form (netCDF) format. The lead algorithm scientist for the OMI Level 1 products is Dr. Quintus Kleipool of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institude (KNMI).

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