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OMI/Aura Level 1B Averaged Solar Irradiances V004 (OML1BIRR) at GES DISC

The Aura Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) Level 1B (L1B) UV Averaged Solar Irradiances product (shortname OML1BIRR) contains the averaged radiometrically calibrated irradiance measurements from the UV and VIS detectors. The OMI UV Band 1 (264-311 nm) has 159 wavelength bins, the UV Band 2 (307-383 nm) has 559 wavelength bins, and the VIS Band 3 (349-504 nm) has 751 wavelength bins. The data files are written in netCDF version 4 format and are usually made once per day when the Sun is within the solar port field-of-view just before the spacecraft moves into the night shadow at the north end of an orbit. The lead algorithm scientist for this product is Quintus Kleipool from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institude (KNMI).

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