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NOAA CYGNSS Level 2 Science Wind Speed 25-km Product Version 1.1

This dataset contains the Version 1.1 NOAA CYGNSS Level 2 Science Wind Speed Product Version 1.1 which provides the time-tagged and geolocated average wind speed (m/s) in 25x25 kilometer grid cells along the measurement tracks from the Delay Doppler Mapping Instrument (DDMI) aboard the CYGNSS satellite constellation. This version corresponds to the first science-quality release produced by NOAA/NESDIS using a specific geophysical model function (GMF version 1.0) and a track-wise debiasing algorithm as part of the wind speed retrieval process. The reported sample locations are determined by averaging the specular point locations falling within each 25 km grid cell. Only one netCDF data file is produced each day (each file containing data from up to 8 unique CYGNSS spacecraft) with a latency of approximately 6 days (or better) from the last recorded measurement time. Formatting of the data variables and metadata designed to be consistent with the netCDF formatting provided by the legacy CYGNSS mission Level 2 wind speed science data record (SDR).

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