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SiB4 Modeled Global 0.5-Degree Daily Carbon Fluxes and Pools, 2000-2018

This dataset provides global daily output predicted by the Simple Biosphere Model, Version 4.2 (SiB4), at a 0.5-degree spatial resolution covering the time period 2000 through 2018. SiB4 is a mechanistic land surface model that integrates heterogeneous land cover, environmentally responsive phenology, dynamic carbon allocation, and cascading carbon pools from live biomass to surface litter to soil organic matter. Daily output includes carbon, carbonyl sulfide, and energy fluxes; solar-induced fluorescence; carbon pools; soil moisture and temperatures in the top three layers; total column soil water and plant available water; and environmental potentials used to scale photosynthesis. The SiB4 output is per plant functional type (PFT) within each 0.5-degree grid cell. SiB4 partitions variable output to 15 PFTs in each grid cell that are indexed by the "npft" dimension (01-15) in each data file. The PFT three-character abbreviations ("pft_names" variable) are listed in the same order as the "npft" dimension. To combine the PFT-specific output into grid cell totals, users must compute the area-weighted mean across the vector of PFT-specific values for each cell. Fractional areal coverages are given in the "pft_area" variable for each cell.

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